Marathon Films, Ironstone Productions, Bijou Video - Mike Mitchell, Quave Dalton, Peter Spree, John Rawles, Roy Ozzy, Charles Woodward, Walter Wanger, Steve Richards, Robert Long, John Hill - Hollywood Liberty [SD 480p]

Three sailors on leave in Hollywood look for pussy.
Thunderbolt Video, Ironstone Productions, Bijou Video - Bob Gee, Bruce Walton, Caston Lee, Clay Russell, David Rosen, James Monroe, Ronald Howard, Shawn Everett, Stan Valentine, T. Rhodes - Behind the Greek Door [SD 480p]

Gary is pledging to the Chi-Alpha-Chi fraternity and six guys hold his future in their hands. They decide to give him a try. If he manages to pass their stiff initiation. But Garys already up for it and is having vivid fantasies about the frat president. On initiation night, two members go off to the bedroom for a sensuous romp with baby oil and Gary is finally led through the Greek door. The pledgemaster, a hunky young truck driver type, orders Gary to be tied up, strips him of his clothing and reveals the boys smooth, golden body. After spanking him with a riding crop, the pledge master orders Gary to please him. The finale is a wild orgy with al six men.
TCS Studio - Bob Holloway, Brad Walsh, Brian Hawks, Chris Allen, Cole Taylor, John Strathmore, Lionel Washington, Mark Rebel, Mark Walters - One Size Fits All [SD 480p]

Hot Bodies! Janitors at a gym get to partake in some after hours workouts. Pre-condom.
Avalon Video, YMAC Video - Lee Hunter, Rodney Bottoms, Bobby West, Troy Santiago, Mac Marino, Mark Case (Mark Chase on cover), Rod Garetto, Brian Rose, Chad, T.J. - Lee Hunters Laguna Adventure [SD 480p]

Moose-hung surfer boy Lee Hunter is back and bigger than ever as he shares his reminiscences of summer with us - from being sucked off on the hood of a car, to a steamy threeway with massive Rod Garetto. Lotsa underwear and jockstrap action, too. - Colton Grey, Pheonix Fellington - He Will Save Us All [HD 720p]

Colton Grey, Pheonix Fellington - Deep Dic - MOTM [FullHD 1080p]

Deep Dic - FantomasXXL, Vicenzo - FantomasXXL fucks Vicenzo [FullHD 1080p]

When you wanna go deeper, well go deepest! Thats one hell of a profound raw fuck right there. FantomasXXL keeps blowing everyones mind with his never-ending cock. And Vicenzo certainly can confirm that! Its the deepest fuck he ever lived. He felt that cock reaching his heart, literally. Watch out for Fantomas digging deep, opening Vicenzos second hole. God, its hot! Enjoy. - David Montenegro, Danny Azcona - Summerend Fuckin [HD 720p]

Interracial fuckings are our best and this week we paired two young horny mates from Spain and Mexico: David Montenegro with his monster dick and power bottom Danny Azcona. Our insatiable Danny tastes every single inch of Davids XXL meat, giving the balls a tongue bath and then moving up to the dickhead: he doesnt seem to want to stop sucking and licking such succulent morsel. But Montenegro wants to take his share and after asking Azcona to bend on the sofa, he buries his face deep into his buttocks. Soon Danny sweet asshole is well insalivated and ready to receive the huge cock that hangs between the legs of the Spaniard. David hammers that thick pole deep down into his buddy, that loves every bang and moans for pleasure. After having his ass destroyed and squeezing his cum all over his torso, obviously our Latin hungry mate gets also his face and mouth full of Davids incredible load! - Aaron Trainer, Koji Xander - Coachs House Call [HD 720p]

Aaron Trainer, Koji Xander - Aaron Reese, Dillon Diaz - My Personal Chef [HD 720p]

Aaron Reese, Dillon Diaz - Fame, Koji Xander - Catching Stepbrother [HD 720p]

Fame, Koji Xander
JustFor.Fans - Rhyheim Shabazz Fame, Leon Reddz, Aiden Ward - JustFor.Fans [HD 720p]

Rhyheim Shabazz, Fame, Leon Reddz fuck, DP Aiden Ward - Jake Marshall, Scott Demarco, Jack Andy, Ffurrystud, Aj Marshall, Derek Cline - Dereks Leather Daddy Gang Bang - Part 1 [HD 720p]

Power bottom Derek Cline makes his RFC debut taking on 5 leather daddy tops in a dungeon Gang Bang. Proving himself an insatiable fuck boy, Derek sucks every cock before presenting his ass to his tops to get used on the fuck bench. Each top takes a turn aggressively pounding out his sweet hole, pulling his hair, smacking his ass, and dirty talkin’ while they have their way with his young, thirsty holes.
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