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Ok ExCoGi fans, this weeks "Mostly Straight" slut du jour is 25 year old Petra. Yes we ambushed her over on BA and you can already see her scene there, but her very first sex on camera was with our man Cam here on ExCoGi. If you like your girls well spoken and innocent looking while fulfilling all sexual demands/desires without being too slutty about it, then Petra is your type of girl. This girl is super sexual and can cum from just having her labia rubbed, rubbed, and boy did Cam rub those labia! This little whore loves to cum, well who doesnt, and you can hear her moan and breath heavy all the way through this video on her way to 8 orgasms. Petra really showed what an adventurous type she is when she confessed she had participated in a 30 person party turned Orgy!!! So it was no surprise also at all when this proud little whore confessed her conquest number at 100! 15 of them coming at this party orgy. I think all of us want an invite to one of those parties Petra! LOL. Even though Petra has participated in orgies, we surprisingly did show this sexual kitten a few new tricks and positions. Listen to her beg for Cams ginger cock as he brings this weeks whore to orgasm after orgasm! She even proclaims her favorite new position as reverse cowgirl while Cam rams her silly. Of course we made her lick ass for the very first time like a dirty little slut she is, and after Cam blew his load all over her pretty face she asked if she rub another 2 out while the cum was still dripping off her face, Go-Girl-Go! I even think you can see the girls cum dripping out of this beautifully exploited girls pussy as she manages to squeeze out Os 7 and 8. God Bless America! So whip your dicks out or put those fingers between those lips ladies and cum along with Petra all you horny ExCoGi fans because this slut came in almost every position. Hope you enjoy her and cum as much as she did! Steve - Raya - Exploited College Girls Raya [HD 720p]

I will start you off this week with a little sex humor... What do fat chicks and mopeds have in common? Their both fun to ride until your friends see you on one LOL! Now Im sure Cam doesnt mind being seen riding and ramming it home with Raya though, and from the moment this bubbly 18 year old showed her smiley faced we knew this girl was going to be fun. Oh and what a fun whore she turned out to be. If you like your tail a little thicker with absolutely GINORMOUS whopping tatas, with a little bit of "daddy issues" sprinkled in for fun, Raya is the slut in training for you. This energetic cum sponge seemed actually proud of the fact she had fucked so many guys already and "ball parked" the number at 60 or 70! To fuck that many guys by the tender age of 18, I hate to tell you dear, is not something to brag about or put on your resume. You know this girl had to have started spreading those legs early to reach those numbers this young. Any guesses at what age she started?... Anyone?... Bueller?... Bueller?... Well if you guessed 13 when she took her first dick you win a cigar! Raya even started earlier than that when she sucked her first cock in the front row of a movie theater at age 11!!! Were not in Kansas anymore Toto! She wasnt done surprising us either when she told us how she rubbed her tight pussy and "made a few videos" on the plane ride over here! Pay attention ExCoGi fans, naughty exhibitionist Raya might just be on your next flight пЃЉ and just might brighten up your next long or boring red eye by putting on a show for you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... and after we got to know just what a total fucking slut this girl was we wasted no time shoving sex toys and everything we could find laying around up this girls fuck holes. We think she even found a few new BFFs with batteries that day. She loved the jackrabbit, along with getting DPd with a butt plug for the first time ever as we brought this whore along on her sexual journey to a total of 4 orgasms! Raya is just one of those girls who is up for anything and would let you do just about anything you want to her, AND WE DID! Raya is also a pleaser, oh yes she is, and she continues on her pleaser ways while sucking Cams cock saying "yes sir" to everything she is told to do. Did Cam makes her lick his ass? You betcha! This good little whore does everything we tell her to do as Cam probes her fuck holes in every position possible. Of course she loves every second of it even admitting that being called a dirty whore makes her pussy wet. You have to listen to this girls screams of ecstasy as we bringing her first sex on camera to a whole new fucking elevated level. Watch how hard she cums on Cams cock in reverse cowgirl. This is actually the first time a guy has ever made her cum and oh what an O it was. I dont think I have ever seen that much girl cum lathered on a cock before! God I love young misguided girls who have daddy issues! And yes... we made her keep that butt plug up her ass the whole fucking time Cam was plowing her. We hope we fulfilled your expectations as we exploited you Raya? I know you really got messy and we definitely ran out of wipes! We do aim to please here at ExCoGi. Enjoy! Steve - Valarie - Exploited College Girls Valarie [HD 720p]

