Categories - Freya Dee, Ricky Rascal - The Intern - S31:E28 [HD 720p] - May 27, 2019

Freya Dee may think shes alone at work when she slips her hand beneath her dress and starts masturbating, but this intern is in for a big surprise when her boss walks in on her. Ricky Rascal catches Freya in the most incriminating of positions, with her miniskirt up, her panties pulled to the side, and her hands all over her muff. He asks her to come upstairs, but while Freya may think shes in trouble the reality is that Ricky is enchanted and wants to see more. Always happy to oblige the boss, Freya resumes masturbating her meaty twat right there on the couch while Ricky watches. She watches him with her fuck be eyes that practically beg him to join her. When Ricky gives in to the chemistry between himself and his hot intern, his fingers are neither slow nor gentle as he delivers a fast and furious pussy fingering. Once he has started with his hands, Ricky cant stop until hes had a taste of that cream filled fuck hole as well. Freya is eager to invite the boss in, so she lays herself out on the couch and lets Ricky have his way with her. When Ricky pulls his dick from his jeans and rubs it up and down her snatch, Freya throws her head back in delight. She slips a hand down between her thighs to guide him into her wet fuck hole. When Ricky rolls her onto her side, Freya cant help her sigh of pure bliss. The couple takes a short breather while Freya fills her mouth with the musky delight of Rickys dick. Hes hard as a rock as she sucks him in and out, leaving her wet and ready for round two. Ricky takes a seat on the couch and uses his big hands to guide Freya as she climbs into his lap and hops on his stiffie to ride him at a pace that leaves her breathless with desire. Getting to her feet, Freya leans forward to welcome Ricky inside once again as he stands behind her. The position lets Ricky really pile drive that soft pussy as he gives it to his intern hard and deep. In return, Freya resumes her blowjob until Ricky has been licked clean of her juices and has exploded in her mouth with a big cum shot that proves hes very pleased with his companys new hire. - Alexis Texas - Voluptuous Butts [FullHD 1080p]

xxx - Alecia Fox, Angelo Godshack, Charlie Red - Take A Picture - S32:E19 [HD 720p] - Jul 26, 2019

Angelo Godshack has the good fortunate to do a lingerie photoshoot with Alecia Fox and Charlie Red. The longer Angelo holds the camera, the more he realizes that Charlie and Alecia are super into each other. Not only that, but theyre making bedroom eyes at him and Angelo isnt dumb enough not to take a hint. As the girls exchange a kiss, Angelo joins them so they can put those mouths to better use sucking his hard cock. The blonde and redhead are happy to keep the party rolling, but they need to relocate to do it. Leading Angelo to the bedroom, they let him help them out of their bras and panties for the shoots after party. Angelo cant quite finish his job before he gives in to the urge to dip his head and taste Charlies sweet juices. Not about to give up the opportunity to lay hands on her partner, Alecia rubs down Charlies tits before occupying Charlies mouth as Angelo finger bangs her and then replaces his fingers with his cock. Rubbing Charlies clit as Angelo fucks the redhead is the ultimate foreplay for Alecia. They make intimate eye contact as Angelos hips work Charlies fuck hole, making out in the hottest way possible. When Charlie turns around, Alecia finally gets the chance to climb on top of her and get on her hands and knees with her twat floating above Charlies face and Angelos cock balls deep in her cum hungry fuck hole. This new position lets Alecia keep on rubbing Charlies clit as Angelo fucks her and Charlie sucks her clit. The combined efforts of Angelo and Charlie leave Alecia moaning and gasping as a bone melting climax grips her body. Kissing the back of Alecias neck, Angelo holds her tight as she comes down from her climax. Working together to take another BJ, the girls wind up Angelo for another round of hot loving. Charlie climbs onto Angelos freshly fluffed fuck stick, riding him as Alecia helps double down on her pleasure. The blonde gets her reward for waiting patiently when Angelo spoons behind her and goes to town with his hardon. As shes getting her needs met, Alecia eagerly keeps her magic hands going on Charlies clitoris. As Angelo slowly brings it down a notch, Charlie takes her turn holding Alecia as the blonde is getting the D. Angelo goes as long as he can, but eventually he reaches the end of his endurance. Pulling out, he covers Alecias stomach with his big load, leaving the two girls satisfied with their post-work coitus. - Ivy Lebelle - Special Tasks [FullHD 1080p]

