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Dressed in just a short shirt and thong, Dido Angel can only think of coffee as she tries to wake up in the morning. Her day was already off to a good start, but it becomes even better as Lutro walks into the kitchen. Hes not interested in breakfast when he has the feast of Dido laid out before him, so he helps her onto the counter and relieves her of her shirt to sample the sweetness of her breasts and nipples.
When Lutro has moved on to peel off her underwear, Dido is all smiles as she welcomes him between her legs. His hands blaze the trail, trailing softly down until they reach the dampness between her thighs. Pressing two fingers deep, Lutro gives Dido a taste of things to come before he goes down on his knees and follows his opening act with a pussy feast that leaves Dido moaning.
Turning the tables on Lutro is second nature to Dido, who isnt about to give up her chance to suck that mouthwatering hard cock. She is masterful with her mouth as she licks up and down his shaft and sucks the head. When she cant wait another moment, she rises to her feet once again and leans over the counter, showing Lutro without words just what she needs.
Lutro cant take Dido up on her offer fast enough. His long cock slides home in her dripping sheath, filling her to the brim with each thrust. Dido grips the sink as Lutros pace increases, using it as leverage to meet him stroke for pussy pleasing stroke.
When Lutro takes his place on the counter, Dido is eager to climb aboard for a stiffie ride. The tanned blonde isnt shy about keeping her pleasure to herself as she gets ever closer to the climax shes chasing. As it breaks, her cry of passion fills the room and her hips continue to create delicious friction that keeps the party going.
The couple changes it up again, with Dido on the counter with one ankle hooked over Lutros shoulder. This new position opens Dido to a deep possession as Lutro flexes his hips. Reaching down to rub her own clit, she brings herself to the crest of another climax. Lutro cant contain himself another moment as Didos pussy pulses around him. Driving himself deep inside, he fills her with wave after wave of hot cum in a creampie that is as satisfying as it gets for both lovers. - Dido Angel - Cream And Sugar [FullHD 1080p] - Mindy, Dido Angel - Lesbian Fantasy [FullHD 1080p]

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Dido Angel is looking hot as she brings Max Dior in for a hug and a bit of a dance to music that only they can hear. Guiding Max into the bedroom, Dido is slow and sensual as she helps him out of his shirt and then peels off her dress. Its not long before Max and his roaming hands have relieved her of her bra and thong, leaving her fully exposed in the most delightful way.
Dropping to his knees before the golden goddess in front of him, Max slides his hands up Didos inner thighs and presses his lips to her soft mound. She allows him to gently push her back to the couch, where she spreads her legs to expose herself completely to his touch. Leaning forward, Max dives in with his tongue and enjoys a full-on pussy feast.
When Dido has had enough oral stimulation, she decides to indulge in some mouth play of her own. Pressing Max to the couch with a deep kiss, she works her way down his body until she arrives at his big fuck stick. Using her hands and puffy lip mouth, she strokes and sucks Max to her hearts content. Then she rises to a sitting position and straddles his hips as she slides down to take him cowgirl style.
As soon as Dido gets off rubbing her clit and riding her personal steed, she gets on her hands and knees so that Max can enjoy a ride of his own. He winds his hand in her hair as he thrusts in and out of that glistening twat, drawing her head back so the room fills with her moans. When he moves his hands down to grip Didos ass while he continues to thrust his hips, she comes undone in his arms.
Falling onto her side, Dido lifts one leg so that Max can spoon behind her and continue fucking. He swiftly brings her off again with this new angle of penetration. As her pussy pulses, Dido milks Max of his last remaining willpower. He explodes inside her, filling her with a creampie of salty love.
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