CzechStreets/CzechAV - Amateurs - Czech Streets 112, Pregnant lady in distress [HD 720p]

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Hello folks, we are back with yet another amazing video. The first CzechStreets filmed abroad!!! Me and my friends went for a holiday to USA and in the streets on Miami met a wonderful 19 years old student. Just imagine she was Czech! Her name was Lucie and she came with her boyfriend and group of friends. I invited her to see the most beautiful sea view and then proposed to her. She wasnt cheap, but when she saw 1,000 USD she got all wet. I fucked her from behind and I fucked her hard. In the end she turned out to be one horny slut and she didnt care one bit her boyfriend was waiting for her. I slapped her a few times and jizzed on her face. What did she do? She gave me her number!! So we could hook up in Prague!!! Would you believe that? Thats so cool!!! Check her out!
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