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Everyone knows that Reality Kings takes models where nobody else does, and today the beautiful Anya Olsen is heading out to the stunning Florida Everglades with her costar Oliver Flynn. The babe bonds with her new beau as their boat cruises through the swamp and they take shelter from the rain in an abandoned house where naughty Anya wants a preview of whats to come, squatting down to suck Olivers cock. They head to a gator farm where Anya poses with some of Floridas finest fauna before heading back home where she can let out her own inner wild thing. All that fresh air must have worked up her appetite, because Anya cant wait to get that dick, sucking Oliver until hes good and hard and then hopping on top to ride him until he spunks all over her tits! - Anya Olsen - Models Day Out [SD 432p]

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Description: Rough outdoor public sex is Anya Olsens only option as she finds herself in a bad area after hours and without any way to get home. Bruno is always equipped with an extra roll of duct tape and some rope for just such an occasion, and tonight is going to be one of those occasions as the innocent teen Anya happens upon Bruno hanging out on the street. After some back and forth with Anya begging for help, Bruno grabs her by the throat and drags her to a big chainlink fence where he ties her arms over her head with rope and ravages and humiliates her in full view of cars and trucks cruising by. Very hot deepthroat pre-fuck blowjob is punctuated by Bruno slapping Anyas tits. Hardcore reverse cowgirl action follows and this dirty party ends with a big white hot load of Brunos special sauce going down Anyas throat. Good to the last drop!
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Jonny was dreading this talk with his Daughter. He couldnt believe he was going to ask his Daughter to "entertain" his boss. But he had to hold up his end of the bargain or her would be fired. Anya asks him what troubling him. He explains in a very round about way the situation. How his boss Mr. Johnson had suggested they trade daughters and at the time seemed like a fun idea. His Daughter looked shocked and not so happy. She flat out said no way and was mad at him for even asking such a thing. "And what kind of guy would pimp out his own daughter! Why couldnt you just trade Lawn Mowers like normal guys!" She said. He told her he had no choice. He has already fooled around with Mr. Johnsons daughter Sadie. "Wait, what? You messed around with that SLUT! I went to school with her. She was a slut then too!" Anya proclaimed! Her Dad explained that if she didnt go through with it that he would be fired and they would lose the house. She looked at her Father and saw how bad he felt, hes just lonely. She told her Daddy she would do it but on one condition. That she let her practice on him. She want him to show her what she should do to Mr. Johnson. She knows he looks at her in such a way. The long hugs, kisses, walking in on her while nude and so on. He didnt know what to say. She asks Daddy if could do anything to her what would he want to do? "I know you want to taste your little daughters pussy dont you?" says Anya. Daddy says he is going to make his Daughter cum and then he going to show her how to make him cum. She cant wait to please her Daddy. "I want you to teach me how to be a good little whore for Mr. Johnson!"
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Anya was getting ready for her date with Mr. Johnson while Daddy was wondering if this was a big mistake. He sat there contemplating if what he was doing was right. How wrong was it to whore his beautiful Daughter out to his Boss? But he did not have a choice. And she was really excited to do it. But he felt differently now that he has been with his own Daughter in a sexual way. Anya came out in her sexy outfit that Daddy got her and twirled around to show him. She thought he would be happy to see her looking so naughty. But Daddy told her he did not want her to do this, that he could find another job and that they would be ok. Anya explained that she wanted to do it. That she would make Mr. Johnson so happy that he would probably give Daddy a raise! Her Father still insisted she should not do it. Anya realizes that her Daddy did not want him to fuck Mr. Johnson because they still have not had sex yet. So she asks her Daddy if he wanted to fuck her tight pussy first before Mr. Johnson had her. Daddy said that might make things better. In the end she begs Daddy to cum in her pussy and then plays with her cum filled hole in front of Daddy. Letting him know that she is not on birth control but not to worry because she would not let Mr. Johnson cum inside her pussy. "Do you think Mr. Johnson will like my pussy?" she asks her Daddy. He smiles.
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Anyas older brother Jimmy just got back from college. He hasnt seen her or his other brother (Harlo) for a few years. Jimmy doesnt know how much the family dynamic has changed but his brother is eager to show him Harlo calls in their sister and after Jimmy hugs her and notices how much she has grown up, Harlo commands her to take off her clothes and show their brother just how much she has matured. Reluctantly she obeys his commands, strips and starts playing with her pussy. She might act like she doesnt want her brothers to see her naked nubile body, but secretly she cant wait to have them both at the same time!!!
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