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Theyre German...theyre "television producers"...and theyre creeps. Thats pretty much all Daizy Cooper knows about the two dudes she just met, but that isnt stopping her. Like most actors and songwriters, Daizy is desperate for fame. Shes performed in audition after audition, and all she wants is to show the world her talent. The Germans? Well, they may (or may not) produce a hit show for German T.V., but one things for sure -- theyre horny and theyve going to give Daizy a shot. Two shots actually -- both of their hot jizz right down her throat. They also gave her a couple dicks in her wet, eager mouth, then in her sweet, sweet pussy...and finally, in her oh-so-tight asshole! It was so tight, Daizy wasnt sure she could take it! But you know what? The butt sex also gave Miss Cooper a couple of authentic orgasms! But did Daizy get the gig? the world of entertainment, "Dont call us, well call you", isnt so encouraging - Daizy Cooper - We Fuck Black Girls [FullHD 1080p]

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Daizy Cooper is a prissy black valley girl who does whatever the fuck she wants! Her parents pay good money for an olympic champion to give her swimming lessons, but all she does is paint her toenails the whole damn time. Her instructor was getting pissed. It was time for Daizy to get wet, and of course she misinterpreted that as well. Right after coach said that she flashed her clean ebony pussy to him and he was beyond shocked! Coach figured they would have to make good use of their time somehow, so he decided to flash his cock right back at Daizy! Her eyes widened and she was finally interested in something! She put her mouth on it and began to suck. They began to rough fuck each other poolside, and coach was really enjoying penetrating his first ever dark skinned girl. The sex was so good that it did make Daizy end up swimming! Swimming in a face full of cum that is
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Millennials Noemie Bilas and Daizy Cooper are "besties". "BFFs." They do everything together. Whether its going to school or going shopping or heading to parties or having sex...theyre doing it together! Today they decided to do something out of the norm. "Oh my god! Is that a dirty book store?" Daizy squealed, as they were walking by the place. Soon theyre browsing and giggling at all the "crazy DVDs" and their silly titles. It doesnt take long for the clerk to ask what theyre looking for. "Whats a gloryhole?" Noemie asks, holding up one of the DVDs. You know what happens next: our friendly clerk leads them to booth #7 -- where it all goes down -- and in less time than both girls can eat each others assholes, theres a thick, white cock protruding through one of the holes. Both squeal and giggle in delight as they suck away. "Im wanna fuck it!" Daizy exclaims. Noemie one-ups her: "I want it in my ass!" After Daizy cleans the cock after Noemie pulls it out of her ass, both girls finish all over their cute, ebony faces. With a strangers load dripping off their faces, its time to go shopping!
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Noemie Bilas and Daisy Cooper turned in phenomenal performances over at We Fuck Black Girls, so it was a no-brainer to introduce them to "the hole". We spoke to Daisy while Noemie was in hair and make-up. Has Daizys family discovered her porn career? And whats going to happen to Daizy once she wraps up her porn career? What does Ms. Cooper think of having sex in an adult bookstore? Has she ever done it in public? Next we find Noemie Bilas in the bathroom prepping her tight, tight asshole. What tricks of the trade does she employ to prep for a good butt fucking? We get a twerking session from Ms. Bilas while she talks about her genuine love of white guys. And when did she start taking it in the booty hole? We wrap with Noemie and Daizy going through their wardrobe after their trip to the sleazy adult bookstore. What did they think of sharing a random white guys cock together? Both Daizy and Noemie give personal public sex stories right before they make out. And more twerking? You know that was coming!!
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