ManyVids - PumpkinSpice, Stormyy - Bush and gagball [FullHD 1080p]

This video heats things up as i tease you with the intensity of fire and my sexy black dress. Not only do i slober tons due to my gag ball but I have something for all you bush lovers! Watch as I drool on myself and rub my hairy pussy for you.
DrillMyHole/Men - Jake Porter, Jaxton Wheeler - Right In Front Of My Salad? Private Lessons Part 3 [SD 480p]

The scene stars Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler and features Mrs. Romaine as the obviously jilted wife of Jaxton as he pumps Jakes bare bottom right in front of her (and her salad of course). The scene went viral inspiring those who quickly uploaded new memes to Tumblr with the iconic six words of right in front of my salad? Shortly after that, it became a top trending topic on Twitter and pop culture news sites also got in on the attention it was receiving. Find out what all the hype is about!
Str8ToGay/Men - Jaxton Wheeler, Luke Adams - Right In Front Of My Salad Again? [SD 480p]

Jaxton wants to make it up to his wife with a nice in-home massage but things don't go as planned when masseur Luke offers up some extra lip service and ass. Little does he know he's about to get caught and right in front of that salad again!
CzechHunter - Amateurs - zech Hunter 318 [SD 360p]

I wanted to experiment a little today. I went to a large park full of people and looked for boys. This time I avoided groups and searched for lone guys. I met a student of veterinary medicine named Lukas. I talked him into showing me his cute body. But I had much bigger task for him. I wanted a threesome and Lukas was supposed to find and convince another guy to participate. It wasnt easy but finally we ran into a former lifter who had a very nice body and was willing to consider our offer. I was very horny and not willing to wander around looking for the perfect spot. I took them both behind the bushes right next to a path full of people. The boys were very inexperienced and shy, which made the action very sexy. Then I drilled both their holes.
KristenBjorn - Jean Franko, Roman - Casting Couch 279 Jean Franko, Roman [SD 540p]

Roman has arrived in the city for a well deserved holiday. He has been doing some research prior to his trip and has arranged to meet with his favorite porn star: Jean Franko. Jean meets Roman at his opulent hotel and the two immediately find a deep interest in one another. Roman is very excited to get his hands on Jeans hairy chest and abs. Jean can feel Romans desire swelling in his pants and quickly releases his engorged cock. The head of Romans hard cock is treated to a tongue bath by Jean that leaves Roman panting for more. Jean then takes a seat and unleashes his substantial and impressive fat cock to Romans delight. Roman quickly gets on his knees to service his idol. He has dreamt and fantasized about this day, this moment for a long time. Now that huge cock is just inches away awaiting him to live out his dreams. Jean takes Romans head in both hands and forces him down on his fat cock. Roman is taken to his extreme limits with Jeans cock stretching his hungry throat. The feel of total pleasure while sucking on a hot cock that you have jerked off to for years has Roman so hot that he blows his load while sucking on Jeans fat meat. The invitation of a hot fat cock in front of him only begs Roman to do what came naturally in his fantasies. He sits down on top of Jean and begins to ride Jeans cock with intense fury. Jean then turns Roman around so he can penetrate that hot ass from different angles. With his balls getting heavy and full Jean takes this mans fantasy to the level that Roman will be dreaming of for a long time. Jean continues pounding Roman hard as his balls draw up tight and close to his body ready to ejaculate his hot load. With each thrust he comes one step closer. Roman feels the sensation building in his ass as Jeans cock appears to get harder and fatter deep within him. He sucks at Jeans cock with his ass muscles and Jean can no longer hold out, he erupts his hot load all over Romans hungry ass. Never stop dreaming and never stop living out your fantasies.
Hot House - Arpad Miklos, Maxx Diesel - Cock Scene Investigators Scene 4 [HD 720p]

