CorbinFisher - Dru, Jarrett - ACM0953 Dru Fucks Jarrett [SD 540p]

CorbinFisher - Dru, Austin - ACM0926 Dru Fucks Austin [SD 540p]

Sometimes the guys get what we call “shoot bromances” They see another guy at the shoot, they connect, hang out and become best buds before heading home. If they don’t get to work together at that shoot or the next one, that bromance builds up into a tension that HAS to get relieved.
That tension been simmering between two of our hottest Dean’s Listers, Dru and Austin for a while now. They’ve never been in a scene together, and it was clear they needed to release some pressure! They played volleyball outside in the field, getting hot and sweaty as they spiked balls at each other.
GirlsRimming - Antonio, Chrissy Fox, Dru - Pimped-Out. Ep4 - Ass Juice [SD 480p]