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As all our devoted fans know we here at ExCoGi are all about genuine authentic and unscripted porn, wanting to highlight the models real personalities that we feature. That being said... CALLING ALL STRIPPER LOVERS! And if youre a fan of gentlemans clubs and getting the "stripper experience" than we bring you 20 year old, 3 year stripping veteran Tana Waters. You can tell this girls been around the pole and stage more than a few times and knows what guys want. Let me tell you, Tana knows her way around a cock or a pussy and is not shy in telling our new cocksman Jon Rogue what pleases her and how he should touch and fuck her. This girl is used to being in charge. She even asked Jon if he wanted to be slapped while she rode him. For a second there I thought I was watching the movie American Pie and Tana was going to slap our stud and scream; "Whats my name BITCH". That would have been funny! Anyways Tana declares more than once that she LOVES PUSSY, so its only fitting that she would work at a place were girls take their clothes off right? And those TITS! Perky they are yes indeed. How much does Tana love pussy? Well, Tana loves pussy so much she could eat it for all three meals of the day. So could I Tana, So could I. Tana is also a little self-proclaimed slut telling us that she doesnt keep track of her body count, but AVERAGES around 40 fucks...... ANNNNNND? Yea, I was waiting for her to finish that statement also. So I asked, "Is that a Total number? Yearly average? Monthly average? Weekly average?" Never got clarification, but she confessed she has fucked more girls than guys. I like that answer. Its best to leave a little mystery about yourself Tana. Just makes a girl seem sexier in a sweet and innocent coy kind of way. So we get our little slut naked and as soon as she experiences the Hitachi on that clit we get a taste of her "Take Charge" attitude and is not shy on what her "Daddy", I mean our stud Jon, needs to do in order to make her feel good. Settle down girl, were friendlys here. Tana must fuck a lot of guys that have no clue what theyre doing because shell let you know if your doing it right. Shell also let you know when youre not, trust me, we heard. Whats also very apparent is that Tanas a very vocal girl. Her play-by-play narrative sure kept me guessing the whole shoot as to whether this silky smooth, hot and sultry sex talk was just years of fine-tuned stripper dialogued regurgitated; or did she really want Jon to be her new "daddy" giving it to her every night with his big cock as she professed endlessly. I think some things are better left a mystery. What is clear is that Tana Waters knows her way around a cock and knows how to ride one as well. Her 3 years on the stripping circuit have given Tana the much coveted and sought after life skills that every young girls needs when entering adulthood, and they are on full display for your fapping pleasure. This scene is not very long, and neither are lap dances. But hey, this scene is far from a lap dance and the only similarities are that after you get one, you just want morrrrrre; and youll want more of Tana Waters calling you daddy after watching this one. ENJOY! Steve - Winter Vanessa Threeway - Exploited College Girls [HD 720p]

Its just like a SLEEPOVER!!! Because you know those sleepover pillow fights, which sometimes lead to kissing, is really just pent up passion. Its pussy juice lip-gloss time with returning top rated Winter Bell, sexy Vanessa Voxxx. These two sex kittens stopped by the ExCoGi hotel room to fulfill both their fantasies of licking another girls pussy for the first time on camera, and boy are we glad they did. Now as you will hear, both these coy but sexy things have technically played around with a girl before. But hey... and this is a big but; there are always technicalities or grey areas when it comes to sex. Like when President Clinton proved that oral sex "technically" isnt sex and he never confessed to having carnal relations with that intern. Try using that defense on your girlfriend. Well lets just say Winter confessed she was "drunk" and "doesnt really remember" her first time with a girl all that well. And Vanessa? Well her sorted tail was of a 4some that "just got weird" and lasted only a few minutes before it broke up and everyone left awkwardly. The youthful pit falls of misguided sexploration. Makes my dick hard just thinking about them. Anyways, Id say that this little soiree definitely counts as "technically" their first experience of licking that most intimate of intimate places on a young girls anatomy. So once we get past the sexual awkward anticipation and girlish giggling our sunflowers open up and bump heads as Jake instructs them to kiss for the first time. Fuck if this isnt hot and yea its very apparent to me, in a very perverted manner, that its definitely their first time doing this sober. And once their clothes come off, that shyness just seems to melt away as the pussy juices start flowing. The action really heats up though when Jake instructs Winter to dive her face into Vanessas money maker from behind. Then shortly after gets his cock sucked by Vanessa as Winter continues to sample her goods. You can tell Winter has always liked girls and has wanted to lick pussy her whole life the way she goes to town on Vanessas box. This is definitely one of the hottest 3ways Ive filmed in a long time with more sex acts happening in the first 20 minutes then most people will experience in their lifetime. Next the girls reverse positions and Vanessa gets to properly lick a pussy, confirming she is bi-curious. Even I get involved here using the Hitachi on each of the girls as they lick each other and you can just see the pussy juices flowing as the Hitachi dances and vibrates over their lips. So hot, so hot. Next its double BJ time and we all get two full moons shining high and bright with a PIP of these honeys sucking Jakes honey stick. Did someone say rimming? Fuck yea I did. I told Winter to play with Vanessas pussy as Jake deep throated our slut in training and then she dove that probing tongue of hers where the sun dont shine. What little sluts these girls are and I love it! Finally these girls get some dick, thank god, and Jake our stud gives it to them real good. Theres tons of debauchery, perversion to go around here as each girl takes turns licking the other as Jake fucks the others tight eager fuck hole. "I like being used" proclaims Vanessa as Jake exerts his perversions on the two of them confirming each is a little more than Bi-curious after this experience. I just love both these girls and their willingness to experiment and let go for their very first girl/girl 3way experience on camera for all you to fap to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming for all you perverted fucks so stay safe by staying home. And wash your hands! Enjoy! Steve - Destiny Cruz - Exploited College Girls Destiny Cruz [HD 720p] - Brooke Johnson - Neophobia Episode 1 [HD 720p]