Here is Valaries anal scene. Enjoy, Steve - Audrey - Exploited College Girls Audrey [HD 720p]

Unlike so many of our fresh-faced newbies, Audrey Hempburne didnt need any priming for todays shoot. Strait for the word go Ms. Hempburne, who loves the Hemp smoke BTW, is a self-proclaimed slutty whore who loves girls, large cocks, 3somes, and cant get enough rough sex. She is so outgoing and comfortable with herself and her sexuality that all of her high school friends told her she would be doing porn, and they were right! Im sure she was voted in the school year book "Most likely to suck dick on camera"; and after filling out the schools guidance counselors questionnaire of what profession your best suited for, it computed... "Porn Star". Youre well on your way girl. So is Audrey a size whore you ask? Of course she is, as she reached strait for the gigantic clear glass Christmas tree dong she picked out early at the sex shop. She doesnt know it yet but shes in for a treat cuz Jake is almost the size of that glass magic wand. But she doesnt find out how big Jake is until after we bring out the Hitachi first and show her how to really have multiple orgasms. Im telling you people once this girl starts cumin she doesnt stop having the most Os in one scene I have ever seen. "Hmm, orgasmic she is this one", would say Yoda. And a good cocksucker; cock garage for Jakes third leg you ask? You betcha! She loves to be dominated so much and told what to do we dont leave any holes unfilled as Jake takes a second turn throat fucking or resident whores mouth as a Hitachi stimulates that clit and torpedo vibrator fills her holes. And once the fucking starts the Os dont! Jake twirls our little pot smoker around on his pole in all the right positions bringing her to O after O after O. "Ill have what shes having", says every fucking girl watching this video. Yes she loves rough sex, being used like a little fuck doll and dominated into submission, what girl doesnt right? Well, Jake filled all those wishes and received the stamp of approval and compliment, "Youre the best sex I have ever had, seriously" after he got doing things to this little filly that you wouldnt do to a farm animal. I bet when Jake was done she thought, " just needed to be held". Well you got the bonus package dear! This scene is hot as fuck and I enjoyed producing it. So just go watch it and beat your meat or plug those holes ladies. Hope you enjoy! Steve - Clove - Exploited College Girls Clove [HD 720p]

