Categories - Alexa,Amadahy,Lola - Fed Toenails and Foot Dust by Preening Trio [HD 720p]

X-Art - Alexa - An Erotic Encounter [FullHD 1088p]

BangBros - Alexa - Big Black Prize [HD 768p]

MilfHunter / RealityKings - Alexa - Lucky Seat [SD 576p]

Levi and Pauly went out four-wheeling and got stranded in the middle of the woods. Luckily, there was still a cell signal, and a girl Levi knew who lived close by was home. Soon Alexa was on her way to save the day. While she took a look at the engine, Levi couldn t keep his hands off this beautiful blonde MILF with her plump round ass. Alexa told him to try starting it again, and it cranked right up. Levi felt he needed to repay her; and how else but to give her a deep hard fuck, tape it, and pay her to let him and Pauly use it? Alexa wanted a good pounding and some extra cash, so she figured why not. They went back to the crib, and soon, we saw the rest of Alexa s firm sexy body, sweet succulent tits, and ass and tight juicy pussy. Levi was all over her and pounded that pussy proper until he exploded on Alexas face.
BratPrincess - Alexa, Amadahy - Cow Teased during Erection Removal Part 1 [FullHD 1080p]

Alexa and Amadahy tease a cow in the machine milking warehouse. It’s a typical day. The male suffers in a state of near-constant sexual arousal while the teasers harvest its pre-cum for profit. Amadahy voices that she’s concerned about an issue with the system. The corrective penalty shock button is too close to the end of shift erection removal function. Some teasers have been meaning to administer the corrective shock, but have instead accidently removed the erection completely. Changing the interface would be a solution, but too much work. It’s easier to just re-program the cow. Amadahy decides that she wants to see how long it will take for the cow to recover an erection after the end of shift program has had its effect. Getting a male to regain an erection for hot girls is a lot quicker and easier than rearranging the interface. With such heavy teasing from such beautiful teasers, the male starts to lose its mind, babbling and such. There’s only one way to correct it: with electric shocks. The girls take turns “riding the lightning” by sitting on the male’s face as they send a direct, corrective, current through its testicles.
BratPrincess - Alexa, Natalya - Double Sexy Lingerie Ass Smother (Smash his Face Harder) [FullHD 1080p]

Alexa and Natalya look incredible in their sexy lingerie. Together, they torment a loser by sitting on his face and smothering him beneath their asses. They love controlling the loser’s breath. For extra measure, they pinch his nose shut. He really can’t sneak any air. The girls get mad at the loser for ogling their butts. It’s not smart to make the girls mad, because then they get meaner. They hold him down aggressively bounce harder on his head. Alexa and Natalya deny him air for longer and longer periods of time. They really crush his skull by sitting with both of their full weight on his head at the same time. Just when the slave thinks it might get a break from the angry girls, the hard bouncing and rough face riding start…
BratPrincess - Alexa, Amadahy, Brianna, Cali, Charlotte, Edyn, Kayla, Kenzie, Lola, Sasha - Best Cum Shots Of 2017 [FullHD 1080p]

We don’t let our slaves cum often, and when we do, we try and make the experience as miserable for them as possible. Here are some of the best milkings and ruins from 2017. This highlight reel features ball kicking and punching mid climax, mind fuckery, multiple consecutive ruined orgasms, and forced cum eating. We were just plain terrible to our slaves in 2017, and we plan to treat them even worse in the new year.
Wildes Fickfleisch [DVDRip 336p]
TeensAnalyzed - Alexa - Anal date with a creampie [HD 720p]

SellYourGF - Alexa - Perfect money-making pussy [HD 720p]

Sineplex - Alexa, Sarah - Piss my ass off 2, Scene 1 [HD 720p]
SG Video - Alexa - Kaviar Amateur 60 [DVDRip]
Clips4Sale – Bratprincess - Alexa - Alexa Punches Pigs Balls and Ruins its Orgasm [HD 720p]
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