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College cuties Ashly Anderson and her friends Hannah Hays and Alex More are all studying together in their dorm room trying to cram for their upcoming midterm. These college chicks rather be partying than studying and while waiting for their tutor to show up, the girls talk about the last party they went to and admit to each other that theyre horny sluts in serious need of cock! Luckily for them, the tutor that was supposed to show up didnt and the girls are very surprised to find that their German tutor is Mick Blue! The girls instantly get dripping wet as they decide to seduce this professor into pounding their dripping wet pussies! These college sluts soon take off Micks pants and start worshiping his cock together while they take turns sucking him off! Will these sluts manage to pass their midterms, or will they fuck their way to a passing grade, thanks to Mr. Blues big cock and balls?
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Alex More cant wait to get her boyfriend Kyle Mason into bed! She meets him at the door decked out in a lingerie bra and crotchless panties. By the time Kyle knows whats happening, Alex has pressed her lips to his so he can lead her backwards into the bedroom. Happy to play along, Kyle lets his hands roam all over Alexs tight body before they settle to cup her trimmed twat.

Pressing the heel of his palm to Alexs clit, Kyle rubs her as she shimmies her hips. Then he eases her back onto the bed and smiles as the stiletto from her high heel makes contact with his back as he leans forward and peels off her underwear. Soon hes lapping away at Alexs creamy pussy as Alex relieves herself of her bra.

Climbing onto her knees, Alex helps Kyle out of his pants and wraps her warm hand around his hardon. Her tongue flicks out to sample the musk of Kyles dick. Liking what she tastes, she settles in for a languorous stiffie sucking. Laying on her belly with her legs kicking behind her, Alex sucks her boyfriends hardon like its her favorite lollipop.

Turning around so shes on her hands and knees, Alex moans in delight as Kyle enters her from behind. Shes so turned on that she cant help but rock back into each of Kyles thrusts as he pounds away at her creamy twat. When he winds his hand in her hair, Alex lets him pull her head back so that her body bends to his will.

Rolling onto her back, Alex spreads her thighs so that Kyle can pound away at her greedy muffin. She curls up on her side with him behind her, then leans into him as he presses his strong body to hers. This angle of penetration is everything Alex needs to explode with orgasmic delight.

When Kyle lays down on the bed, Alex is happy to climb on top of him and ride him like a horse. Her personal stud is hard and willing for her, and as her hips move in a primal rhythm she fills the room with the music of her moans. Leaning forward so that her small tits are in Kyles face, Alex rides her way to another climax.

Climbing off her boyfriends fuck stick, Alex kneels before him and starts stroking. Opening her mouth wide, she aims Kyles stiffie at her waiting tongue. Hes happy to oblige her by filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum to finish their lovemaking.
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Am I the only one with a raging hard-on for girl soccer players? I ran into this aggressive brunette cutie Alex More while she was practicing her moves with her ass hanging out of these tiny, clinging shorts and I knew I had to do anything to see what she looked like with just her little white socks on. Alex plays great defense so I had to start slow, giving her $150 for an hour-long soccer lesson and a flash of her pale, perky tits. Then I brought her back to my yard and booted an offer her way: I would give her a few hundred in cash to fuck around with her on camera. As fun as it was playing with her camel toe through her shorts, I was even more turned on when Alex stripped to her thong and shook her sexy tush in my face. Then she dropped to all-fours so she could choke on my dick. I had to give her a yellow card so I could squeeze my dick in her tight, athletic pussy, and considering we were outside, this girl was LOUD about how much she loved my penetrating her goal!
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