Whore Alert! So, whats your fantasy Clove? "Yikes!" she replies, "Thats like a 20 person gangbang where Im tied up and cant do anything by the end of it... and Im covered in cum". Yea. Id say thats one definition of being a whore. Another might be the fact that she usually has a different guy, or girl, lined up and knows in advance who shes fucking the days of the coming week. Giggity. Giggity. Thats a "Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,, Monday people"! Oh yea, youre definitely a whore Clove, Giggity. "Are you going to do everything I tell you today", Jake demands of her as he keeps that Hitachi on her clit for what seems an eternity! "Yes EVERYTHING!... Everything!", she replied as the Hitachi on her clit brings her to a 3rd O already. Do you understand the implications of that statement dear? I think she does. And there hasnt even been a cock yet introduced people. In fact our little Clove is a freak in the sheets if you cant tell, and thinks all the kinky shit like rope bondage, gangbangs, rough sex, throat fucking, gagging, anal probing, erotic asphyxiation, etc, etc, etc on the internet is vanilla to this 50" future starlet. So lets rewind a bit to when this all got started, and Jake surprises our little guest in the shower to get a quick BJ after checking out the merchandise. This girl has sucked a few cocks before you can tell. Then to the bed were this little race car needed no priming, confessing she had already jilled-off 2 times already that day. One of them was on the plane ride here. Im telling you people, you need to keep your eyes open for young girls by themselves on Southwest Airlines heading to Phoenix. You just might catch a peak of a girl rubbing her pussy sitting next to you. Yes shes a live one and after the interview ceased the rough shit shifts into gear. Theres lots of throat fucking, clit stimulation torture with the Hitachi, gagging, you know foreplay. Then Jake fucked this newbie well. I mean real well. She was so loud that I had to check the hotel door a few times to make sure the noises coming from outside our door were not the hotel security checking on a complaint. We here at ExCoGi dont try to make things more than they are. In fact realism and actual events are what we thrive on and try to capture on film. So I wont tell you Jake gave this girl the best ride she had ever had. Trust me it was a fucking fantastic test drive and she enjoyed everything "fucked-up minute" of the shit we did to this girl. But when Clove says, "I have no limits". She means it. There was nothing we did to this girl that was a first, except filming it and letting our fans watch her first fuck on camera. It was extreme by ExCoGi standards, but we roll with the punches and try to cater the shoots around every girl that walks through our doors. Every one of our models we shoot are unique and beautiful in their own special way and Clove, aka Jenna Clove now, will surely be a wanted and in demand piece of whore meet strapped and hanging on any dominatrixs wall for their torturing pleasure. That I can guarantee you! So sit back, hit play and enjoy this one. It was quite the experience to shoot it, so lets all watch it! Steve - Jayme - Exploited College Girls Jayme [HD 720p]

Hello ExCoGi Fans here is the first bonus update that I hope you like with 18 yr old exploitee Jayme. Now redheaded firecracker Jayme was nervous for her first ever sex on camera and confessed, "Yea, I cant wait to just get everything started". Dont you just love that unsure, nervousness of first timers? So why is Jayme here? Money hungry and horny. God I love this shit. Give us a young misguided teen and we will provide her back to our fans naked and exploited. You can also sense Jaymes awkwardness at first must be the nerves talking here, but JJay eases her into it and wastes no time getting her cloths off to reveal that young body that has not been touched or fucked in weeks. Yes Jayme likes to masturbate 4 or 5 times a week, hell who doesnt? But why do you ask would a girl like Jayme not get dick whenever she wants? Well... Jayme has a boyfriend, but not a very serious one whos not around much obviously. Why you ask? Well let me explain you, 1st) She somehow informs her "boyfriend" that she has already moved "down here" to SoCal, saying this with a casual shrug of her shoulders, 2nd) She then tells "him" that she is planning to try porn... with out him. Said again with more casual shrugging... and 3rd) Wait... wait... wait, this is the best part (drum roll please!) he responds, "hey good for you, go make your money". I hope all my relationships are this strong if I ever decide to commit to one person. But their love or bond must be so strong you plead Steve. Yea yea yea, Im just so sure she is thinking about "him" the whole time JJay is rubbing and fingering her tight pink pussy. "This feels just like his fingers". Or shes probably thinking of "his" cock in her mouth, as our stud is throat fucking her. No No No... I bet she is thinking of how similar JJays ass tastes to "his". Just hearing Jayme talk brings me hope for the younger generation. Who says family values are on the decline. Well its not all doom and gloom I suppose for our young lovers. I always try to look at the brighter side of things. We all hope "he" at least gets to spend a little bit of the fuck money. But once the love story narratives end of how our little Jayme lost her virginity at 14 to some random she kinda knew, sorta, maybe at a school dance, we really get to see what an orgasmic girl she really is. This fire bush has multiple Os right from the get go, assisted from the skilled hands of JJay and the Hitachi of course. Yes girls, it too can be your best friend. But what becomes JJays new best friend is Jaymes mouth as she puts those cock sucking skills to work. Earn that money girl, and earn she does. She doesnt stop sucking JJays cock for a second as he forces her head down on his thick cock making her gag slightly. You can definitely tell Jayme is a pleaser and does exactly what she is told when JJay wants his ass licked, eagerly getting on her knees to put that tongue of hers to work earning those Benjamins. Thats a good little slut, and Jayme really gets her sex on when JJay fucks that little slit of hers. Once a stiff cock goes up her pussy those nervous jitters just seem to disappear and the whore thats in every young girl shines through. And shine Jayme does, "I love it" she says, referring to JJays hard cock as he plows our little slut to more Os in missionary. Again saying, "I love it", as her eyes roll back in her head when told, "look at you taking your first cock on camera". Boy was Jayme nervous when she first walked in but once a cock was put in front of her face and up her tight box you can see the inner slut come through with every orgasm. And squirt does she? Oh yes she does. Before going for the JJay All-You-Can-Eat ass buffet a second time before unloading all over her face and down her throat. Do you kiss your boyfriend with that tongue Jayme? Just wondering? I just love the unexpected gagging on cum she does after JJay shoots his massive load down her throat. So hot, so hot! So if you have never been with a firecracker redhead before Im sure you will want to after seeing what natural sex skills Jayme delivers here for her 1st sex on camera and your enjoyment. Cheers everyone! Steve - Buffy James - Exploited College Girls Buffy James [HD 720p]

