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A very fun custom vid in which I sink to my knees in a parka jacket and suck on his dick nice and hard and sloppy. The parka comes off until Im wearing just the hoodie and suck him some more until he blasts 3 big loads all over my face! Like I said very fun.
Chaturbate - Blancnoir - Brother Sister Roleplay [HD 720p]

Video Info 774 MB / 00:15:10 / 1280 x 720 / MP4
Chaturbate - Blancnoir - Show from 18 June 2015 [SD 480p]

ManyVids - Kinkycouple111 - Cumming when not supposed to [HD 720p]

I just cum and cum, even when Im not supposed to. Watch me get fucked nice and deep using my wand to help give me some massive orgasms.
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Custom video! I made him cum all over my face early on, but I wasnt done so I stripped off my lingerie and continued to suck him off til he came on my tits twice more.
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My (REAL) brother in-law came to town and his first night here turned out to be a blast! We started the night off by going to some fun spots and it didnt take long for things to go from fun to fucking. I couldnt keep his dick out of my mouth from the start and between places we would have to stop so I could feel him in me! I was actually surprised, he had a very nice cock and he fucked me good. After some time on the town and in a hot tub, we went to a place I could really get his cock. I sucked Ryland while Riley pounded me and it turned me on soooooo much. It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time and it finally came true! It only got hotter when he pulled out of my pussy and shoved his rock hard dick in my asshole. I dont do that often, I barely let Ryland fuck my ass, but I could not say no to him and I am so glad that I didnt. The feeling of Riley in my butt with Rylands cock in my mouth was euphoric. After a long, very crazy night we finally made it home, but I needed to taste his cock one more time before the night was over. So, while Ryland was outside I threw Riley on the couch and pulled down his pants, which was already hard, and sucked him until he filled my mouth. I kept it in my mouth, spit it out and then had his cum shoved deep inside me before letting Ryland fuck me. This night was filled with lots of sex, sucking and kink, and it was only his first night staying with us.
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The final, the most intense, and the overall best part of my Stealing My Best Friends Daddy series! Ive been so excited to share this with you guys, and I hope you love it as much as I do! In this episode, Ive finally caught Daddy all alone. Alex is still dreaming away in her bedroom when I sneak into your office, determined to get what I want. To top it off, I know youve been telling your brother all about the sexy videos on your laptop and suggest that you invite him over to help get my pussy all stretched and ready for you. Nipple clamps, my collar, a sexy school girl outfit, and a rough spit roasting until I cry big happy tearswith double cumshot (one on my face, one in my pussy). What more could you ask for? I even set up secret cameras in your office so you have something to remember our special time together. I know well be doing it again soon too, since I kept a copy for myself and would hate for your wife to get her hands on it.
ManyVids - PrincessBambie - Stealing My Best Friends Daddy P.2 [FullHD 1080p]

In the second installment to Stealing My Best Friends Daddy, your daughters best friend has hidden yet another naughty video on your laptop. Im certain that youve received the first two videos I sent. Youre still avoiding me, and plus, I found some cute new stuff in your secret box of naughty things. Lingerie, a collar, and even a really BIG dildo Did you pick them out just for me? Is that how big your cock is? Im eager to show off for you and prove that I can take the new toy you got me. Maybe once you see it, youll know what a good girl I can be. I show off my blow job skills before putting on my collar and fingering my pussy to get it ready for you. Once Im all wet, I show off all the practice Ive been getting in with your daughter and prove that I can take my new toy. Its a tight fit, but pretty soon Im really horny and ready to fuck myself harder. Im not sure what time my parents will be home and it would be really embarrassing for them to catch me in action, so I put in your favorite ball gag before fucking my little pussy (the ballgag doesnt really succeed in keeping me quiet) until I cum. Once Im finished, I thank you for my new toys and go clean up. Dont worry, I have something extra special in store for the final part of your gift.
ManyVids - PrincessBambie - Stealing My Best Friends Daddy P.1 [FullHD 1080p]

In this three part Bambie collection, your daughters best friend has a MAJOR crush on you. After all, since Alex (daughters name, for the porn plot!!!) and I became best friends, youve really stepped in as a father figure: taking me to all my soccer games, teaching me to drive. I cant help but wish that I had a dad like you. So when Alex lets me use your computer to print something out for school and I notice your recent browser history, I hatch a devious plan on how to seduce you and make you the Daddy Ive always dreamed of. Sneaking into your office, I begin leaving secret naughty videos on your desktop for you to find. In this first installment, I tease you with some cute clothes and my tight, young bodybreaking you into seeing me as something more than just your daughters best friend. I wait to see how you react; I can tell how nervous you are around me, but you dont confront me about them so I assume that youve enjoyed your first little surprise. In the second video, Ive borrowed some of the sex toys I found in your bedroom and decide to start practicing so that I can be the good little girl from the fantasies I found on your computer. Drooling on my gag, gagging from the tight collar, tor turing my sensitive clit with a vibrator for the first time ever. Fingering my pussy fast and hard until I reach the climax of a lifetime (literally tho, I loved making this scene lol OMG) I show great promise as Daddys potential new toy. But, Im still a bit inexperienced, and youre clearly still gun-shy about these sexual feelings for your daughters best friend. Alex should be headed over to pick me up soon anyways, so I guess youll have to wait to find out what happens next.
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This beautifully chiseled and hung bbc uses all my holes with his huge hard BBC. He pops on my chest, face, mouth and in my assi collected it in a glass and swallow it ALL at the end! Huge cock, cock worship, 69, anal, multiple pops and I swallow it all down like the good little cum slut I am.
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So, I was super horny and I texted Johnny to see if he could help me out. He had a guest staying with him, so I had to meet him secretly in the guest house. We set up a 4k camera and went at it. He fucks my pussy and my ass with alot of ENTHUSIASM! He cums deep in my ass and I get dressed and sneak back out. See my secret sexcapade with Johnny now.
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Im a little anal slut and got a great idea. I fuck and stretch my asshole then fill it with lube and push it all out. I fuck and gape my self some more before filling my ass more, sliding two fingers from each hand in my asshole, stretching it open and pushing out every drop.
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