Personal assistant Ivy Lebelle is sent to her boss home to help organize her closet... or so it seems! When she gets there, however, she is welcomed by her employers husband, Scott Nails. It doesnt take too long before Ivy realizes the real reason she was sent there: to please Mr. Nails! Sloppy blowjob, titty-fucking, tight-ripping and even anal sex; anything goes when its time to please the cock... uh, we mean the boss!
1By - JOHANE JOHANSSON - Day/DDFProd [HD 720p] - Alex Grey - Blonde Sex Fiend Hot POV [FullHD 1080p]

Alex Grey is back and the best she’s ever been. This petite, blonde sex fiend is ready to get her tight hole slammed and her face fucked after a sensual and sexy striptease. This beautiful babe talks dirty the whole way through as she moans in pleasure. Her soaking wet pussy is everything a man could hope for...tight, warm, and ready to be fucked. She gags on the dick until it unloads a thick, hot, sticky mess on her face. Enjoy this sexy catwoman wearing black lingerie, ready to swallow a big cock and to be fucked very hard while moaning very excited, she gets in four very fast to receive that hard cock in her pussy, After a while, she takes that dick to lick it and give him a good manual massage. This petite blonde is penetrated in all positions, doggy style, spreading her legs wide, riding it back and forth, before receiving a shock of hot jizz on her face and mouth. - Joslyn Jane - Busty PAWG Mom DESTROYED By MONSTER Black Dick! [2K UHD 2160p]

My daughter is ALWAYS on social media. Theres not a minute that goes by where her computer or her phone isnt hooked up to it! Shes obsessed. - Foxii Black, Josh Finley - Lovers Embrace - S29:E30 [HD 720p] - Dec 4, 2018

Foxii Black is reading a steaming hot novel while she enjoys the sun outside. She cant help but slide her romper aside and slide her hand between her thighs. Shes just fingering the folds of her meaty pussy when Josh Finley spies her from the balcony. Seeing that buffet of sensuality laid out before him is too much for Josh to bear. He gets downstairs ASAP and entices Foxii inside with a kiss. Hot, horny, and oh so willing, Foxii follows Josh to the bedroom and lets him help her out of her clothes. His dick is barely constrained by his pants and springs free easily as Foxii undoes the button. She cant keep herself from kneeling down with her hand at the base of Joshs hardon and her mouth wrapped around the tip. Her blowjob is passionate, needy, and only gets deeper when Josh licks his finger nad slides it into her snatch. Since Foxii is already on her knees, its easy enough for Josh to come around behind her and put his tongue to work fondling her fuck hole. He moves his head slightly up to rub the tip of his tongue against her anus while his fingers continue to work her twat. The combined stimulation is just what Foxii needs to fill the room with moans of delight as her first climax of the day breaks through her. While Foxii remains on her hands and knees, Josh rises up behind her and replaces his fingers with the head of his dick. He pushes all the way inside, then winds his hand in Foxiis hair to anchor her in place as he starts thrusting his hips. His doggy style pussy pounding is just what this raven-haired hottie needs to achieve true happiness. After she enjoys another round of cock sucking, Foxii climbs aboard Joshs fuck stick and takes him all the way inside her nicely trimmed twat. The busty European is eager to take a ride on that big dick, rocking her hips in a rhythm that gets her titties bouncing. When she leans forward, Josh reaches up to grab her neck in a little bit of breath play. When Foxii flips onto her back, Josh reenters her to the tune of her gasp of delight. This angle gives him a whole new appreciation of the way her breasts jiggle with each thrust of his hips. Pressing his palm to his girlfriends belly, Josh uses his thumb to fondle her clit as he gives her the D until shes writhing and moaning in sheer pleasure. As one climax rolls through Foxii, she lifts her leg onto Joshs shoulder so he can hit her g-spot to bring her off a second time in quick succession. As Foxii throws her head back in ecstasy, Josh fills her with a creampie of his hot juicy love. - Carmen Caliente, Logan Long - Forbidden Fruit - S30:E17 [HD 720p] - Jan 24, 2019

