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If its one thing Sydney really enjoys, its slaves who come ready. In this case, ready to be sat on. Laying down, head perched up on a chair, ready to accept Sydneys glorious ass on his face. It doesnt take long until his dick is nice and hard, even though he cant really breathe with Sydneys ass and pussy on his face. As Sydney moves around from front to back, slave boys dick gets super rock hard. Clearly hes enjoying himself even through all the suffering. Lets see how long this one lasts
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When a sub gets in trouble, there are a number of ways to punish them. Today, Sydney put slave boy with his knees on a tray of rice to start out with, but the real punishment is yet to come. She leads her sub to a spanking bench where he gets to go on all fours. Sydney puts on her big black strapon and makes him suck the strapon for a while. And even deep throat it like a good little bitch. But of course, a big strapon and a naked sub on all fours, theres only one place that strapon needs to go, and thats his little butt hole. Sydney takes it slow at first, but increases her tempo steadily. Slave boy takes it like a champ
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