SubbyHubby - Goddess Valora, Nadia White - A Cuckold Dreams Of Sex Part 5 [FullHD 1080p]

Cameron cannot wake up from this dream and now it has become a nightmare. He does finally get to have sex with Valora but it is in the most humiliating form ever, pegging. Valora and Nadia turn Cameron into a little submissive cock-sucking whore by putting both their cocks into his mouth and fucking his brains out. Valora makes fun of him the whole time, which is even worse! Finally, Cameron is woken up by the hotel manager. He realizes it was all just a dream until he finds dildos in his bed. Was it a dream?
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Clubdom - Goddess Valora, Nadia White - A Difficult Spill [FullHD 1080p]

Domina Valora n Dominatrix Nadia have their slave bound to the table. Since it is milking time, the women decide to make it
difficult and terrible for the slave, by fucking his cockhole with a sounding rod. They fuck his pathetic cock hole while they
stroke his cock. He is finally able to cum, despite how much discomfort he is in.
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