LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Charlie Lynn - A Little Extra Credit [SD 480p]

LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Brandon Jes - The Girl Loves Her Shoes [SD 480p]

LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Ivana Bianchi - Ivana Fuck Alot [HD 720p]

Ivana likes to pick up sexy strangers and seduce them in her sheer panties. She finds this young stud standing out on one of the balconies of her hotel. She invites him over and has him kiss and lick her feet immediately. Then she fondles him for a while, because feeling smooth dick flesh on her soles is one of her favorite things. Then of course, being the cocksmith that she is, she has to pounce on his rod in every position she can bend herself into. She knows that a huge dick is a terrible thing to waste. And when he coats her feet in man sauce, she admires it, because she knows it's there as a tribute to her beauty. .
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Natalia Jay - Fierce Jungle Toes [HD 720p]

Welcome to the jungle where fierce and nasty Natalia Jay hunts her prey when she is on the prowl for sexual satisfaction. She wants nothing more than to taste her feet and run her long, delicate and saliva-moistened fingers between her toes. Watch as she uses her heel to rub her engorged clitoris and wet pussy and make herself shudder with an intense orgasm. This jungle cat cums until she purrs in her hole-ridden hose. Take a trip into the wild and watch this pretty, blue-eyed wonder cum.
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Chloe Chanel - Anything To Please Her Customers [HD 720p]

Got a kink in your back? Master masseuse Chloe has just what you need: a pair of soft, manicured peds kneading all that stress out of you. Her heels will dig into your muscles while her toes tug at your flesh. It might hurt a little, but in a good way. And just as she's a pro at releasing all that tension in your back, Chloe also knows how to relieve the tension boiling in your balls with one of her top-notch foot jobs. By now you've figured out that a session with Chloe is more than just a regular massage, it's a foot-fucking, cock-sucking, pussy-pounding experience. .
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Claudia Downs - Red Hot Heel [HD 720p]

Claudia understands the art of anticipation and teasing. She knows the longer you wait, the harder you will fuck her. That is why she is prepared to touch, lick and tongue her feet and shoes for hours, all while she talks dirty to you and encourages you to pleasure yourself. She gives you a show, sliding her long, red stiletto heel in and out of her pussy and then in and out of her mouth. Then she gets so turned on that she fucks her feet with her heel and cums all over her hands. Then she smears her cum all over her toes and sucks her fingers dry. This lady is one of a kind.
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Angelica - Foot Bath [HD 720p]

Angelica Meow takes her feet seriously. Her soles are sensitive and can only be cared for by the best of pedicure technicians, and that's who she demands be sent to her. He arrives late and tries to appease the demanding diva by rubbing her feet, but it's not enough. She commands him to suck her toes, and he does so with pleasure. She rewards him by using her toes to play with his balls. After stroking his cock with her delicate peds, she allows his cock entry into her tight fuckhole.
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Margarita Rose - Blushing Rose [HD 720p]

Margarita Rose is a spicy, tiny Latina (She is only 5' tall!) who sports a size six and loves bondage play. Here we see this caramel kink-queen in lace-up, red sandals and bare legs. "I love sandals that lace up the calf because I like the pressure of the laces on my legs. I usually tie them extra-tight so that the laces mark my legs up. It stings a little, but pain is pleasure for me. I am looking for a man who understands that and can squeeze my feet together and hold them tightly while he fucks them with his stiff cock." Watch as this little siren in scarlet lingerie masturbates while playing with her feet. You will be glad that you did. .
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Kiki Marie - You Asked For This [SD 480p]
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Kiki Marie - You Asked For This [HD 720p]
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Nikki Sexton - Get On Your Knees And Crawl To Me [FullHD 1080p]
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Alix Lakehurst - Dancing At The Big Girl Strip Club [FullHD 1080p]
LegSex/PornMegaLoad - Max Mikita - Strip Club Leg Vixen [SD 480p]
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