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Tabby Tender, a 45-year-old divorcee and mother of three, is all alone for the day when she hears a knock on her door. "It must be Kyle," Tabby says. Kyle is her sons best friend, and when he barges in on her, she tells him he doesnt have to leave. "Im here bored by myself. Just come in," she tells him. "Matthew will be gone all day. Why dont you come and stay with me? Hang out with me for the day." She means, "Fuck my mouth, pussy and asshole." Thats what she means. Hes flustered. "They dont have to know anything. Itll be our secret," she tells him.
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Ivy Ices, the 48-year-old mom whom we knew as Jade Steele when she debuted at in 2014, is on the phone with her guy. She wants to know if hes going to be home on time. She unbuttons her top then takes it off. Apparently, shes in no hurry for her guy to come home. She can take care of herself. "Since Im home alone tonight.." she says as she takes off her top. Then she reaches into her drawer and pulls out a toy. "Were gonna have a lot of fun tonight," she says. A lot more fun than she realizes. So, Ivy strips down to nothing and lies down in bed.
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40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad - Gypsy Vixen - Gypsy takes control [FullHD 1080p]

40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad - Gypsy Vixen - Gypsy takes control [FullHD 1080p]

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"I like the young ones," said 44-year-old wife and mother Kali Karinena, who in this scene fucks 24-year-old Ivan. "Ive had younger. I tried 18-year-olds about a year ago, but theyre too hasty, hard to train and unpredictable, so I decided I had to up the years. Eighteen-year-olds are vulnerable and a little needy." Well, here, Ivan isnt vulnerable or needy, but he is kinda stupid. He mistakenly sent a dick pic to his boss. The photo was meant for someone else, but, you know, if youre gonna do something stupid like send dick pics through the Internet, you kinda deserve what you get. In this case, Ivan gets Kalis ass. Yes, 44-year-old Kali gets ass-fucked by Ivan on the bosss couch in the bosss office. And she opens her mouth for Ivans cum. The one thing we never find out is if Kali deletes the dick pic.
40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad - Ashton Blake - Ashton Blake gets DPd [HD 720p]

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