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[FullHD 1080p] Download - Kara, Brook - CHICKS-VS-BALLS: "BALLBUSTING INTERROGATION" [HD 720p]

Kara and Brook return to there apartment to find some guy sprawled across there floor butt naked, he hears them come in and trys to get to up but brook places her foot right in his crotch to keep him there while she phones the police. The police are on their way but the ladies want to do there own investigating and find out who the fuck he is. Best way to get quick honest answers is to torture someone, best way to torture a man is go straight for the balls. They kick him repeatedly between the legs while questioning him, he pleads with them to stop and that its a honest mistake him being in there house but they dont seem convinced. I think they secretly enjoy kicking the fuck out of a pair of balls. I dont thing theres going to be much left of him after they finish for the police to question - Holly Hendrix - Does Anal In Public [SD 400p] - Lucy Bell - Gangbang mom [SD 400p] - Melissa Grand - Getting her ass slammed hard [SD 400p] - Mistress Bella - PAINFUL ASSFUCK FROM MISTRESS BELLA [FullHD 1080p]

The slave cant move, he is stuck. Mistress Bella, on the hand can move freely and she will do everything she can to make the slave suffer like hell. She uses her slender but muscled and very bendable body and a huge strapon to make him cry and scream. First, she pushes the strapon brutally into his ass, then she tries out different position to know which ones are the worst for the slave and the best for her sadistic soul. - Monica y Jericob - Compramos el culito de Monica y se lo revienta un POLLON NEGRO delante de su novio [HD 720p] - ANGLE - 1 Behind The Scenes - GILF Stepmom Helps Anal Daughter Take 2 Cumshot [HD 720p] - Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee - BRUTAL BOOTS [HD 720p]

The male candidate is new to boot slavery, but he knows he desperately wants to worship leather boots! The two Mistresses are not going to let him get his kicks, without them getting theirs though! They start by teasing him with their sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, whilst one dangles them over his face, the other Mistress crushes his cock, balls and nipples. They dig their heels deep into his nipples and stomp on his genitals. Hell get to lap at their heels, but at a heavy and painful price! - Brooke Beretta [SD 400p] - Mia Annabella, Megan Jones - SMOTHER TRAINING WITH MEGAN AND MIA HD [FullHD 1080p]

"Youve gotta be able to survive us both!" Mia Annabella and Megan Jones are a force to be reckoned with and this slave is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to survive their big, smothering butts! The slave is tightly bound in plastic wrap and totally helpless (though two fierce wrestling babes like Megan and Mia could easily overpower and dominate the slave even without plastic wrap, but who doesnt like an immobilized smother slave?!?). The Mistresses take turns smothering the slave while setting time limits that he has to reach before being allowed to take another breath. Megans amazon like body and big, sexy booty do all the work for her, letting her effortlessly keep the slaves face buried (and crushed) beneath her. Mias strong thighs and bubble but also swallow the slaves face up easily, but throughout the clip she shows a little extra aggressiveness and shes eager to push the slave to his limits (or even further)! The slaves face gets absolutely destroyed beneath these bikini-clad Goddesses! He tries to squirm free, but theres no where for him to go. The slave is trapped, at the mercy of two Goddesses who are well... merciless! After nearly 15 minutes they finally decide theyve had enough smother training and a break is in order, but there wont be any breaks for the slave! Instead they leave him bound on the couch, telling him theyll be right back to use him as their seat while they eat and relax... - PRINCESS ASHLEY - EURO TRASH - THE ABBDUCTION [FullHD 1080p]

So we went to this slaves hotel in Vegas and literally abbducted him, tossed him in a car trunk, and then drove him to our Mean Girl Desert Torment compound to abuse and tortuure him. This clip was shot mostly on our girlfriends iphone when she came with us to watch us k1ddnapp this loser. This is totally REAL btw!! Then we get him back to our place, sit on our thrones, and make his Euro-trash ass PAY us!! After smacking him around a little bit he is more than happy to give us ALL his money and grovel at our feet!
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