I heard a rumor that said ExCoGi only shoots thin teen girls. Well if you like your fuck toys with a little cushion for the pushing then 23yr old Buffy, the HARD-COCK slayer, is just your type. I mean 23 is technically a late teen right? Does Buffy like to be fucked? FUCK YES SHE DOES!!! She states she likes to have sex everyday and plays the field between her 5 BFs. Yes five! Go stick that in your pussy and smoke it. As we get to know Buffy one thing is clear, she giggles a lot when shes nervous, and Buffy is SUPER NERVOUS for her first sex on camera. From the moment she got in JJays car, sweaty palms and everything, Buffy let us know just how excited and nervous she was to fulfill this life long dream of shooting a porno; and just how much she loves sucking dick. "Do I need to pull over to let you show me your dick sucking skills?", asked JJAy. "YEA, pull over right here", was Buffys quick response as she pointed to the next available spot to pull over with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. Immediately she got to her favorite past-time and declared, "God this is fun", as she gobbles that cock with her ever present shit-eating grin she has plastered on her face for the entire fucking shoot. You just have to love enthusiastically happy girls that just LOVE sex, and Buffy embodies this life style with every eager breath she takes. "Oh my god, this is really happening", she says in between gags on JJays cock during roadside head. Im fully digging Buffy and her commitment to her new found career as a dirty little porn slut. Later we hear all about Buffys friends and the sexual thrills she has with them as she sips a cup of coffee on the hotel couch. Its the equivalent of the ExCoGi green room I suppose but its more good info if you like that shit. Now to the good stuff! So if you thought that the first timer jitters would be gone by now, your wrong. Its very evident that shes still extremely nervous and cant wait to just get some dick up her pussy. Well your time has come Buffy and was it everything you expected? "Oh my god this is fucking good", she whispers as a Hitachi dancers over her clit. In fact Buffy is so orgasmic that she throws the hitachi away and just cums from JJay playing with her pussy. Its the first of many Os to cum today and to say Buffy has intense orgasms would be drastically minimizing just how sexual she is. Next JJay puts that mouth to its best use and throat fucks our starlet properly and shows us all what "BALLS DEEP" really means. Rimming is the next course of this sex feast as Buffy buries her tongue up JJays asshole. Now its time for Buffys O face as she has multiple orgasms while JJay fucks her silly in missionary, doggy, side spoon, cowgirl and a little modified reverse cowgirl just because. I have to say I loved just how eager and happy Buffy was to fuck on camera for the first time. And with her 32D enhanced tits displayed proudly, she took JJays load like she hadnt eaten in days. Even asked permission if it was ok to swallow his load before she savored every last drop. AND she said "Thank You" with a smile as she sucked his cock clean. Thatll do slut, thatll do. Buffy was a fun girl and was full of all sorts of surprises today, showing everyone just how SHE CAN FUCK!!! AND FUCK SHE CAN!!! - Chanel Summers - Exploited College Girls Chanel Summers Pt 1 [HD 720p]

