Categories - Mistress Eleise de Lacy - The Punishment Officer [HD 720p] - 3rd Feb 2012

The prisoner must face the consequences of his actions. The horrendous crimes committed justify the brutal judicial punishment he receives. - Mistress Eleise de Lacy - The Red Carpet [HD 720p] - 10th Mar 2011

Mistress Eleise had decided her two slaves will be nothing more than objects for her: one a carpet for her feet, the other an ashtray. - Mistress Jezabel - The Ring [HD 720p] - 21st Oct 2011

Mistress Jezabels patient is in need of some invasive treatment. His therapy begins with anal stretching. After thoroughly greasing up his anal passage, his ring is then stretched by his Mistress fists. - Miss Deelight - The Ruin Of Him [HD 720p] - 18th Sep 2015

Taking a slave to the edge with her seductive ways, Miss Deelight has him tied for teasing and face sitting, before she totally ruins his orgasm!
MomXXX/SexyHub - Kathy Anderson - Blonde bombshell MILF in stockings [HD 720p] - Miss Zoe - The Secret Of Caning [HD 720p] - 5th Jul 2018

Im not in the habit of releasing educational material here at FFF, however this was a real session with a slave being taught to appreciate and not fear the cane. Like so many slaves, the mere thought of the cane conjures up feelings of absolute fear and loathing. In reality, whilst the cane can be used for extreme punishments, it can also be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience for the recipient as well as the domme, when wielded by experienced hands. The slave in this session was terrified at the beginning of this scene, but as the session progresses, he starts to warm to the experience and it doesnt take long before hes voluntarily pushing his bum out in request for another stroke. Miss Zoe is a expert in all forms of corporal punishment and for lovers or loathers of the cane, this session should not be missed! - Mistress Abaddon - The Sex Toy [HD 720p] - 1st Jan 2017

The Mistress wants to use her slave as a sex toy. After using him as an ashtray, she makes him kiss and lick her arse, before putting his tongue to work on her pussy. Frustrated at his poor performance she then decides to fuck him long and hard whilst hes bondage wrapped. - Divine Mistress Heather - The Shining [HD 720p] - 14th Nov 2017

Mistress Heather is heading out to a fetish club for the evening, but her house slave is given the humiliating task of cleaning the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, but not before he has given Mistress Heathers figure hugging latex a suitable shine! The slave gets an extreme verbal barrage of insults and is face slapped hard when he does not follow her precise instructions. He must also worship the shoes, that are later used to punish him and hear just how Mistress Heather plans to humiliate him further with a cuckold scene, culminating in him being made to drink a real mans cum... - Divine Mistress Heather - The Sissy Slut [HD 720p] - 29th Mar 2018

Mistress Heather has decided to transform her slave into a sissy slut, but there are occasions when she will expect her to behave like a lady. So the training begins with her new slut giving her boots some respectful worship. Then her anal passage needs to undergo some expansive therapy, so a large plug is inserted, after shes dressed in a pretty slutty outfit. It is essential her sissy must learn to walk with the correct posture in her new high heels, so a little deportment training is employed and to focus her mind, swift punishments are delivered to her plugged ass when she fails any given task. - Miss Zoe - The Slave Pyramid [HD 720p] - 8th May 2017

Watching Miss Zoe perform CP is quite simply poetry in motion. This scene takes you into the real world of Mistress and devoted slave. This was no fantasy scenario, this was a genuine Mistress/slave interaction, as the slaves real tears of overwhelming emotion prove. Miss Zoe wants the best from her slave and he desperately needs to prove himself to her. She takes him on a roller-coaster of emotional turmoil and he hopes to be that much closer to the peak of her sacred slave pyramid once the beating stops...
Babes - Anna Polina - My Horrible Boss [HD 720p] - Mistress Petite - The Sting [HD 720p] - 30th Nov 2018

Mistress Petite wants to see some rosy red cheeks on her slave and it doesnt take her long to achieve just that! After some heavy spanking hes ready for a bruising with the whip and finally the cane. This slave has never taken the cane before, so the build up is full of both excitement and fear for him. If you were ever in doubt that a Mistress can genuinely enjoy the practice of CP, this session will allay those doubts! The wicked smile on Mistress Petites face as she repeatedly strikes her slave is a sure sign of deliciously sadistic sexual desires.
Holed - Kenzie Reeves - My Anal Valentine [HD 720p]

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