JulesJordan - Adriana Chechik - Performing Magic Butt Tricks With Jules Jordan. What Will Disappear In Her Ass? [HD 720p]

ATKPetites - Adriana Chechik - Action [FullHD 1080p] - Adriana Chechik, Kylie Kalvetti - Cum Kisses Commentary - S15:E10 [HD 720p] - May 22, 2015

After Adriana Chechik and Kylie Kalvetti were finished filming Cum Kisses, we brought them back to watch some of the hottest scenes so that we could film their commentary. The girls cant stop laughing as they share their insight into this sizzling scene. Adriana admits that she loved having Kylie reach around and rub her clit while she was getting fucked hard in reverse cowgirl style by Ryan Driller. She also points out that her nipples get hard, a sure sign that she is cumming! Kylie is also quick to admit how much she enjoyed her first taste or Ryans cock. When the girls get horizontal to present Ryan a double stacked pussy, they are both living out a fantasy that theyve never done before! Adriana is also very intrigued by Kylies tongue ring. As Ryan orgasms, both girls comment on how much there was. Then they get to relive the moment that they snowballed their salty treat before sharing a hug and the promise that they can get together again any day! - Adriana Chechik, Kylie Kalvetti, Ryan Driller - Cum Kisses - S15:E11 [HD 720p] - May 22, 2015

Adriana Chechik waits outside the door for Kylie Kalvetti and then surprises her lover with a scarf that she uses to lead Kylie down the stairs. Once Adriana has placed Kylie exactly where she wants her, she pulls her womans thong down and buries her face in her creamy pussy within just a few moments. Soon Adriana has gotten Kylie naked and brought her all the way into the bedroom where Ryan Driller is sleeping. Once Adriana stops pulling her, Kylie quickly removes her womans bra and panties, too, leaving both girls naked and ready to play. Crawling onto the bed, Adriana and Kylie get Bruces briefs off so that they can pull out his cock for a juicy double blowjob. The girls take their time licking and sucking to their hearts content, and they even start getting creative with their positioning so that both Kylie can sit on Ryans face to get her snatch licked while she licks Adrianas fuck hole. Eventually Adriana gets tired of sucking cock, so she sinks down on Ryans fuck stick instead. Her trimmed pussy pulses with pleasure as she rides with thrusting hips and bouncing boobs. Kylie gets in on Adrianas fun, reaching around to rub her lovers clit while Ryan continues to feast on her dripping pussy. When Adriana is still recovering from her first climax, Kylie gets a turn to ride Ryans dick. She sets off at a breakneck pace, going hard and fast for a frantic pussy pounding . Adriana waits a few moments before taking Kylies place with her pussy held above Ryans mouth, but soon the threesome is back in full force. Next Adriana crawls on top of Kylie so that the girls can make out while presenting Ryan with an irresistible pussy stack. Ryan gets his choice of tight fuck holes, and he alternates between them until neither Adriana nor Kylie can contain their moans of passion. When Ryan chooses to focus just on Kylies cock hungry snatch, Adriana positions herself so that Kylie can eat her creamy twat out. Moments after Kylie has achieved another body pulsing climax, Ryan reaches the end of his endurance. Pulling out, he blasts his load on Kylies belly. Adriana cant wait to lick the salty love off of her lovers stomach so that she can give Kylie a long kiss as they snowball the tasty treat that ends their lovemaking. - Adriana Chechik, Kylie Kalvetti - Blinded By Love - S15:E24 [HD 720p] - Jun 18, 2015

