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We need to start hanging out around the reservation, South of the border more because today exploited is 20 year old Vanessa Voxx whos Native American / Hispanic mix. This girl is pretty, sexy, has a great little tight body and the most pretty pussy I have ever seen. Kinda wish I was the one fucking her today but that honor went to JJay and he was just as taken with her as I was. Now dont let this good sweet innocent exterior fool you because Vanessa is an Ex-party girl as she has had her fare share of crazy stories and todays another one she can tell her grand kids about. So after she arrives and gets her makeup done JJay takes our newbie out on the patio to get naughty and naughty they do get. Its obvious she likes to suck dick and she takes a good outdoor fucking as well. Its hot so check it out. Inside JJay takes full advantage of her nervousness and exploits the hell out of her fuck holes first by licking that sweet pussy and then bringing her to one of her orgasm record breaking numbers of the day. Is Vanessa a moaner? You bet she is! She was "Oh my Godng" the who fucking shoot and if you love to see girl cum dripping out of an eager young girls pussy who is just begging to get fucked, Vanessas pussy is just the ticket for you. Next JJay gets to fuck this little girls pussy hole some more and I just have to say again what a killer, sexy body Vanessa. I just love her smooth dark skin. Makes me hard writing this. Next its doggy, her favorite position and she prayed to God this entire position as well. She must be a very religious girl because she was screaming Gods name this entire shoot. Praise the Lord. Of course we made her reach back and spread her whore ass checks apart while JJay pounded that little pussy and she loved every minute of it. Oh and if you like watching a pretty girl suck cock with their ass up in the air this next position if for you. This girls pussy looks just as fine from behind and you get a fine look at her behind as she rides JJay in cowgirl also. Things round out with reverse cowgirl that I think is her new favorite position and gets her favorite, a big load of cum in her honey pot. Does she like cum? She says she does but had a little trouble slurping it up off JJays stomach after it dripped out of her. This scene is hot and we love her her so much we had her return for a BGG scene with Winter Bell. Just shot the other day so look for it. Its coming soon. Enjoy! Steve - Autumn - Exploited College Girls Autumn [HD 720p]

On December 19th, the last day of Autumn 2019, its only fitting that we present to our fans, 19 year old Autumn in her 1st sex on camera. If you like your girls wholesome and innocent looking Autumns your cup of tea. But dont let this shy exterior fool you and Autumns not sure if shes the type of girl that wants to watch herself fuck on video, "But yea... I will probably watch it", she says as we get to know her more on the way to the hotel. Autumns mannerisms for sure are shy, with that "hesitant / reluctance" vibe going on about her. But she confesses that after her friend Candi (Ashley Manson), last weeks update was here and had such a good time, she decided she would take the plunge and take a cock on camera with us. "I just want to have a good time", she explains as she tells us about her sexual escapades in the car. If you can believe this, Autumn tells us that she has not had sex in over a month, but dont let this shy unassuming perception fool you. Autumn is a little wild thing, confessing shes bi-curious and secretly wants Candis head between her legs, or vise versa. Candi, if youre reading this go fuck Autumn tonight! Her mouth, according to JJay, will make your kittycat pure. We also find out she likes all kinds of porn and is pretty much down for anything sexual which make the net story she tells oh so hot. Just like you I bet, I was not expecting this but innocent looking Autumn tells JJay about the time she met 2 guys at a party and had a 3some with them. Its so hot as she describes one was fucking her pussy and he other she was sucking off in her nervous voice. "They were both good looking and nice so I went back into my room with them", she said with a smile. Go girl! Let your inner slut lose. Its hard to believe she hasnt had sex in over a month but this dry spell is all about to change today, and change it does. Once we get her inside the hotel and get her makeup done shes introduced to the Hitachi. "Its so big, looks intimidating", she says as she inspects the orgasm torture devise. "Im shy starting by myself", Autumn