DigitalPlayground - Allesandra Snow - Break In Banging [FullHD 1080p]

When lovers Allesandra Snow and Jessy Jones get a little down on their luck, they decide to rob from the rich and give to themselves! Breaking into a luxurious mansion, the couple dont find much of value in the kitchen, so they make their way up to the bedroom in search of riches.
AmateurAllure - Danni Rivers - Teen POV Blowjob, Fucks and Swallows a Mouthful of Cum [FullHD 1080p]

Welcome the adorable Danni Rivers! This 18 year old from Las Vegas, Nevada stands barely 5-3" tall. Danni is a little nervous but excited to be here since she liked what she saw on our website. Ray doesnt waste any time getting Danni on her knees. She takes Rays cock out and begins to work her magic licking and sucking. Danni makes her way down his shaft getting her throat ready for some deep throat action. Next Ray lays her back so he can slide his throbbing cock in her tight pussy. Dannis pussy swallows Rays cock as he goes balls deep with every thrust. Danni then flips over so Ray can grab her ass as he he gives her a pounding from behind. A little more oral action and Rays ready to shoot a hot load on Dannis tongue which she swallows down with a smile! - ADRIANA - SEX SCANDAL SABOTAGE [FullHD 1080p]

Hey, bet youre wondering why one of your students is setting at you deck in your office well it because Im in charge now. Im in charge of your life I have enough dirt on you to ruin your job here at the university, your marriage, your reputation in this small collage town, I can destroy you. I know you have a thing for me and your sexual advances have all been documented very clearly. So pay close attention to what Im going to tell you it may save your pathetic life. - Melissa Grand - Getting her ass slammed hard [SD 400p] - MISTRESS FETISH LIZA - MY SUMMER ASHTRAY SLUT [HD 720p]

Its hot and it will get even hotter for my ashtray slave. You kneel before me as I sensually smoke my cigarette and drop my ashes in your mouth. You crave to be my human ashtray and will eat every drop of ash...even the ones from the floor. - Mistress Kawaii - THE WRATH OF KAWAIIS ASS [FullHD 1080p]

Mistress Kawaii is in a bad mood. Shes tired and irritated after a long day of traveling and she needs to blow off steam. Thats where this lucky facesitting slave comes in! Few things bring Mistress Kawaii as much joy as feeling her slave struggling for breath beneath her massive ass! After a long day of traveling her ass is nice and ripe, which only makes it more fun for Kawaii! The slave knows theres nothing he can do but accept his fate, but eventually the need for air always causes him to squirm around in a desperate attempt to find some air. Of course, Kawaiis bit butt makes that impossible! "Destroying your face always makes me so happy!" Within a minute Mistress Kawaii is already feeling better, giggling as she bounces and flattens her slaves face. "Wow, your face is getting like, really really red!" That only encourages Mistress Kawaii to jump back onto her slaves battered face again. When Kawaii turns to sit sideways she laughs as she feels the slaves nose being completely crushed beneath one of her cheeks. She wonders if its close to breaking, but doesnt let up for a second! She throws in some full weight forward and side saddle face sitting, but her true love is reverse facesitting! She loves to feel her big, juicy booty swallow up the slaves face and lets be honest, it looks fantastic on camera too! If you love big butts and facesitting this is definitely a clip youll want to buy (along with all of Mistress Kawaiis other facesitting clips, theyre all pretty incredible)! - CARMELLA - DINNER FOR PIG SLAVE [FullHD 1080p]

"Please film a sequel of your great clip "Slaves Dont Eat" Including feeding the slave from the toilet, face slapping, mouth/face spitting, boot licking, and a lot of verbal humiliation. At the end of the clip, the Mistress pours gross food straight from the can into the mouth of the slave and closes it with duct tape and then locks the slave away in its cage." - ADRIANNA - ENTERTAIN ADRIANNA FOOTBOY [FullHD 1080p]

This was a real-life slave-member of Our site that wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips when he came to Vegas. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops (and PAY us for the privilege, obviously!) Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas. This is the part of his session where Adrianna is just bored, so she uses him as her personal footstool and verbally degrades him. Want this to be you, loser? Then do what this slave did and join our site, send us your deposit and picture ID, and then book your trip to Vegas. We will let you know the totaly cost when we hear how lame you are. LOL. - CARMELLA - JAIL ALL MEN! [FullHD 1080p]

By 2020 all men have been jailed by women because their sex drives are just too gross to function in civilized society. In fact, the new trend is to have a private jail cell in every womans home to keep the men locked up and under the complete control of women. (Plus, this saves on having to build new prisons! And the home remodel is totally government-funded!) Princess Carmela is no exception, in fact she LOVES the idea of keeping men locked up in her own basement jail cell, and even keeps her male prisoners cocks locked in a chastity tube while they rot away in her cage so they cant even jerk off to the thought of her! That way they cant spend all day masturbating in their cage..and eventually they get SO horny and desperate just to see her that they begin to LIVE for her brief, infrequent visits- and they will do ANYTHING she says to keep her there for as long as possbile. Carmella makes her occasional visits to see how her men are doing locked up in body and spirit. Her favorite thing to do is tease men with her feet only getting so close to the jails door as to let them smell her feet and Hope to worship them in some way. And the best part? The male she was given to keep in her cell right now isnt even a "foot guy" or submissive in ANY way! In fact, he was the complete opposite! He was a high-powered banker who was use to getting his way, sexually abusing women, grabbing their tits and ass whenever he felt like it...but that has all changed now. Now he has been reduced to a horny, groveling foot licker for Princess Carmela. She has broken him. And reduced him to the point that he is SO horny and desperate for ANY female interaction that he licks the dirt and foot sweat off the bottom of Princess Carmelas feet through his prison bars- and actually has come to LIKE it...because he knows it is all he will ever get. So it is feet- or nothing. And he will never touch ANY woman in any other way again. So he now has been completely mentally broken, and molded into a pathetic foot-licking bitch for Princess Carmela! - Helix - "MEAN GIRL" BY HELIX [FullHD 1080p]

Hard metal, no struggles even allowed because of the cruel cuff angles, Helix with a vicious chastity tease and denial scene, and we mean vicious. Something about the raven haired version of Helix that brings out the stern brat like nothing else. - CARMELLA - LOSER PROFILING [FullHD 1080p]

Today Im going to give you a personality test to see just what kind of person you really are. I will then add up your score and give you some advice on how to live your life based on how you did on the test. So lets get started... - DOMINA LIZA - DIRTY DRIPPING ASHTRAY SLUT [HD 720p]

Nothing but a spit and ashes bucket! His body is worthless to us, he is reduced to being an object, an ashtray to be filled with our divine juices and the dirtiest of ashes. On the floor, so he can look up at us, Goddesses and be gratefull for every drop of spit that he gets. His lips and tongue blackened by our cigarette ashes, his face no longer a face but merely a hole to use whilst we enjoy our smoking. Yet he drips precum with excitement...because he knows his position in life: underneath and at service of his superiors. - NINA BLACK - FACESITTING [HD 720p]

Watch sadist and masochist Mistress Nina Black straightening a disobedient slave whos unable to clean up a mess and he gets a session of hard spankings like this every day until Mistress Nina thinks he has learned his lessons. Then he must eat juices from her rosebuds as the ultimate act of servitude; he will eat her juices all day if possible for he has to master the art of cunnilingus, or he receives harder spankings for being a bad student.
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