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HardPorn from LegalPorn - Jordi, Sasha Sparrow - A Few Questions [HD 720p] - Katana Kombat, Amber Jade - Spa Day Getaway: Episode 3 [HD 720p] - February 21, 2020

Spencer (Stirling Cooper) and Julia (Katana Kombat) are a married couple in a rut. To get their relationship back on track for Valentine’s Day, Spencer sets them up with a very special spa day; full of massages, pedicures, and the spa’s signature… an airborne aphrodisiac guaranteed to put its customers in the mood for love. Things get complicated when a storm strands everyone in the spa longer than expected and horny staff members (Sophie Sparks, Adriana Chechik and Amber Jade) start wanting Spencer and Julia’s sexual affection as well.
MEN - Diego Sans, Vincent Oreilly - Naughty Firsts [FullHD 1080p]

Before their first time shooting Diego Sans and Vincent OReilly swap stories of these first time with sex, and also veteran pornstar Diego can be just a little taken aback by what Vincent reveals! Since they make out, the inventors undress one another and Diego catches his handful of the big, sexy ass prior to the bottom deep throats Diegos dick of Vincent. Subsequently Diego bends over to fuck him doggy style and licks Vincents hole. Vincent really adores driving Diegos dick, and then the top lays him back till Vincent cums before yanking and out the floor in jizz once again to fuck that ass.
YoungPerps - Leo Silva, Brian Adams, Dante Drackis - Case #200208167 [FullHD 1080p]

Suspect Dante Drackis is attracted to police headquarters for questioning. Leo Silva and officers Brian Adams have their way with him, filling his asshole with penis and plowing him as he yells in pain and pleasure!
RawFuckClub - Derek Allen, Drake Masters - Derek Allen fucks Drake Masters [2K UHD 1280p]

Ran to my friend Drake about the street in NYC and he explained he had a load inside him. So I grabbed him and took him up to my room to give him a second. Literally one of my videos. Like a champ.
RawFuckClub - Atlas Grant - Devil Dog flip session with Jack Vidra [HD 720p]

328 MiB
RawFuckClub - Trip Richards - A BareFucking Bear Orgy, Raw Piggy 4Way For FTM Trip Richards [HD 720p]

When 4 hairy horny guys meet in a hotel room (outfitted with a bed and a sex sling!), you know its going to get wild! We fucked and sucked in every possible configuration. They dove right in, although two of the men had never been with a transman before! And I returned the favor, fucking asses and donning my leather harness. We were all sweaty and dripping precum by the time we moved the bed off to the sling. I made myself comfortable there as the 3 of them took turns in my hole, filling me over and over !
IrmaosDotados - Bruno Carvalho, Luan Santiago - Fiquei Com Tesao Do Meu Amigo [HD 720p]

Bruno Carvalho and Luan Santiago, are 2 guys very horny for having sex all the time. Bruno, who likes to consume ass had the desire to break the buttocks of Luan, and so he keeps wanking watching movies and videos of Luans wonderful buttocks. The gloomy, On Brunos surprise Luan finally turns up at your home prepared to let Bruno perform what he wants with this smooth hot and tight buttocks. Bruno moves and moves his hard dick a lot on top of this butt until he pushes it inside. The wish came true.
Helix - Alex Riley, Zach Letoas - Alex Riley Attacks Zach Letoas Ass [FullHD 1080p]

Woken by his own unique, deep dick wants, Zach Letoa wakes. In an haze that was horned up, the hottie is directed down the hall to sultry beauty, Ashtin Bates, bed by his hunger. Half asleep, and led by instinct that is erotic, the dick duo set each other until Ashtin, s abundant appendage pushes every ounce of Letoa, s looming enjoyment. Zach busts all over Bates bed, instinctively outlining his territory until he is woken by his ramming roomie up to your facial skin using a reservoir of fuck.
BrokeStraightBoys - Jos Alvarez, Casey Owens - Jos Alvarez Dominates Casey Owens [FullHD 1080p]

Jos Alvarez and Casey Owens make out, exploring each other with their mouth and tongue as they set kisses across each others torso and neck. Its Jos that locates his solution to Caseys penis to his mouth because he sucks it and pulling it out of his boxers. Jos plays with Caseys balls while he gives mouth, getting him hard as fuck before standing up to let Casey taste his meat next to him. Casey deepthroats Joss striking prick, tonguing and licking Joss balls until Jos flips him over and eats Caseys bum.
BlakeMason - Koby Lewis, Taylor Mason - Taylor Gets A Cum Shower From Koby [FullHD 1080p]

If you buy two complete hotties such as Koby and Taylor together from the sack you know that its going to be a wild ride. The two are shirtless ready from the beginning and snogging down both to fuck. The sucking and face is enough to have you drooling precum with them, but be prepared for the fuck Koby delivers since this handsome young guy does not hold back. It is a good thing some riding overly Taylor finds himself on his back and smooth boy Taylor is such a bottom that is greedy, with some thrusting from behind with his cum load prepared to start. Koby cock gets his pale lad frotting dicks with his bottom buddy, spurting a thick mess above himself until our gorgeous top is prepared to add to the mess and squirting a major fountain of cock cream him over and works its own magic!
BaitBuddies - Johnny Glyserin, Josh Long - Johnny Glyserin fuck Josh Long [FullHD 1080p]

Johnny is a straight Texan dude and even that required a rather big leap of faith for him. But today hell try to bottom for Josh Long. Josh is a very cute little stud from Tennessee, and hes also got a rather big and thick dick!
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