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Born: October 22, 1990 Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
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Alexa and Amadahy tease a cow in the machine milking warehouse. Its a typical day. The male suffers in a state of near-constant sexual arousal while the teasers harvest its pre-cum for profit. Amadahy voices that shes concerned about an issue with the system. The corrective penalty shock button is too close to the end of shifterectionremovalfunction. Some teasers have been meaning to administer the corrective shock, but have instead accidently removed theerectioncompletely. Changing the interface would be a solution, but too much work. Its easier to just re-program the cow. Amadahy decides that she wants to see how long it will take for the cow to recover anerectionafter the end of shift program has had its effect. Getting a male to regain anerectionfor hot girls is a lot quicker and easier than rearranging the interface. With such heavy teasing from such beautiful teasers, the male starts to lose its mind, babbling and such. Theres only one way to correct it: with electric shocks. The girls take turns riding the lightning by sitting on the males face as they send a direct, corrective, current through its testicles.
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As part of pledge Devons initiation into the sorority, she has to let her sisters tie her to a bed and sit on her face. Its very humiliating for the pledge, but if she really wants to be a part of the sorority, she will do it.AmadahyandNatalyaare initiating Devon. They do not like Devon. They are never going to let her into the sorority, but they want to haze her anyway. Devon does not belong in a sorority. Shes too fat and her family is too poor. The richer sorority girls make Devon smell their shoes and butts. Devon has to smell their pussies, feet and stockings, too. Devon complains. The experience is weird, and she wants it to stop.AmadahyandNatalyawill not stop. They love making Devon hate herself. They want her life to be miserable. She does not deserve to be part of their group.AmadahyandNatalyaset up a mirror, so that they can admire their beauty while riding the homely girls face.Amadahydecides that she wants to use the pledges face to pleasure herself to orgasm. Devon has not consented to being sexually used. Nobody cares.Amadahycalls her boyfriend, so she can listen to his voice while she cums. He wont pick up, so she hasNatalyasext her boyfriend for her while she dictates what she wantsNatalyato type.Amadahys sexting is very explicit.Natalyatakes photos ofAmadahyusing Devons face, and sends them toAmadahys boyfriend. They wantAmadahys boyfriend to get turned on by their experimental lesbianism. Devon does not have a boyfriend. Shes the only one in the sorority house who doesnt. The other girls call her queer because no male wants her. They suspect that she gets off on the humiliation from the other girls, like a weirdo.Natalyaholds Devon down, soAmadahycan get off with her face.Amadahysmothers the lesbian pledge in her ass, denying her air until she cums.Amadahylooks at herself in the mirror as she climaxes. She calls Devon a stupid bitch as she orgasms on Devons face.
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ChloeandSashasurvey the damage they have done to their slave with a previous beating. His back is already heavily marked by the girls. But it isnt enough to satisfy the sadistic Princesses. They want the slave to suffer more for their amusement. The slave complains that he is too sore to take another beating, but the Princesses do not care. They string him up anyway. Sissy helga attendsChloe. Helga does not like to witness the cruel beatings of the slaves from the stables. It frightens her.Chloelikes to keep helga in fear, so she makes the sissy watch. Soon, just having helga in attendance is not enough to satisfyChloes cruelty.Chloemakes the sissy humiliate itself by dancing for her amusement while she andSashacontinue to beat the tethered slave. Unsatisfied by helgas pathetic attempt to entertain,ChloeandSashadecide to string her up and whip her next. Perhaps the sissys screams will be more amusing than her ridiculous dancing.
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Alexa and Natalya look incredible in theirsexylingerie. Together, they torment a loser by sitting on his face and smothering him beneath their asses. They love controlling the losers breath. For extra measure, they pinch his nose shut. He really cant sneak any air. The girls get mad at the loser for ogling their butts. Its not smart to make the girls mad, because then they get meaner. They hold him down aggressively bounce harder on his head. Alexa and Natalya deny him air for longer and longer periods of time. They really crush his skull by sitting with both of their full weight on his head at the same time. Just when the slave thinks it might get a break from the angry girls, the hard bouncing and rough face riding start
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Amadahy sits on a slaves face in a thong backedleotard. She is making the slave crazy. Her ass is oiled and shining, and shes had a mirror set up, so that she can look at herself while teasing the slave. She smothers the slave with her body, happy and smiling at his discomfort. Amadahy loves controlling the slaves breath. She bounces on the slaves face and rocks her hips. The slave gets a boner, which is rude, so she punches it. The slave isnt allowed to get an erection, but Amadahy wants an orgasm. She decides to ride the slaves face until she cums. The slave needs to hold its breath until she climaxes. Amadahy rides the slaves face hard. The slave is very much needs air by the time Amadahy has finished. Then, she makes her slave smell her panties. She presses down even more with her weight, completely sealing the slaves airways. He struggles underneath her, fighting for a breath. Amadahy giggles as he tries to fight her off. She is stronger and wont budge. Amadahy shifts to a different position for a second orgasm. The slave sneaks a quick breath before going back under.
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Losers ask us all the time how they can become aslavein Brat Princess clips. If that sounds like you, watch this video. In it, youll see how we use and abuse a loser who desperately wanted to be in our clips. We treat thisslavelike the subhuman it is, and if you come to our house to serve us, we are going to be just as mean and bratty to you. Included in this clip is an email address. If after seeing everything we do to this guy, you still want to be ourslave, then go ahead and send an email. You could be the loser we humiliate and beat next.
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Gorgeous brunette amateur Sherly Quinn gets to experience her first sex session on camera in a steamy audition scene. She shows of her tattoos then sucks Morgans big, hard cock. Sherly rides dick like theres no tomorrow and finally gets cum glazed all over her tummy.
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Hot European beauties Merry Pie and Emily Brix sensually wash in a bathtub. The action moves to the floor where they 69, lick and finger each other passionately. After they orgasm, these naughty beauties take a shower together.
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Naughty German beauty Jolee Love has intense sexual nightmares. In her first one Smorlow spanks, humiliates and forces her to orgasm. Jolees next dream shows her getting hardcore dominated, slapped and fucked by black stud Dylan Brown "the Giant". In the end, this horny chick gets cum all over her chest.
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