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Bend over and present your tight hole to Mistress Mommy for a night of total anal destruction...Your ass belongs to Goddess Brittany now!! HDRip
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Mistress M0mmy only keeps slaves who were born to become a true anal loving slut! She only allows her gimps to cum by prostate milking to reinforce how much of an anal whore they really are. Every time her boys are rewarded with an anal milking their minds and body dive deeper and deeper in a state of slut-hole bliss. - Brittany Andrews - M0mmys Chastity Program [FullHD 1080p]

If you are going to belong to Mistress M0mmy you must understand chastity is a requirement for servitude. She takes chastity very seriously and makes sure her kept boys understand it is no laughing matter. On day 1 of servitude Mistress M0mmy starts her boys on an intense lock-down chastity program that is not for the weak. The 1st 6-months of her strict chastity program entails being locked in an extremely sadistic cage to make any cock squeal in terror. Slaves that survive those 6 months of cruelty will be collared and upgraded to be Goddess Brittanys personal boy-toy. HDRip
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Mistress Mommy Brittany Andrews has a solution for her boy jerking too much, the spiked chastity cage. He needs to learn to control himself around women and the razor sharp spikes will force him to keep his cock soft in the presence of Mistress Mommy. She makes sure the cage is completely effective by rubbing her pussy against it and licking the cage. He is so aroused but scared of the brutal cage on his cock.
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