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Welcome in the Love shop! The real Czech street hookers are back! Czech whores have only one man to rule them, and thats Mirek, the lone hunter. Todays expedition should be called a crusade. Mirek went out feeling the terrible urge to fuck and punish a nice whore. On a parking place, next to the burger church, he met a young, good-looking mannequin. His cock was hard just from looking at her. Lovely tits with no bra, what a clever girl. But she didnt want to fuck without the rubber!!! An unexpected complication. Fucking such a lovely whore with rubber, that would be a sin! But it seems that money can solve every problem you could encounter and she at least agreed to some rough stuff. Pulling her hair, rim job and some heavy slaps. Ill show you whos the master here!!! Then, in an unguarded moment, the rubber disappeared under the seat! My money, my rules! And as a memory, heres my cum deep in your pussy! Thats how you tame a young whore! Take a look and learn!! : mp4
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Heres another dose of the perverted reality with Czech whores! This episode is even more extreme that what you are used to! If you have weak heart (or stomach) you shouldnt watch this episode. Mirek was in mood for some kinky fuck. He took his car, spent some time searching for a right target and he found one! A hot gypsy with horny look. All inclusive pussy. Shes expensive, but she can do anything you ask her for. She agreed with no rubber policy, but it was for double price. Shes ready for anything, she doesnt even wear panties. What a whore! The whore hunter gave her a few slaps, choked her and she liked all of that! Cool! But thats still not all. This hot hooker let Mirek piss in her mouth and deep inside her pussy! Thats more than unbelievable! I guarantee you have never seen anything like this! This can happen only in parking place filled with Czech whores! Take a look or you wont believe!!! : MP4
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