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So if you know who, and what, we are all about then you know we are all about true unknowns and sexual firsts on Camera. Even though todays exploitee, Chanel Summers, made her sexual debut over at our casting site, we just had to have her after Rick told us just how fucking cute and special this girl is. Yes we bent the rules a bit, but fucking aye if this girl isnt super hot with a knockout body to boot, who really fucking cares! Now she did do another shoot in-between BRCC and ... shame on her. Were all about truth and honesty here, but she still has those newbie jitters, and was visibly nervous as Jake probed her for more about herself. Now if you really dont give a shit about what she wants to be after she graduates, or how sexually frustrated she is with all her past guys and their lack of stamina then by all means skip the interview. But I must say there is a reason we do the interview and I personally think it adds to the scene when you see just how fucking good she is fucked and surprised by how good Jake is at fucking. She admits that Jake is absolutely the best fuck she has ever had. Sorry past BFs, truth hurts sometimes. So I guess you can say Chanel is a size queen. She prefers Black Athletes, so Jakes 3rd leg should take her down memory lane. Yes Jake is a professional stud cock, and just as all our newbies find out; once you fuck a professional stud, EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS! Tru Tru. So once the makeup ends we get the Full Monty view of what a kick ass body Chanel has. This girl works out and it shows! I tried to find anything wrong with her and its impossible. Chanel is built for sex and shows everyone what a good little whore she is once we get her naked. Chanel masturbates 2 or 3 times a week now, but after today she will everyday, guaranteed! The Hitachi will do that to a girl, along with someone like Jake that knows how to use it on her. And use it he does! Jake shows our sexually frustrated newbie just how much fun sex toys can be. "This is just the warm up?" she cries after Jake already gave her 2 orgasms. Chanel also didnt know she could squirt but was amazed at just how FUCKING FANTASTIC it was when she did. She squirted 3 times during this scene and oh what a gushing slut she is. But by this time Jake has to get into the game. Put me in couch, and once Chanel got a look at his huge cock she had a smile that couldnt be chiseled off her face. Can she suck cock you ask? Chanel slobbers all over that babys arm as she begged Jake to fuck her. Of course we had to make her wait and torture her a little while I used the Hitachi on her pussy and filled her holes with a glass dildo as Jake face fucked our blond whore. Yes once a cock goes into all our girls they ALL eagerly cry out what good little whores and sluts they are. Makes my cock hard just thinking about it, and a hard cock is exactly what Jake gives her as he fucks this super hot newbie to the best fucking she has ever had. Sure we hit all the standard fuck positions were known for, and some new ones, for this epic dicking. So much great sex going on here that Chanel jumped at the chance to get fucked by one of our studs again real soon. This next ones going to be with a BBC over at our other site BlackAmbush, she just doesnt know shes getting ambushed yet hahahaha. This was such a great scene we had to break it into 2 parts to do it justice. Hope everyone likes it and we will be doing more scenes this way in the future. Enjoy it, Chanel Summers sure did. Steve - Isabelle Ryan and Amina Fara - Exploited College Girls [HD 720p]

Here is 19yr old 1 st timer Isabelle Ryan in her debut scene showing her goods to the world with fan favorite Amina Fara. This girl has a knockout body and SPECTACULAR tits, and I mean SPECTACULAR! This girl is not so innocent but oh so slutty and the JJay puts her through the paces as she sucks her first cock and licks her first slit on camera. This scene is hot and you know we brought her back to exploit all her holes on Who doesnt love getting their cock sucked by 2 gorgeous girls! Enjoy! Steve - Nicole love - L O V E 4 BBC [FullHD 1080p]

Petite and candid Czech model Nicole love is so shy that but once she unleashes the beast inside her, a totally different person appears. In this scenario, Nicole is paired up with veteran performer Franco Roccaforte, a BBC much older than her and who wants to initiate and introduce her to what IR is all about. Teasing Franco for a while in front of sunny windows makes his blood pressure go up and finally can’t resist to jump in and take over Nicole Love’ teeny body. Heavy deepthroating, pussy licking, balls deep pounding, Franco Roccaforte opens up Nicole and her XXXtra fat labia turning this BBC in a crazy sexual mood.
InterracialPass - Camilla Mae - Camilla Mae First Interracial Pounded by BBC [FullHD 1080p] - Ava Dior - Exploited College Girls Ava Dior [HD 720p]

Good things cum in small packages, and 18yr old small package Ava Dior certainly is something good the JJay can cum in. Now believe it or not, this is Avas first white boy and shes just a bit excited, and nervous, to slip her hat over this white boys cock today. "I feel like I have the weight of the entire white world on my shoulders", declares JJay as we get to know Ava a bit better. Its during the makeup and interview we reveal that this is actually her second scene and the day before we ambushed her with a BBC over at our network site but dont fret, there are plenty of firsts for Ava today for her first ever white cock. Enjoy! Steve - Italy,Ora - Visit [FullHD 1080p]

Sexy girls is taking a lot of cum - Unknown,Eskimo Emma - 1st,3rd Visit [FullHD 1080p]

During a break while waiting for more dicks to service, she decided to text her brother about something and I told her to call him. I jokingly said "Call you Dad", which she did and we had a nice little chat with pop. He sounds like a great guy and apparently knew I was taking her to the Gloryhole today. How cool is that?!?! If you hang around these places long enough youll see some interesting things and this was one of them.
ArchangelVideo - Anna De Ville - Hard Interracial Anal [FullHD 1080p] - Brianna Anderson - Exploited College Girls Brianna Anderson Threeway [HD 720p]

