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Rion is walking down the street when his friend's mom, Betty, drives up in her car and offers him a ride home. She's heading that way, anyway. She has to drop off some stuff for Rion's mom. Rion knows that his mom's friend is a sexy woman. What he doesn't know is that in the 1990s, she was busty porn star and feature dancer Betty Boobs. Now she's just his mom's friend..who happens to be wearing a tight, little top that shows off her big tits and a short skirt. So they go inside, and Rion checks out the box of clothes that Betty is giving his mom. He's a little put off. Most guys don't want to imagine their moms wearing sexy little outfits. "I think she'd look great in them," Betty says.
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First, 46-year-old Tabatha Jordan, formerly known as Haley Hills to big boob lovers around the world in the 1990s and early 2000s, tells us a little about herself. Then she sucks cock and gets fucked in her tight ass. Tabatha took a break from porn for a long time. Got married. Had a kid. She works in business administration and finance. "I do this for fun," she said. "I like doing kinky things now and again, like having sex in public. Not necessarily in public view but where we can see people." Tabatha, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in South Florida, describes herself as "pretty adventurous. I guess I'm a pretty liberated, free-spirited kind of gal.
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Mallory Taylor, who's 40 years old, is lying in bed, wearing a bra and panties, when she tells her guy that he has to get up and get ready for work. She reaches down and starts stroking his cock. Looks like he's going to get up but not get ready for work. Mallory sucks his cock, and it's time to call in late! Three cheers for the wake-up blow job, the greatest alarm clock ever! But, believe it or not, the dude actually gets out of bed. "Sucking his dick made me so fucking horny," Mallory says. She's still lying in bed and rubbing her pussy. She goes downstairs to cook breakfast, but she doesn't get out of her sexy outfit. In fact, she makes it even sexier with a sheer dress. Looks like Mallory has a plan. This time, Mallory gets what she wants.
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