bashfully confesses as JJay instructs her to take off her clothes and spread her legs. I have to say Autumns hesitant / reluctance is so fucking hot as she opens her legs revealing her freshly shaved pussy for the whole world to see. "See, its not so intimidating", JJay says after Autumn has 3 orgasms from it while giving JJay a fucking awesome BJ simultaneously. It never gets old watching a teen discover the Hitachi for the first time and you know she enjoyed it by how flushed she gets and how beautifully engorged her pussy becomes with each orgasm she has. Does she give good head? Fuck yea she does, exclaims JJay. "I was not expecting that" he says after Autumn displayed her sucking skills. Next JJay just has to try out her fuck hole and starts our newbie out in missionary. I dont know about you but there is definitely something sexy about how Autumn takes JJays cock at 41:17. Those eyes, combined with her adorable freckles and smile, tell the story that she has not had a guy care about her pleasure EVER and shes thoroughly enjoying the fucking shes receiving today. And a fucking she gets as JJay pounds her pussy and uses the Hitachi on her clit simultaneously bringing her to more orgasms. From here you know the story: Rubbing that engorged pussy, fuck her silly side spoon, more orgasms, chocking, more Hitachi and orgasms, reverse cowgirl and pussy grinding, ending with a spectacular facial; and I do mean spectacular! She definitely was not expecting that much cum. And her cute little giggle and smile at the end as JJays cum drips from her face and chin makes my dick harder as I type this. Autumn may be leaving our hotel room as winter creeps in, but you will want to be flapping to this scene all winter long, I guarantee it. Enjoy, Steve - Fiona Sprouts - Exploited College Girls Fiona Sprouts [HD 720p]

Every now and then a girl comes along with that sparks your curiosity the way 20yr old Fiona Sprouts has and you know that if you just probe deeper there is more to this girls story than what meets the eye. Now we here at ExCoGi have been doing this for a combined 28 years now and we are not surprised by very much these days. But, and this is a BIG but, little old Fiona certainly threw JJay a few curve balls to start out her very first sex on camera / porn shoot interview. Things begin innocently enough with our doe-eyed milky skinned newbie in the shower cleaning that presumed squeaky-clean pussy, ass and mind. And lets just say you cant judge a book by its cover. Especially when the cover has "Beard Slut" tattooed on its ass. Thats right, little miss goody two shoes loves beards sooooooo much thats her way of hitting on guys. When she sees a bearded guy she wants to fuck she just looks at him and lifts her skirt to show her intentions. Got to love it and kudos for originality. But having "Beard Slut" tattooed on her ass isnt the craziest or wildest thing this fairly new-to-kink starlet has done. "Whats the craziest thing shes done Steve?" you ask. Well heres one thing Ill divulge about the interview. She once went to a kinky hot couples house for a "bloodletting" party. Yea, I had to look it up also: Bloodletting [ bluhd-let-ing ] "Parties" - Id say this is a very loose interpretation of a party, but it involves what is called "arterial tapping", whereby a dominant partner, the "Santos", taps a submissive partners artery - the ultimate in bondage where the dominant partner controls actual blood flow. I dont think I need to elaborate on the extreme dangers of this. Sounds like fun and something the whole family can enjoy, right? Oh, the "Santos" then poured her own blood over her face, and then preceded to face-fucked her adorable food hole. WOW!!! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!! Were not in Kansas anymore Toto thats for sure. The most unusually bizarre part of this was, yes that wasnt the most unusually bizarre part, she said all this while having a devilishly coy smile on that pretty unsuspecting face. "It really turned me on too" was the next unsuspecting phrase she uttered. Trust me, this is one interview that ranks up there as: "Just when you thought the world couldnt get any weirder" category weird. But hey Im not judging, just reporting. The things that this girl would let you do to her you probably wouldnt do to a farm animal. But hey, Im a perverted SOB and I have to admit, Im kinda turned on by how adventurous and open-minded she is. Ok, so meanwhile back-on-the-farm, we find our innocent starlets favorite position is doggy. Sounds tame enough right? "I feel like its, one of the most degrading