ClubDom - Eden Adams - Femdom [SD 480p]

Clubdom - Jean Bardot - Jeans Stretched Slut Part 4 [FullHD 1080p]

Jean Bardot is on a mission to train her slut and stretch her out. She WILL make sure her holes are stretched. The sissy has been in the dungeon cage. Jean comes in with her strap-on on and sits on top of the cage, stroking her cock and telling the sissy what is in store for her. You HAVE to hear what Jean says to the sissy! Jean then allows the sissy to come out of the cage and suck her cock. She also shoves it right down the sissys pussy.
Clubdom - Sasha Foxx - Sasha Foxx and Reagan Dom POV [FullHD 1080p]

Clubdom - Jean Bardot - Sissy Training Part 3: Stretching For Sluts [HD 720p]

Jean Bardot is on a mission to turn her sissy into a total whore for her. She is continuing his training with even larger cocks for the bitch to take. Jean knows its just as important to work the mouth as it is for her to work the male pussy hole. She relentlessly fucks him, training him to take it, showing him that she means business when it comes to slut-training him
Clubdom - Jean Bardot - Sissy Training Part 2: Take Cock! [FullHD 1080p]

Clubdom - Evelin Stone, Tucker Stevens - Milking The Sex Slave [FullHD 1080p]

Mistress Evelin Stone and Goddess Tucker Stevens decide on milking day that they are going to milk their sex slave. Maybe if he drains his filth out of his slut sack, he will be more even tempered and well behaved around here, not to mention, will be less likely to cum when he isnt supposed to. If he is going to be kept alive around here, he must spill his filth no matter how humiliating it is to do so, strung up and at the hands of two controlling young women. Of course they make him eat his filth, because cumming comes at a price.
Clubdom - Vanessa Cage - Painful Milking Day for Slave 0227 [FullHD 1080p]

Goddess Vanessa Cage tells her slave that today is the day he gets drained. Surely, that would be delightful for most men to hear, but not slaves at Club Dom as they are put through torment in order to do so. Goddess Vanessa is in a sadistic mood and she has her slaves balls tied up so tight as she milks his cock dry. His balls are almost purple as she milks him and it makes her happy to see him in pain
Clubdom - Vanessa Cage - Vanessas Slut [FullHD 1080p]

Have u ever wanted 2 be Goddess Vanessas slut? Well now is your chance! Goddess Vanessa wants u to open wide as she shoves her big juicy cock into your holes. Vanessa is going 2 fuck your holes good & deep, you NEED to take what she is giving you in order 2 be a good slut 4 her. Oh yes, take her juicy cock! When she tells you, cum for your Goddess
Clubdom - Goddess Valora,Nadia White - A Difficult Spill [FullHD 1080p]

Domina Valora n Dominatrix Nadia have their slave bound to the table. Since it is milking time, the women decide to make it
difficult and terrible for the slave, by fucking his cockhole with a sounding rod. They fuck his pathetic cock hole while they
stroke his cock. He is finally able to cum, despite how much discomfort he is in.
Clubdom - Domina Valora, Miss Nadia White - Whip The Sissy [FullHD 1080p]

Domina Valora and Miss Nadia White are going to turn this sissy inside-out with their big cocks. One thing the want to do first is
punish him with a nice whipping. The sissy must take what these verbally cruel women dish out or else! The women love whipping
him. They finish the job with a paddling, each girl swiftly and firmly slapping his ass as he groans. They love it!

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Clubdom - Goddess Vanessa - Busted by Goddess Vanessa [FullHD 1080p]

ClubDom Goddess Vanessa CBT ball abuse ballbusting cbt humiliation female supremacy kicking balls kicked cock crush balls crush ball stomping cock and ball crush ballkicking torture pain
Clubdom - Rilynn Rae, Roxii Blair - Runaway Slave (Brutal Caning) [HD 720p]

Mistress Rilynn Rae and Goddess Roxii Blair are trying to decide what slave to beat today as they relax on the ClubDom Estate, but soon after one of their slaves start to yell out that slave 227 is trying to escape. Goddess Roxii and Mistress Rilynn call for their chariot and chase after the slave. Once they capture him, then they drag him back to the dungeon. He is then taught a lesson about servitude. The Goddesses begin to brutally cane his ass till it is as red as an apple. He begins to cry out, but they laugh and say " If you want to cry out so bad, then cry out each cane stroke we give you slut
Clubdom - Jean Bardot - Sissy Training Part 1: Dress and Suck! [FullHD 1080p]

Jean Bardot feels that if this submissive is going to be a real sissy slut, then he needs to become a she and look the part. Jean brings in a rack of female clothes and chooses a very slutty outfit for the sissy slut to wear. Jean also puts a wig n make-up on her slut. Jean wants her sissy to learn how to be a good slut by sucking cock for her and she decides to instruct her sissy on just how it is done. She makes her sissy wrap her slutty lips around the large, throbbing cock n deep-throat it.
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