Carmen Caliente is lounging in bed with a full lingerie getup that she cant keep her hands off of. Her sultry body is hugged by a bra and panties, and her long legs are encased by sheer thigh high stockings. She caresses herself up and down as she waits for Logan Long to join her, making sure that her passion is already at a fever pitch when he crawls into bed with her. Soon Logan has filled his hands with Carmens breasts and has pressed his lips to hers. He grabs some grapes from a nearby plate to rub down her front and back, creating a seductive cooling touch that only stokes her passionate flames higher. With Carmen already on her belly, Logan takes advantage of the position to pull her underwear down and press his face into her greedy slit so he can use his pierced tongue to make his love moan in pure bliss. Turning Carmen over onto her back, Logan continues his pussy feast until her hips are bucking in delight. Carmen isnt about to let such a thorough oral exploration go unmatched. She climbs on top of Logan so he can grasp her big ass as she makes out with him. Then she scoots lower, kneading Logans hard dick as she works it out of his pants. When his big hardon is finally freed, Carmen goes to town with her lusty blowjob. She strokes and sucks, bobbing her head ever lower until she is deep throating Logans stiffie. Sucking cock is enjoyable, but not enough to get Carmen off. The horny Latina is happy to take her pleasure into her own hands as she rises to a crouching position and guides Logans fuck stick to position it at her entrance. Sliding down on him, she keeps going until she is fully impaled and ready for a stiffie ride. Carmen is happy to rock her hips for both of their enjoyment for as long as it takes to cum, but Logan wants some more active participation. He urges Carmen onto her knees so he can fuck her doggy style, delivering a pussy pounding that leaves them each close to satisfaction. Carmen flips onto her back so she can watch Logan bring her the completion shes been craving, but shes not done yet and neither is he. Back on her hands and knees, Carmen watches over her shoulder as Logan resumes banging her from behind. His ball slapping pace gets Carmen off again, leaving her nearly limp with pleasure. When Logan feels her cumming, he pulls out of her warm wetness and lets her jerk him off until he explodes all over that delectable big ass to cover her in cum. - Alyssia Kent, Murgur - Feeling You - S29:E19 [HD 720p] - Nov 1, 2018

Alyssia Kent is sleek and sexy as she dons mile-high heels and a sheer teddy. Murgur enjoys watching his stunning girlfriend get ready, but imagine his surprise when she turns around from the mirror and struts across the room while holding out a blindfold. Always open to kinky play, Murgur stays nice and still as Alyssia covers his eyes so she can have her sensual way with him. Leaning over Murgurs shoulder, Alyssia presses her palms to her boyfriends chest and lets them slide slowly lower. The flat plane of his chest entices her to walk around and kneel before Murgurs powerful body. Pulling out his already-hard dick, she leans in to start sucking. When thats not enough to satisfy her sensual itch, she pops her full breasts from her lingerie and pushes them together for a titty fuck. Pulling aside the bottom of her thong, Alyssia climbs into Murgurs lap and slides home on his stiffie. She leans in, taking the opportunity to relieve him of his blindfold as she slowly, inexorably rides until she reaches the first peak of her satisfaction. When Alyssia falls back and lets Murgur take the lead in their erotic dance, he finally relinquishes the tight control he has maintained over himself and goes to town dominating that cream filled fuck hole. Leaning in for a kiss, Murgur helps relieve Alyssia of her lingerie before they switch positions. She finds herself back on top, this time with her back to Murgurs chest. Sliding his hands around Alyssias slim waist, Murgur helps guide his lovers movements as she uses her well-toned thighs to create a primal rhythm of desire between them. The couple takes a moment to cool things down as Alyssia splays herself on the couch with her thighs spread as wide as possible to make way for Murgurs talented tongue. He is masterful with his mouth, eking out groans of pure bliss as he works her clit and laps the juices of their mutual desire. Rolling onto her hands and knees, Alyssia watches over one shoulder as Murgur reenters her from behind and flexes his hips until he has brought her to the pinnacle of delight. Finally satisfied, Alyssia climbs off Murgurs dick and pushes him down on the bed. She sucks him clean of her sweet musk, then presses her breasts together for another tittie fuck. The friction from those soft bazongas is just what Murgur needs to get off and cover Alyssia with a cumshot that leaves her breasts dripping with delight. - Jessica Miller - Big Breasted Brunette Gets Anal and Creampie [FullHD 1080p]

BradMontana - Yara Morgana - Cavala Deu Para Quatro Dotados [FullHD 1080p] - Lady Olivia Fyre - The Neighbor Lady [FullHD 1080p]

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