A nightmare invades Brooke Johnsons mind. She wakes on a cold basement floor, bound in metal bondage. The metal face mask makes her look like a pig. Then the monster greets her, uses her, and eventually moves her into his lair. Finally, she is moved to the Barn and is transformed into a metal mummy. - Brooke Johnson - Neophobia Episode 2 [HD 720p]

The nightmare continues. The monster traps Brooke Johnson in a metal, mummy-like frame that can be rotated upside-down and right-side-up. He torments her with pain and pleasure. A second monster appears with a message for Brooke: “Keep it hard. Don’t let it get soft. And when he comes, you spit it into that glass beaker”. - Rain DeGrey - Transit Turbo [HD 720p]

Rain DeGrey finds herself bound in rope, on the floor, in the back of a moving van. When the van stops, PD comes in to play with his new toy. He brings Rain into the house for a shower and some rest in a cage before their long journey across the country. - Rain DeGrey - Transit Farm Episode 2 [HD 720p]

After days of being on the road, the van stops and PD comes to check on his toy. Rain DeGrey has been secured in a cage, wearing a hood, diaper, and metal shackles. The sight of PD is almost welcomed; Rain wonders if she might get a break from her seat made of hard, metal bars. PD does give her a break but only by moving her from one metal contraption to the next. - Brooke Johnson - Neophobia Episode 3 [HD 720p]

Brooke Johnson is haunted by the distorted faces staring back at her, wondering what became of them. She is bound on a bed in metal shackles, wearing a pig mask. The monster returns and she fears the worst. The pain begins but the pleasure quickly follows. Maybe things aren’t so bad? When the monster finishes playing with Brooke, she’s stored in a cage in the basement. Brooke makes too much noise while the monster is relaxing upstairs so he comes down to remind her what happens when she’s not quiet. - Lotus - Chinese Girl Caning [HD 720p]

Lotus is tied in bed and severely paddled. - Penelope Davenport - Rejected Toybox Cunt EroFM-009 [HD 720p]

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHICAL SEXUAL CONTENT! - Deborah Tavares - Shemale Shaggin [HD 720p] - Pierce Paris, Casey Kisses - TS Casey Kisses: Anal Fucking, Gaping [HD 720p]

Busty TS stunner Casey Kisses teases in a tight bikini, eager for intense sodomy. She gives alpha stud Pierce Paris a wet blowjob, gagging and masturbating as Pierce fucks her face. Casey whimpers when he porks her tight bunghole, licking her lips in lust. Fervid sodomy leads to rectal gaping and two epic ejaculations: First, Casey jerks off, slathering herself in she-sperm; then Pierce jumps in, squirting Casey with a cum facial! - Janaina Carvalho - She Male Strokers [HD 720p]

Busty Brazilian brunette Janaina Carvalho looks stunning in her fishnet bodysuit. She licks her pedicured fingers and rubs the saliva into her perfect nipples. Her breasts look juicy enough to taste. But first, she brings out her vibrating dildo for a little naughty fun. She lubes it up with spit and penetrates herself with the buzzing toy. Straddling the fake cock, she starts stroking her own love stick. All those vibrations get her humongous dick nice and drippy with precum. She plays with her uncut girl cock until she can no longer stand it and erupts with a huge and milky load of goo.
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