BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Alex Blake - Spoiled Brat Disciplined [SD 540p]

BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Tiffany Watson - Good Girl [SD 540p]

BadTeensPunished - Tiffany Watson - Good Girl [FullHD 1080p]

BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Emma Hix - Tied Up And Fucked [SD 540p]

BadTeensPunished - Emma Hix - Tied Up And Fucked [FullHD 1080p]

NubilesNetwork/BadTeensPunished - Emma Hix - Tied Up And Fucked [HD 720p]

Emma Hix and her boyfriend are picking out clothes to wear when Emma finds a rope in the drawer. The super coed asks her boyfriend to use the rope to tie her up so she can live out a fantasy. Theyre just about to get started enjoying themselves when Johnny Castle, Emmas stepdad, walks in on them. After kicking Emmas boyfriend out, Johnny goes back upstairs to discipline Emma. Shes still tied up and wearing just a thong when Johnny bends her over his knee and spanks her.

Emma may not be in a position of power, but she runs her mouth as Johnny keeps the spanking going. Spreading Emmas ass cheeks, Johnny finds her bald pussy nice and wet. He throws Emma onto the bed and whips his dick out for her to suck while her hands remain bound. Excited by Johnnys big cock, Emma eagerly wraps her lips around his stiffie and sucks until he unties her hands. Almost immediately when shes untied she flips onto her back and spreads her thighs so Johnny can pound that cum craving little pussy.

Getting on her hands and knees so her stepdad can drive deeper, Emma moans with delight as Johnny fucks her right. Then she climbs into his lap and slams down in a stiffie ride that gets the spinner blonde off yet again. Properly satisfied, Emma gets down on her belly to stroke and suck until Johnny fills her mouth with jizz that she laps up and spreads everywhere.
BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Pamela Morrison - All In The Family [SD 540p]

BadTeensPunished/Nubiles-porn - Pamela Morrison - All In The Family [HD 720p]

Pamela Morrison and her friend Katya Rodriguez are hanging out on the couch. Theyre in the middle of sending naughty pictures to guys when Pamelas stepdad Johnny Castle walks in on them. He is instantly angry that his stepdaughter is hanging out with Katya, who he feels is a bad influence. Bending Pamela over his knee, Johnny spanks his stepdaughter while Katya watches and giggles.

When Katya mocks Johnny for spanking Pamela over her clothes, he pulls his stepdaughters pants down and keeps going on bare skin. Katya tries to put a stop to it, but Johnny tells her to stay put and watch as he slides his fingers into Pamelas fuck hole. Her wet pussy and soft moans just piss Johnny off even more as he flips her onto her back and licks her until shes on the verge of cumming. Instead of letting Pamela climax, Johnny puts her on her knees and tells her to open her mouth so she can suck his hard cock.

Putting Pamela on her hands and knees on the couch so that she faces Katy, Johnny shows his stepdaughter just what happens to a slut as he fucks her from behind. His long strokes play Pamela like an instrument, but its not until she climbs on top of him and rides him that shes finally able to cum. Rolling onto her back, she spreads her thighs to let Johnny pound away at her juicy snatch until hes primed to explode. When Pamela gets back on the ground and opens her mouth to take a deep throat blowjob that ends with a face full of jizz in front of Katya, Johnny finally accepts her apology.
BadTeensPunished - Pamela Morrison - All In The Family [FullHD 1080p]

BadTeensPunished/Nubiles-porn - Jillian Janson - Shameful Behavior [HD 720p]

BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Jillian Janson - Shameful Behavior [SD 540p]

BadTeensPunished - Rose Darling - The Dress Code [HD 720p]

BadTeensPunished / Nubiles-Porn - Rose Darling - The Dress Code [SD 540p]

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