Categories - Jenna Ashley, Xander Corvus - Manhandled #06 [HD 720p] - 11-04-2015

Sweet, busty blonde Jenna Ashley confides her submissive fantasies to boyfriend Xander Corvus, and before long hes roughly manhandling the voluptuous babe -- ruthlessly fucking her throat and slapping her with his big cock. He pumps his thick shaft inside her tender asshole, then fills her rectum with milk and makes Jenna expel the dairy enema while sucking him off. After a session of total domination (even a near-drowning in the shower!), he shoots his sperm all over Jennas pretty face.
Adara Jordin, Carissa Montgomery, Dixie Comet - Taking All Her Money, Making Her Their Slave [FullHD 1080p]

Adara visits Dominatrix Carissa and brings her gifts of expensive high heel shoes and luxurious neckties. When Carissa blindfolds Adara with one of the ties and makes her worship her feet in her new high heels, her lawyer Dixie quietly enters and takes compromising pictures of her. When the blindfold is removed Adara soon realizes that she now has two Mistresses to please and they plan on taking all of her money and expensive belongings including all of her neckties. Humiliated, she goes to work worshipping both of their feet while they drain her bank account.
Dixie Comet, Kendra James - MILF Fight [FullHD 1080p]

When MILF next door, Kendra, stops by to complain to Dixie about her precious little Johnny who is dating Kendras girl and trying to pressure her into sex, Dixie wont have any of those vicious lies about Johnny and so she ties Kendra up and teaches her a lesson.
Adara Jordin, Carissa Montgomery, Dixie Comet - Its Nothing Personal [FullHD 1080p]

Carissa is at Dixies for a kinky catalog shoot. Dixie gets Carissa all bound and gagged and they start the photoshoot; but then a visitor pops in on the shoot. The visitor, Adara, is carrying a large stuffed envelope and hands it off to Dixie as Dixie hands Adara a leash. The woman hooks the leash to Carissas collar and tells the busty blonde that shes coming with her. A few days later, Dixie receives an email containing a hot and steamy home sex video that Adara filmed of her and Carissa as a thank you to Dixie.
Dixie Comet, Fayth on Fire - Giving Fayth What She Wants [FullHD 1080p]

Fayth is horny and desperate for a good gagging. So, she decides to call up her friend, Dixie, and have her come over to tape Fayth up tightly and heavily gag her too!
Carissa Montgomery, Dee Williams, Dixie Comet - Enforced Justice Part 2: Justice Enslaved [FullHD 1080p]

Justice, Rapture and Siren are being let to live a life of enslavement, that is until Siren escapes to freedom. After a few months, Rapture is now Justices Mistress and has been slave training her daily. Justice has been secretly falling in love with her mistress and that poses a huge problem. Justice decides she needs to get away and finish the job she was meant to do. She gets the upper hand with Rapture and goes to make her escape. Except, she doesnt make it far before running into head Mistress Scarlett who captures her and takes her back to Rapture. Scarlett must punish both women for their mistakes and disobedience. The punishment though is a very pleasurable one and Justice has been sucked back into her feeling for Raptue. Will Justice continue to be enslaved for her lust for Rapture? Or will Justice prevail and go back to being a hero for her city?
Dixie Comet, Sonia Harcourt - Not A Failure Of A Come On [FullHD 1080p]

Sonia is new to town and is over at her new co-worker friend Dixies house. Sonia thinks its just a friendly get together but Dixie has the impression that its a date. Things get awkward but when Dixie gets Sonia in her ropes, shes all in and wants all of the hot bound orgasms.
Dixie Comet, Kingsley - Kingsleys Tinder Date From Hell [FullHD 1080p]

Dixie has her Tinder date, Kingsley, over for a night cap after dinner. Kingsley is very eager to get Dixie in bed. But Dixie wants to take it slow and do things her way.
Carissa Montgomery, Dee Williams, Dixie Comet - Enforced Justice Part 2: Tables Turned [FullHD 1080p]

Mistress Scarlet humiliates Justice while chair tied in her Justice outfit; going as far as to cut her mask while Justice is vibed to orgasms. Rapture looks on as Mistress Scarlet does her thing, until suddenly she sees the opportunity to take Scarlett down. Justice doesnt trust Raptures motives so she take her down as well. Justice gets the two women down to one of the slavers vans and theis them up with vibrators secured to their pussies. Justice has no idea where shes taking them as she hops into the drivers seat. What is Justices plan for Scarlett and her secret love Rapture? Will she turn them into the cops or will she turn down the wrong road?
Carissa Montgomery, Dixie Comet - Tricking The Lady Robber Into Tying Up Fucking Me [FullHD 1080p]

Dixies warned by the local cop that theres been a string of robberies in her neighborhood and that its a lady robber targeting single women. This news excites Dixie so later that night, she waits in her bedroom in lingerie with rope and tape by her side. When the lady robber breaks in and makes her way to the bedroom, Dixie pretends to be scared but leads her on to get her to do exactly what she wants...tie her up, gag her with panties and fuck her.
Dixie Comet, Tilly McReese - Stealing Tillys Clothes To Make The Drop [FullHD 1080p]

Tilly has a meet up to drop a very important bag. Shes not going to be the delivering the bag though...Dixie will be delivering it pretending to be Tilly while Tilly is left tied up, gagged and struggling on her hotel bed.
Alison Rey, Dixie Comet, Michele James - Making Alison, Michele My Mindless Sex Slaves [FullHD 1080p]

Dixie has devious plans to turn Alison into her personal sex slave and when Michele shows up looking for her its Dixies lucky day to get a two-fer. She puts them both through a series or ordeals to wear down their will and prime them to becoming her mindless sex slaves. When she finally gets them tied up with hitachis to have endless orgasms for hours and hours they are ready to be mesmerized into her personal play toys.
Dixie Comet, Reagan Lush - Convincing The Realtor Drop The Sale [FullHD 1080p]

Dixies been sent by her boss to convince hottie realtor Reagan Lush to reverse the sale of the property shes handling. Reagan just wont give up so Dixie ties her up and tries to convince her with some bound orgasms.
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