FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Rhonda Rhound - Round Rump On Rhonda [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions/Realitykings - Rhonda Rhound - Round Rump on Rhonda [HD 720p]

Theres a reason they call her Rhonda Rhound and when you see it, youll understand. This platinum blonde exotic dancer from Texas likes working out and squatting on her dates, riding them reverse cowgirl. And when youre around this girl and youre in need, youre one help me, Rhonda away from some premium head, because Rhonda aims to please with her blowjobs. Rhonda models a couple outfits, rocking the good girl and bad girl looks, and then shows us how she masturbates when shes at home reading erotica. Rhonda puts her mouth where her mouth was, sucking JMacs dick to pass her audition, then bending over for doggystyle, thrusting her big bottom towards his cock like she cant get enough. All the twerking and squats have certainly paid off, and as they say: the thicker the cushion, the sweeter the pushin!
FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Kelly Paige - Cum Craving Kelly [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Scarlett Mae - Seductive Scarlett [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Shauna Skye - Late Blooming Blonde Shauna [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Mickey Tyler - Blonde Sexbomb Mickey [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Olivia Nice - Nice Meating You Olivia [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions/Realitykings - Julz Gotti - Next Door Gotti [HD 720p]

Thick, big-titted Julz Gotti has a dream: showing the world how hot shell look fucking on camera. So Julz tracks down porn performer Robby Echo, bring her own camera man along, and offers Robby her body in exchange for a chance to make a video that will get everyones attention. Julz convinces Robby to let her audition, and they cut the interview short when he gets a handful of her luscious booty. Julz gets the royal treatment as Robby eats her pussy and asshole for the camera, then he strips her to nibble on her tits like theyre his last meal. Julz returns the favor, showing everyone how skilled her mouth is at sucking cock, but Robby knows for Julz to make it big as a porn performer, shell have to take a facefucking and a deep doggystyle dicking. And since Julz has a nice round ass to push against, Robby makes sure the camera captures as much hardcore cowgirl cock-riding as possible.
FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Kadence Marie - Jungle Dick [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Briar Rose - Redheaded Firecracker [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Marilyn Mansion - Cam Cookie [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions / RealityKings - Amy Parks - Amy Parks And Sex [SD 432p]

FirstTimeAuditions/Realitykings - Athena Rayne - Athena Cums From Miami [HD 720p]

Every once in a while, we find an applicant that is genuinely excited, bubbly, and not the least bit nervous about coming to a First Time Audition - and Athena Rayne is one of those performers! This little 20-year-old from Miami has a bit of a wild side, and is looking to break into the industry to escape the monotony of regular civilian life. And she doesnt provide the typical interview answers either - shes a bit more eclectic in her tastes. She fantasizes about being tied down and fucked by a train of guys as they all take turns using her for their pleasure. She masturbates 15 times a week - if not more! And the first time she brought a boy home, she fucked him in her grandmothers garage while she was just on the other side of the door! And its not just her personality, either. When she finally gets access to our stunt cock, Van Wylde, she provides a moaning, squealing fuck fest that leaves her make-up running and her eye-lashes falling. Shes eager, shes sexy, and - most importantly - shes a cock-hungry slut! She didnt even mind our hidden camera set-up... Oops! No spoilers!
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