Good things CUM in small packages and there are lots of good things CUMMING in todays package. First good thing is 20 year old collegiate Gymnast, Diver Brianna Anderson. The second and third good things are our studs Jake, Vince that CUM on our little fuck doll in this girls first ever 3some and DP! This is Briannas 3rd shoot and she lost her porn cherry over at Backroomcasting, then lost her BBC anal cherry at BlackAmbush so go check them out. They are hot scenes! Alright enough of the BS chit chat lets get to the perversion. This scene innocently enough starts with our gymnast taking a shower and getting ready before the DP storm hits and unbeknownst to me she hears me discussing the scene with Jake and Vince in the other room. Just watch as she gives a few smiles and giggles as we discuss taking turns on her and fucking her in a few different positions. Its hot. The actual sex scene then begins with Brianna sitting on a chair getting asked what day it is. ITS DP / 3SOME day she says enthusiastically. This girl is so happy and up for anything. I just love her energy and spunk. I think Jake and Vince loved her "Energy and FUCK holes" better, getting her naked faster than you can say licitly split. She goes to town on sucking their hard cocks with the biggest smile. Has she ever sucked 2 cocks at once before? Nope. Has she ever had a 3some before? Nope. Has she ever had 2 cocks up her fuck holes before at the same time? Nope. Thats all going to change today. I have to admit this ones a trooper and she pushed through the painal to give you the goods so lets all appreciate this little hottie in all her whoreful glory. Fuck I love my job. Enjoy! Steve - Crissy Floyd - Exploited College Girls Crissy Floyd [HD 720p]

Todays exploit is 18 year old Crissy, with a C, Floyd and she has a roommate. But Steve, why do we care about whether she has a roommate? Let me explain you. Two days before this sweet ebony goddess graced us with her perfect, AND I DO MEAN PERFECT body. Crissys roommate Annette was over to do her debut sexing at BlackAmbush and then the ExCoGi hotel room is why and it was during Annettes makeup she just happened to mention she has a "super cute" and petite little hottie of a roomy. "I want to try a scene" said Crissy when Annette confessed she was going to take the porn plunge with us. THANK YOU GOD is all I can say. Now Annettes BlackAmbush scene just dropped last week and its a scorcher, so go check it out if you havent. Oh! And her ExCoGi scene is coming out soon so keep your eyes pealed for that thing as well. You wont be disappointed with our exploiting of her holes here either. But todays focus is on little miss Crissy and her very athletic, trim, perfectly fuckable pussy and body. When Annette showed us her roomys pictures we said, "Lets get this girl exploited and fast! And thats exactly what we did. Things start off innocently enough with a big smile on Crissys pretty little face as Jake gets her naked in the back seat. "I wasnt expecting to do all this. I just want to see it," she said as Jake whipped his cock out and Crissy began to suck him. I have to say this little hottie has some of the best 32A titties I have seen in a while and the cutest little pussy to boot. And when I say pretty little pussy? I mean PRETTY LITTLE PUSSY! Damn shes fine. Did I say she has a pretty pussy? Damn that pussy is fine. Anyways the car sex is intense and lots of it so enjoy. Youre welcome. Now back at the hotel we find out a little bit more about Crissys wild side and I wish I knew more girls like Crissy back when I was young because the stuff this girls has done by the tender age of 18 would make an older women blush. Sorry mom and dad but your little girls a slut and we love it! So lets get a damn good proper look at this gorgeous body on this girl as she strips on the bed. Did I say this girl has a rocking body and pretty pussy? She does and we get a good look at it as she starts to massage that pretty pussy of hers with the Hitachi. Of course Jake finger fucks our ex-high school track athlete because she has a fucking beautiful pussy and you should never let a good pussy go to waste. "Damn your pussy is tight" Jake declares as our newbie has her first of many orgasms of the day. Next up is her first squirting and another orgasm while Jake gets his cock sucked. Can Crissy suck a cock well? Fuck yeah she can and she knows how to fuck with that pretty pussy of hers as well. Did I say this girl has a pretty pussy? She does and Jake fucks the shit out of her and shows her what a proper fucking is from a professional. Of course everything is shot in multi camera angles for your full fapping and viewing pleasure. Just watch as her pussy and butthole puckers with every thrust of Jakes cock down her throat. Love it. Jake fucks this little newbie in a few more positions then finishes this "love making" with a face full of cum before Crissy confesses in the bathroom how much fun this experience was and she doesnt regret it. Yet. "How are we going to tell our future boyfriends we did porn," was her question to Annette a few nights back before they both took the plunge. I guess when youre 18 your boyfriends are your future and not the guys that will want to commit their lives and want to marry you. Not the guys that are going to devote themselves to you and support you emotionally and financially. You know the guys that will lovingly plant their seed in you and give you your children. Yeah how will they ever tell your "boyfriends" of the week or month they did this? Easily. Honey before I met you I did porn and it was FUCKING WONDERFUL! And yes Jake fucked me way better than you do. But hey, how does a beautiful young girl spread her love and joy for people to see. This is how and its a glorious thing. Enjoy the joys of youth! Steve
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BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Chanel Preston, Keisha Grey, Valentina Nappi - Hardcore [FullHD 1080p] - Dillon Diaz, Khloe Kay - TS Khloe Kay Loves Big Black Cock [HD 720p]

Trim, dark-haired T-girl Khloe Kay gives Dillon Diaz a throat-burbling blowjob, lapping balls, drooling and sucking big black cock. Dillon fucks the TS hottie from behind. Khloes stiff boner bounces as she rides wildly on Dillons dick. The uninhibited lovers trade oral favors and passionate sodomy, kissing as dominant Dillon fucks Khloes asshole. Decadent interracial action includes hot tease, fierce anal drilling and nasty rimming. Dillon masturbates, cumming on Khloes hard she-prick
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