Everyone. This scene was just so fucking long, good that we tried to trim down the footage to a reasonable length scene and finally came to the conclusion that we need to release all, or most, of it and to do so would to be best done in 2 parts. Todays video, or PART 1, is of the BTS, Toy play and BJ. It alone is 1:05:36 in length. The remaining 0:40:04 minutes of the scene is of the incredible fucking between Chanel and Jake Adams and will be posted 2 days later on Saturday Aug 31, 2019. Going forward, when scenes are so long and good that it warrants 2 parts, we will release PART 1 on the Tuesday prior to the Thursdays update and PART 2 on the regular Thursday. Chanels video could just not be completed in time and we apologize for the mishap in release dates. That being said, I really hope you enjoy PART 1. I know you will enjoy PART 2 on Saturday. Steve - Nicole love - L O V E 4 BBC [FullHD 1080p]

Petite and candid Czech model Nicole love is so shy that but once she unleashes the beast inside her, a totally different person appears. In this scenario, Nicole is paired up with veteran performer Franco Roccaforte, a BBC much older than her and who wants to initiate and introduce her to what IR is all about. Teasing Franco for a while in front of sunny windows makes his blood pressure go up and finally can’t resist to jump in and take over Nicole Love’ teeny body. Heavy deepthroating, pussy licking, balls deep pounding, Franco Roccaforte opens up Nicole and her XXXtra fat labia turning this BBC in a crazy sexual mood. - Lily Glee - Exploited College Girls Lily Glee [HD 720p]

Todays exploit is 21-year-old Lily Glee. When you see Lily Taking Jakes cock up her ass thats not special effects. She really took his cock up her ass!!! Go now and watch her first sex, and anal pounding, on camera and just try not to blow your load. We dare you. Steve. - Mabel May - Exploited College Girls Mabel May [HD 720p]

OH BOY, AMBER ALERT!!! If you like your girls YOUNG looking, todays exploitee is super young looking Mabel May. She may look young but she is 18. Yea we looked extra hard and careful at her ID to make sure. But dont let this young and innocent look fool you. Mabel (She got her name from a fucking cartoon) May revealed to Jake that she has had 3somes, sex with girls, and has had a sugar daddy all by the "Tinder" age of 18!!! Yes our little sex kitten doesnt get enough sex she says and only has sex 1 or 2 times a month!!! WTF!!! Doesnt she know she could be getting dick or pussy every night, or morning, with those looks and body? I know. I know. All you sugar daddies are looking her up as you stroke it I bet. Well as Jake continues to probe our little solo Cam girl for more about herself we find out all sorts of fun fact. Heres one: Mabel gets ALL of her sex from Tinder. "How else do you hook up with people?", our little swipe right hottie says with a giggle. Well not in a bar for you honey. Unfortunately, a young little thing like your self tends to attract the type of guy that hangs around a high school waiting for the school bell to ring LOL. Another fun fact is little Mabel likes to be called, or have nasty "sweet nothings" whispered in her ear like, slut and whore, during sex. Just make sure its PASSIONATELY whispered. We think this is called being degraded dear. "Yea, thats what I call it"; "I want to be passionately degraded", she says coyly with a smile as her fingers swipe her hair behind her ears. Oh did I mention this little fuck toy has braces!!! How much more awesomely innocent can this girl be? And she likes being degraded!!! My cock is soooooooooo hard right now. This is the type of girl who will let you do anything to her, doesnt know how to say the word NO and will let you live out your perverted fantasies on her. A fuck doll basically. "Do you consider yourself a slut?", Jake asks. "Yea, but in a good way", she answers with a smile. Oh Jake. I hope you show this little slut what a "REAL" fucking is since she has only had loser tinder hookups. Trust me he does. And this epic shoot ends with Mabel losing one thing she didnt think shed lose today, HER SPEWGINITY! Wait till you see it. This girl can deep throat a babys arm and she needs to be CLONED god damn it. We dont think Mabel had any clue what to expect at today at her first sex on camera, but she said she liked it. So there you go. Id say she walked in SHY, and then walked out SORE. We love you Mabel!!! Enjoy Steve - Charlotte Sins, Cleo Clementine - Charlotte Sins and Cleo Clementine Will Suck And Fuck To Keep Their Jobs [2K UHD 2160p]

