MenAreSlaves - Jessica, Kayla - No More Feet For Piggy [HD 720p]

Bare female feet are already highly desired by male slaves, but female feet in high heels? Now that is a reward worth suffering for. Thats a good thing because Jessica and Kayla insist the he suffer severe pain from their whip just for permission to worship their feet briefly. Then its back to more torture to earn more feet. The girls dont hold back one bit, cutting into his skin mercilessly with the whip while he cringes, suffers and tries to endure just to earn that high heeled reward. - Kylee, Kayla, Kamryn, Rachel - College Girls Pooping RoadTrip [SD]
MILTFs With Secret Desires [DVDRip 360p]
BratPrincess - Alexa, Amadahy, Brianna, Cali, Charlotte, Edyn, Kayla, Kenzie, Lola, Sasha - Best Cum Shots Of 2017 [FullHD 1080p]

We don’t let our slaves cum often, and when we do, we try and make the experience as miserable for them as possible. Here are some of the best milkings and ruins from 2017. This highlight reel features ball kicking and punching mid climax, mind fuckery, multiple consecutive ruined orgasms, and forced cum eating. We were just plain terrible to our slaves in 2017, and we plan to treat them even worse in the new year.
ExploitedCollegeGirls - Kayla - Exploited College Girls [SD 432p]

Mature Encounters [DVDRip 540p]
ExploitedCollegeGirls - Kayla - To Las Vegas [SD 432p]