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I picked Deny Lou up today near the hospital, and he was headed to Cakovice on Krabatska street. Deny had just been at the hospital for x-rays due to an injury he suffered while practicing his sport of choice, boxing. I like boxers because they have to keep their bodies in shape, and muscles turn me on! I noticed he kept touching his cock in the backseat, so when he realized he didnt have his wallet, I told him he would have to work off the 900 crowns he owed me! I got in the backseat and put my tits in his face, then...
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I was waiting for a client when Alex Vichner opened the cab door to ask me for a ride. I told him I was not free, but he was very insistent. I let him in the cab and we got to talking. Alex was headed for an interview with a modeling agency, and one look at his body told me hed get the job. Thats when I directed his attention to the price list: I drive an expensive cab after all! He didnt have enough money to pay me, but his body had my attention, so I jumped in the backseat and demanded he show me his cock. It was...
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When business woman Kathy Anderson hears a disturbance outside her office window, she realizes Michael Fly is trying to break in! Kathy hides behind the door as Michael enters the room. Michael creeps through the office looking for valuables, but unfortunately for him, only finds office supplies! As he rummages through Kathys desk, the blonde MILF crawls under the desk and disarms him by giving him a handjob. Kathy pulls out Michaels cock, then gives him a blowjob while playing with her tits. Kathy fucks Michael under her desk, on top of her desk, and then lets him cum on her face as sirens blare in the background!
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