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It’s their anniversary and Donnie (Donnie Rock) wants to surprise his wife, Cassie (Cassie Cloutier) with the massage of her life. It takes some convincing but the good-looking masseuse, Charles (Charles Dera) finally agrees to provide “a little extra” treatment as requested. Soon after the party starts and as Cassie is having her pussy massaged, she spots Donnie pulling on his pecker as he watches. So, with a smile, she invites him to join the fun. Cassie groans with pleasure as Charles’ cock pumps her cunt and she gasps for air as Donnie’s dick finds its way down her throat. The two handsome hunks take turns fucking her mouth and pussy with their huge thick rods until they both cum, at the same time, completely covering her face. - Angelina Castro, Fit Sydney - Earning Your Place with Angelina [FullHD 1080p]

Sydney is dating a member of my family and I need to see if she is willing to earn her place. She certainly seems eager and I find out she is willing to do ANYTHING to please me and my big strap on dildo! Check out the hot all girl action now! - Cherie DeVille - Slut Maker E2 [HD 720p]

Donnie’s unsuspecting step-mom (Cherie DeVille) opens the refrigerator to grab something to quench her thirst. Little did she know that her step-son had spiked the ice tea with a potion that would turn her into an unstoppable nympho. Sure enough, Donnie is soon watching his step-mom as she frantically fucks a dildo… that is until she sees him. Now, all she can think of is sucking and fucking a real live dick. Completely out-of-control, Cherie gags on her step-son’s cock before she mounts and fucks his shaft. Donnie takes his step-mom from behind while she deepthroats her dildo. The taboo twosome lick, suck and fuck until Donnie empties his balls all over his step-mom’s face. - India Summer, Vera King - Watching Porn With India [FullHD 1080p]

Vera calls India, "Where are you? Im at the lakehouse resort, and youre supposed to be here for a girls weekend." India politely declines, she didnt expect her stepson to visit, but now that hes here, she cant possibly meet up with Vera. Vera rolls her eyes at the idea of India choosing him over her. India confides in Vera. This visit isnt like any other, its different.. its as if the two are playing a secret game of seduction. The sexual tension is so thick, and she knows its wrong to feel this way about her stepson, but she cant help herself. Vera assures her that it would be the biggest mistake to give into your impulses, not with your stepson. - Misha Mynx, Vanessa Sierra - A Blonde Gone Wild E1 [HD 720p]

Misha (Misha Mynx), looking to get over a recent break-up, tells her best friend, Vanessa (Vanessa Sierra), she needs something to take her mind off of her ex-boyfriend. Vanessa knows just what to do. She invites Misha to join her and her boyfriend, Adam (Adam Stone), for an afternoon of fun. Misha and Vanessa get things started as Adam looks on but he’s soon compelled to join in. The two sexy blonds passionately kiss, lick and suck Adam’s generous cock. As Vanessa straddles Adam’s face, Misha climbs aboard and rides his manhood. They share their bodies and pleasure each other until Adam orgasms and cums all over their faces. - Natalie Knight - Homework [FullHD 1080p]

Natalie Knight didnt want to do her homework so Logan Long took care of it. However, now it is time for the petite blonde to put her teen mouth on Logans monster cock to pay back for Logans help. - Isabelle - Naughty Nineteen [SD 480p] - Misha Mynx - A Blonde Gone Wild E2 [HD 720p]

Yesterday’s afternoon threesome serves its purpose and temporarily takes Misha’s (Misha Mynx) mind off of her ex-boyfriend. But Vanessa can tell that Misha needs further distraction. With Vanessa’s permission, Misha invites Adam (Adam Stone) to her apartment. Once inside, Misha’s can’t wait to taste Adam’s cock so she strips down to her bra and panties and drops to her knees. Adam enters Misha from behind and brings her to new heights with each thrust. The two lovers continue to fuck each other in delicious positions until Adam can no longer hold back his orgasm. He pulls out of Misha’s swollen pussy and covers her ass with streams of thick, creamy cum. The two lovers share kisses and smiles. - Lilly Hall - Beauty And The Priest E3 [HD 720p]

The big day has arrived. Father Rock (Donnie Rock) makes his rounds, greeting the groom, (Charles Dera) and finally Lilly (Lilly Hall). Lilly wants a final lesson to learn how to use her third hole. With the groom in the other room, Father Rock readily agrees to give Lilly what she wants… a lesson in the fine art of anal sex. Lilly begins by showing her priest just how good she has become at sucking cock. Father Rock wastes no time. He guides Lilly into position and then gently eases his cock into her ass. Father Rock pulls is cock out of her ass and stuffs it back into her mouth until she gags. He then enters her butthole from behind and fucks her ass hard. Father Rock guides Lilly onto her back where he fucks her ass as she works her clit to an orgasm. Father Rock continues to pump her ass until he cums and splatters her pussy with his man juice. Lilly is now confident that she is ready for her wedding night. - Autumn Falls, Lena Paul - The Therapist Vol 1 E1 [HD 720p]

Autumn (Autumn Falls) joins her best friend and therapist, Lena (Lena Paul), in a therapy session intended to help Autumn become comfortable with her own sexuality and thereby improve her love-making with her husband (Donnie Rock). As Lena verbally walks Autumn through a sudsy, shower fantasy, she becomes sexually aroused and can’t help but seduce her sexy patient. Before long, a fully-clothed, Lena uses her fingers and tongue to bring Autumn to many seismic orgasms. - Bella Jane - Home Invasion E3 [HD 720p]

After having more sex together, Bella and Charles decide to use Donnie as a sex toy. Bella gorges herself on Donnie’s dick as Charles fucks her hard from behind. As a cruel display of control, Bella mounts her husband’s cock as Charles fucks her face. The romp evolves into a full-blown threesome. Bella sucks and fucks both men until the ex-con cums on Bella’s belly and her husband cums on her face. - Misha Mynx, Vanessa Sierra - A Blonde Gone Wild E3 [HD 720p]

Misha tells Vanessa all the salacious details of her time with Adam. All that sexy talk makes the girls horny as hell. Although Misha and Vanessa aren’t actually lesbians per se, they are drawn to each other. They share kisses as their hands explore their bodies. Misha and Vanessa share a sensual afternoon discovering each other in new ways. An afternoon of licking, kissing and stimulating clits culminates in multiple orgasms for the luscious sexy blonds. - Bambi Black, Maya Bijou - Let Me Watch Vol 1 E1 [HD 720p]

Bambi (Bambi Black) and Maya (Maya Bijou), two best friends, are having fun trying on sexy lingerie in front of the mirror when their conversation turns to sex. They giggle as they talk about their husbands (Donnie Rock, Charles Dera) and their sex lives. Bambi is surprised when Maya confides that she’s never had a threesome. Bambi’s husband, Donnie, comes home early and walks in on the two half-naked beauties. Bambi seizes upon the opportunity and easily seduces her husband. Maya and Bambi take turns masturbating while watching each other having sex with Donnie. When Donnie cums, Bambi enjoys watching her husband drop his load into Maya’s mouth and of course, Maya’s happy to share his cum load with Bambi.