8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Mercedes Carrera - Cock Out Cop Out [SD 432p]

8thStreetLatinas/Realitykings - Mercedes Carrera - Cock Out Cop Out [HD 720p]

Calling all units, calling all units. Please be advised that Officer Carrera is reporting a possible 314 in vicinity of Rodbold Avenue. Suspect is classified as a Caucasian male with a thin build and thick cock. Carrera is attempting to apprehend perpetrator and has requested no additional backup. Male appears to be a foreign national and Carrera is remedying the situation - with force if necessary. Hold Carrera now radioing that she has apprehended the suspect and is restraining him bodily? Reports are coming in 5x5 that Carrera is now being bent over her cruiser and being fucked with a nightstick. Officer going down on suspect! Cumshots fired! Repeat, facial in progress! Code 80085! All units, report to Officer Carreras 20 for immediate clean-up!
8thStreetLatinas/RealityKings - Sophia Leone, Mandy Flores - Bff Beach Sluts [HD 720p]

8thStreetLatinas/Realitykings - Ashlynn Taylor,Ricky Spanish - Learning The Hard Way [HD 720p]

Ricky Spanish goes to his buddy Carloss house to pick him up for baseball practice, but discovers his buddys girlfriend Ashlynn Taylor throwing all of poor Carlos clothes onto the front lawn! Ricky picks up whatever he can and brings it inside to ask whats going on--and thats when he sees first hand the wrath of this luscious Latina! It turns out Ashlynn has discovered a massive collection of porn on Carloss computer and is jealous! To Ashlynn, it seems weird that her boyfriend would want to watch porn than see her naked and getting fucked--by Carlos! Upset, Ashlynn continues to rip into her no-good-perverted-boyfriend, which is when slick Ricky Spanish sees a great opportunity to get in Ashlynns pants! Ricky tells this sexy ass Latina the best revenge on her boyfriend would be fucking his best friend! Luckily for Ricky, Ashlynn agrees! This seductive slut puts her plump dick sucking lips to good use before riding Ricky and getting her juicy pussy drilled while her boyfriend regrets the day he ever got caught with a huge stash of porn!
8thStreetLatinas/RealityKings - Lilly Hall - Hot Taco For Sale [HD 720p]

I was hanging out with my friend Tyler Steel when we decided to stop by a taco truck for a quick snack. Behind the counter was hot Latina Lilly Hall, ready to serve us some tacos! Turns out she was trying to raise money for a trip, so we were more than happy to give her a donation! While she was busy preparing our tacos, Tyler snuck around the back of the truck where he saw the door was open. Thats when he noticed Lillys ass peeking from under her apron! Turns out she wasnt wearing any underwear! Tyler couldnt resist licking her dripping wet pussy while the horny slut continued serving other customers! Of course, Lilly showed Tyler just how grateful she was for his support by putting her cock-sucking lips to good use! Then, they fucked each others brains out in the taco truck!
8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Lilly Hall - Hot Taco For Sale [SD 432p]

8thStreetLatinas/RealityKings - Gina Valentina, Victoria June - Hooker On The Run [HD 720p]

8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Gina Valentina, Victoria June - Hooker On The Run [SD 432p]

8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Shay Evans - Lubed Up Latina [SD 432p]

8thStreetLatinas/RealityKings - Shay Evans - Lubed Up Latina [HD 720p]

8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Shay Evans - Lubed Up Latina [SD 432p]

8thStreetLatinas / RealityKings - Lilly Hall - The School Of Hard Cocks [SD 432p]
8thStreetLatinas/RealityKings - Lilly Hall - The School Of Hard Cocks [SD 432p]
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