Well, Maxx can't cover up the crime just to save the commissioner's reputation, can he? "What if I make it worth your while?" Arpad slyly asks, which finds them tongue to tongue in nanoseconds (imagine resisting either of these men). Muscular Maxx takes to Arpad's hairy nipples and great abs as teasers leading to the towering dick. Maxx sucks it, adding a touch of sensual wanting to oral work that so far in the video has been plain old zealous. With Maxx's stomach heaving, Arpad returns the favor, encountering this hefty cock with even more eagerness than he displayed in the previous scene. Few men can manage to be imposing sharing a scene with Arpad Miklos, but watch Arpad sitting at Maxx's feet blowing him and it's obvious that they have cast him a great partner. Maxx sits Arpad in a chair and blows him again, working in a more voracious mood now. He tosses the legs in the air and eats his ass but good! His shining tongue meets Arpad's twitching ass with the camera there to see it all. Arpad then has another field day in Maxx's shaved asshole, burying his chin in there deep and slapping Maxx's cheeks happily. Here's a mystery for you: which of these manly grunting studs will give it up for the other? Wondering over when Arpad goes plowing his entire cock smoothly into Maxx. Arpad rocks the bed with all of his energy and Maxx admirably takes it all. Even sideways Arpad is unstoppable. It's a hard position, but he makes it look so damn easy, and Maxx remains beautifully hard. Arpad then takes Maxx with the bottom's ass high in the air and then finishes him off with a slick doggy-fuck. Arpad lets loose a giant spray all over Maxx's head and back after Maxx has finished with Arpad in him. "You're a great fuck, commissioner, but I just can't break the law. You can't live in a glass closet and throw stones," Maxx wisely notes.
Sinergy Films - Arpad Miklos, Carlos Morales - Bonesucker. Scene 4 [SD 480p]

Carlos Morales, the very model of porn perfection with his hunky muscular body and stone-carved abs, not to mention that handsome face that knows just how to make lust to the camera, has spent the story so far turning everyone else on just by standing there with a hardon and tied-up balls. Seems to me it's time for a reward. His comes in the form of he-man supreme Arpad Miklos, who arrives at his studio when Carlos is wearing jeans cut low enough to show off his sublime buttcrack. He tells hairy Arpad to strip and then Carlos takes his measurements. Those must be some impressive numbers and I think I saw the tape measure be too small for his sprawling chest. Arpad is initially confused as to why Carlos is called "BoneSucker," but once Carlos puts his dick in his mouth, it's crystal-clear. Arpad's extra-humongo cock is thrilling deep-throated by Carlos. That's saying a lot for Carlos, since Arpad's cock has stymied many a great porn performer. Arpad swings his hips wide into Carlos' mouth, but nothing stops the latter from gulping the dick down whole, keeping his own fat piece hard in hand. Arpad really makes Carlos work for his moniker with a flashy face-fuck. Arpad then takes on Carlos' dick, drooling wildly as he licks it fully. He actually attacks Carlos with a huge amount of passion, noisy and wet every moment. Listen closely and you can hear him gag now and then, something the usually stoic Arpad doesn't usually get called on to do in his role as statue topman. However, the Arpad here has the sex oomph of two men and when he goes to rim Carlos, he ups even that ante. Carlos' legendary ass, two giant orbs hiding a hairless wanting hole, is certainly enough to inspire anyone to hit his mark. Arpad goes haywire trying to make this rounded wonder happy. The insertion shot Arpad uses sets the tone for the fuck. He slams right in and then goes for broke. No period of adjustment is needed for pros like this. Carlos plants his arms on the back of the couch and pushes his solid body toward Arpad, making sure his top has to work extra hard to keep up the exciting energy of the scene. Arpad doesn't disappoint, cramming himself into Carlos with full might, given a great opportunity since he's not playing with a bottom in any danger of being ripped in half by all he has to offer. He is downright brutal with his speed and force, and this is by far the most winning fuck in the story. The camera spends a lot of time shooting from just behind the action, showing off Arpad's ass too, an amazing piece as well as it clenches to provide power to his cock. Carlos finds himself in the leather strap again as Arpad holds it around him like reins, very much in control of things. Carlos then takes it missionary with no let-up in brute force from Arpad. Arpad drills Carlos to a fun cum-shot and doesn't let up his fuck until he's ready to explode. When he does, it covers Carlos' entire chest.
JizzOrgy/Men - Aspen, Brendan Patrick, Dennis West, Dirk Caber - The In-Laws Part 3 [SD 480p]

Aspens soon to be in-laws, Dennis West and Dirk Caber,
21Sextreme - Dolly Blonde - Grannys Anal Pleasures [SD 432p, 544p]
Sweetsinner - Karlee Grey, Ryan Mclane - The Catfish Gets Caught [FullHD 1080p]
Clubstiletto - Lady Katy - Worship My Big Hairy Muff And Ass [FullHD 1080p]

Vixen - Keisha Grey, Evelin Stone - Sex With Our Biggest Fan [HD 720p]

Bang - Ariella Ferrara - Big Tit Milf Ariella Ferrara Fucks The Pool Mechanic [FullHD 1080p]
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