Ocean Productions, Bijou - Jim North, Kurt Bateman, Lee Anderson, Robert Bank, Shane Erickson, Steve Moore, Tony Harris - Surfs Up [SD 480p]

These hot surfer twinks ride more than the just waves! Cum see what else these hot guys are riding when theyre out of the water!
Fine-Line Productions, Vivid Man Video - Bill Crane, Brad Phillips, David Ashfield, Doug Niles, Erich Lange, Jimmy Lee, Robin Sinner, Tony Davis - The Rites of Spring [SD 476p]

The chaps of summer are back! Some rites happen in the field, some in the locker room. Some by day, some by night. Some rites happen in uniform, some happen out. But when spring training takes full swing, theres no thing quite like it. So grab some wood and step up to bat - if u can keep your mitts off the team!
Marksman Productions, Paladin Video, Bijou Video - Lee Ryder, Michael Anthony, Joel Curry, Jeff Bentley, Sergio Canali, Jeremy Scott, Shane Michaels, JD Slater, Jim Barger, Michael Cummings - 2x10/2x10 [SD 480p]

"Hey boy youre giving me wood!" Thats what this vintage gay porn video (2 x 10 from Steve Scott) is really about, as sadly not all the guys, in the video, have cocks that are 2 by 10; but there are some big cocks, all the same, as the action leaves everyone with showing off their wood in this gay sex film by Steve Scott entitled 2X10; which is really a group of six videos, with all but one having a hint of construction to the premise thus maybe giving even more reason the videos title.
TCS Studio - Bob Holloway, Brad Walsh, Brian Hawks, Chris Allen, Cole Taylor, John Strathmore, Lionel Washington, Mark Rebel, Mark Walters - One Size Fits All [SD 480p]

Hot Bodies! Janitors at a gym get to partake in some after hours workouts. Pre-condom.
Mark V Marketing, Bijou Video - Eric Ryan, Michael Christopher, Vincent Thomas, Robert Vega, Jeff Stone, Butch La Cross, Francesco Lorca, Jeremy Scott, Andrew Dupree, Emilio Leone - Juice [SD 480p]

A photographer working at the magazine "JUICE" has 48 hours in New York City to get some hot pics to meet the mags deadline. Eric Ryan and Michael Christopher, talk about 2 nice fat cocks! Michael Christopher in another gentle, sexy performance.
Hot Videos, L.A. Video Corporation, Midnight Men Video - Brandon Wilde (80s), Chris Carns, John Tracy, Lance (80s), Leo Ford, Mark Sheldon, Shawn Michaels (80s), Ty Cashe, Christopher James (80s) (Non-sexual role) - Blonds Do It Best [SD 480p]

Driving home from a weekend at a cabin in Big Bear, Leo Ford and Lance recount their hard dick weekend.
Avalon Video, YMAC Video - Lee Hunter, Rodney Bottoms, Bobby West, Troy Santiago, Mac Marino, Mark Case (Mark Chase on cover), Rod Garetto, Brian Rose, Chad, T.J. - Lee Hunters Laguna Adventure [SD 480p]

Moose-hung surfer boy Lee Hunter is back and bigger than ever as he shares his reminiscences of summer with us - from being sucked off on the hood of a car, to a steamy threeway with massive Rod Garetto. Lotsa underwear and jockstrap action, too.
Premier Video, Bijou Video - Casey Donovan, Rick Madison, Luke (Philip Wagner), Lou Davis (nonsex), Donna Mack (nonsex), Carrie Reynolds (nonsex), William Winer, James Gallo, Richard Post, Louie Moscoso, John Taylor - Always Ready [SD 382p]

John Sharp (Casey Donovan) receives in the morning mail an unusual brochure called "HOT SHOTS". Unusual in that there is a free film offer and not one photograph in the brochure.
TMX - Bill Cable, Bill Harrison, Bruce Williams, Cassandra Hart, Michael Green, Peter Fisk, Robert Lewis, Rocco Passalini, Tom Bradford, Lydia Black (Non-sexual role), Wakefield Poole (Non-sexual role) - Bijou [SD 480p]

"BIJOU" is the story of a young, straight construction worker who, through a combination of chance accident, greed and curiosity becomes the unsuspecting customer of an all male orgy palace named "BIJOU". The seemingly ordinary events which lead him to "BIJOU" and what happens to him once he enters inside become more and more sinister and complex as the film progresses, Is he the victim of circumstances or is the whole affair a carefully arranged plot to lure him on? See for yourself in this film which SCREW MAGAZINE voted the best male movie of 1972. - Scott Finn, Liam Daniels - Active Duty [HD 720p]

Scott Finn couldnt wait to suck his cock so once they sat on the bed he was quick and he wrapped that eager mouth around his cock and began deep throating it. Liam Danielscouldnt believe how great Scott was sucking his hard throbbing cock. Liam was so horny he skipped blowing Scott and instead he put him on his back and spread his legs wide and pushed his big dick deep inside of him making him squirm and moan. Liam wasnt taking any prisoners as he pounded Scott tight litle asshole. Scott couldnt belive how he was manhandled by Liam. Liam fucked him hard every where on that bed without remorse and soon enough Scott let his nut loose all over the floor as Liam stroked his nut out all over Scotts back. Доп. информация: официальный релиз - 15.09.2019--Тип HD видео: 720p - Deep Dic - MOTM [FullHD 1080p]

Deep Dic - Ayden, Clyde - Clyde, Ayden: Bareback [HD 720p]

Hiking through the woods, playing badminton in a meadow, and flexing their cut muscles, hotties Ayden and Clyde are feeling pretty frisky even before they get back to the Sean Cody house where they can play to their hearts content. "Im excited. That ass!" says Clyde, but before he has a chance to get his hands on it, Ayden is sucking his cock. When Clyde cant wait any longer, he pounds that big dick into Aydens tight hole, and the cuties big booty brings out a load that impresses both of them! "You made me cum a lot, congratulations," laughs Clyde. "Youre the Jackson Pollock of cum!" Ayden jokes.
JustFor.Fans - Max Konnor, Sean Zevran - JustFor.Fans [HD 720p]

Max Konnor, Sean Zevran have bareback sex. Hot !!
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