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Chris Ward set out to film the best fisting scene he has ever done, and he delivers brilliantly with a 45-minute-long pairing pitting Simon Cox against Paris-based Taurus. Sure, these guys are both beautiful and have great bodies. But what makes this scene the best of all time is the action. We are talking many, many positions, and deep, deep fisting. If you think you have seen Simon Cox perform before, think again. This is the Scene of His Career! No handballer can possibly skip this scene--it really is one of the finest fisting scenes ever recorded! Both Simon and Taurus shine because these men are committed to fisting. Taurus lives next door to Kellers, Pariss notorious fisting club. Some even say that he lives at the club! This man is an expert on warming a mans heart the old fashioned way - with friction! And Simon has, without any doubt, the best bottom hole on the planet Earth. We think they can even see it gaping open from the Space Station. At any rate, it certainly sucks in everything in its path - a virtual black hole from which nothing can escape! This scene is an instant classic, and everyone who has ever enjoyed a Chris Ward handball film must buy this disc! It is hardcore erotica at its very best. No one can do it better - most will not even try!-- SiteRip

Public speaking is a big fear for most folks; but, luckily for Ryan Bailey, he has a supportive boyfriend in Marcell Tykes that he can practice with before heading into class. Marcell even goes the extra mile, dropping his drawers since everyone says, just imagine the audience in their underwear! But, with his half naked, super sexy boyfriend in front of him, Bailey throws caution to the wind, his speech to the side and can only focus on some serious fucking! He shows Tykes his appreciation for trying to help by stripping the rest of his clothes off, kissing the kid all over then, shoving his big, thick dick down the dudes thirsty throat. Bailey may not be comfortable delivering a speech but, he sure can deliver some deviously delicious dirty talk! Tykes is a trained dancer and has one of THE best butts in porn and, Bailey cant resist burying his perfectly chiseled face deep inside that round rump for a hot, wet tongue ramming. Once prepped, Ryan rams another one of his perfect features balls deep for a bareback boning complete with ass smacks and a fucktastic fishhooking. After doing some damage in doggy style, the boys hop on the bed where Ryan works his beautiful bottom multiple ways; a leg over his shoulder, naughty nipple tweaks and a heavy hand around Tykes throat for added pleasure. Cumming into the home hammering, Bailey pulls his babe to the beds edge to stand and deliver. With erotic encouragement from Ryans potty mouth, Tykes tosses a titanic tidal wave of white hot wank all over his beautiful bronze skin and the sight sends Baileys boner to the BUST station! He milks his massive monster all over Marcell, covering the kid with even more cum. Then, the ferocious fucker flops his spent but STILL super sized sledgehammer down with a thick thump onto Tykes tight torso. Marcell reaches down and wraps his hand around both their cum covered cocks as the sex soaked pair collapse in a postcoital kiss. - Damien Stone, Marcus Tresor - Taboo, Part 1 [HD 720p]

Ripped hunk Marcus Tresor is having some issues with his crazy soon-to-be ex-girlfriend! He has decided hes had enough, and heads into the bedroom to pack his belongings. While packing, he discovers a male blow up doll hiding in the closet which peaks his sexual curiosity. He strips down, and mounts the doll only to be discovered mid-ride by his girlfriend, and beefy hunk Damien Stone. His girlfriend runs off, and Damien takes this opportunity to give Marcus a taste of the real thing!

Tall hunk Kelly Evans sees the perfect opportunity to get a piece of his stepsons ass when his wife leaves for the day. Fit cutie Armond Rizzo has wanted to wrap his lips around Kellys big cock for quite some time, and doesnt hold back once its deep inside his wet mouth. Little does he know, Kelly also wants a piece of brown-skinned Zario Travezz, and goes back and forth between both men until hes ready to cum. - Landon, Angelo - Landon & Angelo: Bareback [HD 720p]

Dark-skinned, muscular Landon and tall, slender Angelo are meeting for the first time, and theyre both pretty excited. I get to meet Landon for the first time. Youre totally one of my ideal guys! You got all these hot esthetics; chest muscles, shoulders, and this jock look. You are just built all over, says Angelo. Good-looking Landon cant help but to blush. Can I see your dick? asks brown-haired Angelo. Yeah, thats what were here for. Go for it! exclaims Landon. That thing is going to be huge! says Angelo. Its a grower, giggles Landon. Its going to fuck me up for sure, but in a good way! I am going to like it! says Angelo confidently. - TruuTruu - Black Couple use White Maid as a fucktoy because of mess [HD 720p] - Claire - Black Deep Hard Rough 3 hole Fuck chocking and mouth fingering [HD 720p]

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