Charlotte Sins and Cleo Clementine have been dropping the ball at the office and the boss is sick of it. Hes gonna have to let them go. But being the super hot and slutty girls they are, they have a trick up their business skirts that no man can resist. - Tanya - Exploited College Girls Tanya [HD 720p]

After listening to this weeks exploitee Tanyas interview I can just hear the requests now: "Get Tanya back for a 3some with another girl", "She needs to be DPd". Yes this extremely hot newbie is oh so down to licking a girls pussy for the first time and getting DPd also that we were way ahead of you all. I begged this girl to stay a few days more so we could set them up but it was all for not. Well you know how things are; or maybe you dont. Tanyas a very responsible working girl that manages a restaurant at the age of 18 and could not stay longer than the weekend she already had allotted for. Trust me, she was fully down and committed to coming back in a week or so to live out those fantasies and I was busy planning the debauchery. Only Tanya knows why she went MIA on us but thank God she did 2 scenes with us. As I say, DONT BE SAD ITS OVER, BE GLAD IT HAPPENED. So as the story goes, our good buddies over at BackRoomCastingCouch told us of this incredibly hot girl and were kind enough to hook us up, and what a hookup it was. If you havent seen her first sex on camera over there you are missing out. Tanya is definitely a unicorn. Super hot, fucking incredible body, adorable personality, tried anal for the first time 1 week ago and LOVES it, wants to lick another girls pussy and is basically up for anything sexual you will throw at her. What more could you want in a girl? She swallows also and from what I can tell is the type of girl that will satisfy all sexual demands without being to slutty about it. Just watch as Tanyas pussy lips vibrate as she plays with toys for the VERY FIRST TIME ever bringing her to the first of many Os of the day. Id say Tanya like toys after today for sure. As a great man at ESPN once said, "We have only just begun" and begin the JJay does by standing in front of our newbie as she ripped off his towel to devoured his cock with her hungry mouth. Oh yea she can suck a good cock proclaims JJay as I put the Hitachi on her pussy. The way she squirms as I stimulate her clit and JJay clears her throat with his cock is a site to behold. Next, its time to reciprocate the favor and JJay tastes just how sweet Tanyas pussy is and he introduces her to having her ass eaten. Does she love it? Yes she does and JJay then introduces her ass to butt plugs, which she loves even more. How much does she love butt plugs you ask? Tanya loves them so much she has another O as she completes her masturbation session with one up that tight ass. Up next throat fucking then a little ass rimming for the first time by our naughty naughty naughty girl. Fuck this girl is down for anything, and I do mean aaannything! "Whats next Steve?", You ask. Let me tell you! Tanya is then DPd with JJays cock up her pussy and a large butt plug up that sphincter that she loves. With those perfect nipples oh so erect she hollows "Oh FUCK it hurts a little bit, but it feels good". We dont need much, just lay back and take it up all your holes dear. The rest of the scene Tanya takes JJays cock up her that sweet ass but she does get a little sore so he takes turns fucking that sweet pussy for some of the positions. I have to say what a fucking awesomely great girl Tanya is for taking a pounding in all her holes like she did. You know JJay just loved that tight pussy so much he just couldnt help but blow his load up that beautiful slit. Of course I told our little slut to lick it all up and swallow every last drop of his love jizz. Does she like cum? NOPE, but she did it obediently like the big dirty whore she proclaimed she was. Yes we dont think we will be seeing anymore of Tanya but we can all wish and hope right. It is getting close to the holidays so write Santa and maybe our wishes will come true. Enjoy, Steve
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