positions... and I kinda like that", she says sweetly as if shes stating to us how much she loves ice cream or her new purse. God it just keeps getting better and better dont you think? Heaven to bid the wrong perverted sicko fuck gets a hold of Fiona and doesnt respect her limits. Just remember, Fiona is someones daughter. Well as JJay stated to her earlier, "This is a safe place". So perverted sicko ExCoGi fucks lets get to the degrading debauchery shall we and show "someones daughter" what we do to our first timers since she feels its a safe place! So JJay starts Fiona on the bed for a few pictures and you can see the nervous anticipation building in this newbie. Does she like to masturbate? Yep but like a good little submissive she abstained the night before to really please her Dom for today and he gets right to work using some vibrators on her and takes full advantage, has his way with her. He chokes, slaps, and just does some light degrading to get her juices flowing. You know, "porn play". You can also tell that JJay likes our "someones daughter" a lot because he puts our little sub to the test by throat fucking her to make sure she wasnt lying about how its a turn on to be degraded. Yep she likes it all right and then he forces her mouth and tongue down a bit to lick his ass, since he loves that so much. Does she like it? We dont care. Dont you remember she said shes a pleaser and likes it rough. Well find out today if she likes it rough and if she had a good time once weve had our way with her. Now its time to fuck our little newbies slit and JJay jumps right into doggy to pound her silly, and what a pounding she gets. He even smashes her face into the bed with his foot to really make her feel like shes a whore. Next position is missionary and I bet Fiona hasnt been fucked this good in missionary EVER gauging by her expressions of ecstasy and/or pain. Not sure exactly what she was feeling but she liked it as JJay pounded her fuck hole raw. Oh hello Fiona, it/s my asshole again, as JJay jumped up to sit on her face once more so she can probe the places most intimate to him. But hes not done in that position yet as he then pile drives his cock once more down her throat. Just watch as her little feet twitch and move as she feels overpowered and helpless. The feet and toes always give it away whats going on in the head. SO HOT, SO HOT. So what was the lesson learned today? Little Fiona should be careful what she asks for around us or we just might take her up on that order of "I like it rough, degrading". Oh and what was that you want for desert? A golden shower? We can make that happen too. Uber Eats can go suck it! You got nothing. Then JJay is definitely the deliveryman that knows how to satisfy orders around here. Let the gluttony begin! Enjoy, Steve! - Malory Malibu - Exploited College Girls Malory Malibu [HD 720p]

Christmas came early here at ExCoGi this year and our little presents name is 18 year old VIRGIN Malory Malibu. Yes shes a VIRGIN and we are way ahead of you on bringing her back and have already shot a 3some with her, Jake Adams, Audrey Hempburne. Its fucking awesome by the the way so stay tuned for that one. So lets focus on todays gift and the deflowering of Malory. Let me also say first that Malory is the second virgin we have had the pleasure of deflowering here at ExCoGi. If you want to see the first, her name is Keisha and I was just as excited to meet and get that shoot started as I was for the deflowering on Malory. Even though I wasnt the one sticking my dick up her virgin pussy this time. You may ask: "Steve, is Malory really a virgin?", and my answer is absolutely 100% she is. This girl hasnt even seen a real penis before today and Jake cant hardly wait to get his hands on her. She even claims to watch porn constantly and her fantasy is to be gangbanged. I know its always the quite ones that are the super whores right? Well during the interview you get to see what a wholesome and inexperienced slut she is and we get her naked in the car. Once back at the hotel we find out more about Malory as her makeup is getting done. Trust me. This interview is one you have to watch and listen to set the mood of this shoot. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is a first for our wholesome flower. Listen, I can try to give you blow-by-blow accounts of this epic shoot but she gets all her wishes granted from Santa and go watch the fucking video! Im ExCoGi Steve and youre going to love the way you feel after watching this one. I guarantee it!
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