AmericanMeanGirls - Nina Elle - Human Cuckold Seat [FullHD 1080p]

Goddess Nina has a date tonight with her bf. As usual she has her slave helping her get ready to go out with another man. And by helping we mean hes just making his useless ass into a human seat while she applies makeup. But hey, hes useless, and the bathroom mirror has no chair, so why not right? Nina gets a brilliant idea. She calls up her bf and has it all planned out. Her seat cushion can go WITH them on their date. But not as another man. As a little tag along cuck bitch. She tries to sell her bf on the idea, outlining all the ways the slave could make their night just a liiiiittle more special. He could wipe their car down, he could find them seats at clubs, he could BE the seat at clubs...dispose of their trash. And wouldnt you know it the dumb slave starts crying. Well if hes gonna bitch about his opportunity, then hes not going to be allowed to go. How about spending the night licking her toilet clean with his tongue while Nina is out on a date with her bf? Ha!
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