Kylie Kalvetti is enjoying herself in the bathtub with one hand on her creamy pussy and the other on her tender tits when Adriana Chechik approaches her from behind with a blindfold. Once her vision is taken away, Kylie keeps on masturbating but now she has Adrianas lusty help. Adriana just cant keep her hands and mouth off of Kylies full boobs, but soon the lure of Kylies creamy snatch seduces her to reach even lower into the tub. Her fingers work in overtime as she fondles Kylies creamy slit that is slick with the bathwater. Still blindfolded, Kylie still manages to find her way to Adrianas landing strip pussy so that she can bury her face in her lovers snatch. Kylies pussy licking is so enthusiastic that Adriana removes the blindfold. Now that she is free to see what she is doing, Kylie goes to work finger fucking Adrians dripping slit while using her tongue to fondle the brunettes clit in a fast and furious rhythm. Adriana wants to do some pussy licking of her own, and Kylie isnt about to turn down the offer. Settling on the edge of the tub so that Adriana can kneel in the bathwater, Kylie spreads her legs and relaxes as her woman does all the work. Adriana clearly enjoys every moment of her pussy feast as she uses her magic tongue and soft lips to bring Kylie to a moaning climax. While her body is still pulsing with ecstasy, Kylie helps Adriana stand up and then gets down on her knees to go back to worshipping her womans snatch. Once she has ensured that Adriana is wet and ready, the girls sit side by side on the edge of the tub so that they can alternate between fingering each others twats and enjoying some mutual masturbation. Soon both girls are pumping their hips and whimpering their joy as orgasmic bliss overtakes them both. When they are finally finished, they enjoy a final deep kiss to end their lovemaking. - Adriana Chechik - Ask Me Anything - S15:E23 [HD 720p] - Jun 18, 2015

Join the lovely Adriana Chechik as she answers another round of your questions. After admitting her love for having a guy cum on her tits so that she can just live it there all day, the perky brunette makes a shocking confession about her preference for DP! Youll laugh along with Adriana as she describes her fighting skills, and youll definitely enjoy hearing her thoughts on slut-shaming and negative people. - Adriana Chechik, Hollie Mack, Logan Pierce - Anal Lovers - S17:E1 [HD 720p] - Oct 1, 2015

Hollie Mack and Logan Pierce are enjoying themselves as they make out on the scenic balcony outside. When Adriana Chechik spots her liplocked friends from her bedroom, she knows that its up to her to seduce them both into a hot and horny threesome. Strutting into the bedroom where Hollie and Logan have retired, Hollie puts her plan to action. She finds her friends more than willing, and before long she has joined Logan in getting Hollie out of her clothes. Soon Adriana has sampled both Hollies juices and the musky flavor of Logans dick. She goes to work on both of them, alternating between the sultry press of her soft lips and the touch of her clever fingers as she works both of her lovers into a sexual frenzy. Soon Hollie tires of acting as a passive participant. Climbing off the bed, she joins Adriana on her knees so that the girls can work together to deliver a lusty blowjob that Logan wont soon forget. Using their hands and mouths, they lavish attention on Logans cock and balls until he is rock hard for them. Logan is happy to return the favor of an oral feast when the two girls exchange places with him. Now that hes on his knees, he goes to work licking and suckling their soft pussies and even their tightly puckered anuses. As Hollie and Adriana get increasingly worked up, Logan moves on to pushing his tongue deep into their pulsing twats and their tight ass holes. Once Logan is convinced that Hollie is fully prepped and ready for his love, Logan gets onto his feet and pushes himself deep into her hot channel. Adriana makes sure that Logan is fully seated within his lovers fuck hole and then climbs over Hollies face so that the blonde can enjoy a pussy feast. When its Adrianas turn to get her snatch stuffed, she chooses a stiffie ride. Logan swaps places with Hollie, leaving Adriana free to straddle him while Hollie gets to do some orgasmic face sitting. Its not long before the horny coed decides to turn around so that shes positioned in reverse cowgirl, the perfect way to take Logans dick deep in her ass. Hollie is happy to help bring Adriana closer to climax as her lover pumps her hips and enjoys her anal pounding. Using her fingers and tongue, Hollie works Adrianas fuck hole and clit until her woman explodes with orgasmic ecstasy. Logan isnt done pleasuring the two girls yet! He urges Adriana onto her belly and coaxes Hollie to lie down on top of Adriana to create a double-stack of warm pussies for him to fuck. He takes Hollies bald twat first, keeping his strokes long and hard as he brings the blonde coed to another climax. With Hollie still pulsing and quivering on the bed, Logan turns his attention back to Adriana. Her moans of pleasure are loud and long as her ass is once again penetrated and pounded. Logan joins Adriana as she blasts into orbit yet again, pulling out to cover her with his cum.
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