PlumperPass - Curvy Quinn - Making A BBW Pornstar [FullHD 1080p]

PlumperPass - Oksana Rose - Titty Half Time [FullHD 1080p]

PlumperPass - Sofia Rose - Flash Back Fucking [FullHD 1080p]

PlumperPass - Veronica Vaughn - Big Pussy Incentive [SD 400p]

PlumperPass - Curvy Quinn - Making A BBW Pornstar [SD 400p]

PlumperPass - Sofia Rose - Flash Back Fucking [SD 400p]

PlumperPass - Mischievous Kitty - A Kittys Reward [HD 720p]

When Mischievous Kitty discovers dick pics on the cell phone she found by her house, she immediately decides to have some fun before returning the phone to its rightful owner. Upon learning that shes gone through all of his dick shots and posted some in social media, Asante decides to show her that a picture is worth a thousand words by making her gag on his big black cock.
PlumperPass - Mya Blair - Soapy Plumper Fucking [HD 720p]

Mya is home from work and finally has some time to herself, so shes scheduled in a little self-care time. After washing herself from the filth of the work day she starts rubbing her clit. But when she finds Asante peeking in on her, she grabs him and begins sucking him off in the shower. Asante gets soaked while Mya is already soaking wet, if hes going to join her he better be prepped to give her pussy the pounding she needs.
PlumperPass - Veronica Vaughn - Breakup Cum [HD 720p]

Veronica and Johnny broke up. This is the last stretch of their relationship, packing up and moving on. Veronica, not feeling what Johnny has to say, picks a dildo from one of the boxes and starts playing with it, teasing him and fucking with his mind. After resisting, Johnny caves in and gives her a last fuck she will remember from him for the rest of her life.
PlumperPass - Bunny De La Cruz - The Friendly Mechanic [HD 720p]

Bunny cant seem to get her car started. Luckily Johnny Tattoo just happened to be cruisin by ready to rev her engine up! Once he gets her car started she invites him back to her place for some thank you payment. Not only is her car working, shes working Johnnys huge cock. Slobber, suck and fuck! This is a great one, enojoy!
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PlumperPass - Alexxxis Allure - A Dick that Fits at Plumper Pass [HD 720p]

Alexxxis loves the way Johnny dresses her for her productions, but he loves the way her big titties and thick figure press against him even more. When Alexxxis dishes about her slutty extracurricular activities, Johnny gets hard just thinking about that horny plumpers tongue on his big cock. Once Alexxxis catches onto Johnnys intentions they are destined for an afternoon of pure fucking pleasure.
PlumperPass - Victoria Secret - BBW Test Ride [HD 720p]

Victoria has an appointment with Carlo to rent a studio for a sexy photo shoot. She wants some pictures of herself in some naughty lingerie, and hes happy to oblige. After showing her around the studio for a bit, he gets a pretty strong feeling Victoria is a porn star! So smart Carlo sets his camera to record, grabs Victorias phat ass and lets the good times happen.
PlumperPass - Emma East - Meet Easy Emma [HD 720p]

Have you ever wondered what a rack that is bigger than your head would look like? Well, meet Emma East! Emma came to us because she just needed to get fucked. For some crazy reason, those enormous melons dont get enough attention. Well, our boy Carlo gave her and that giant rack more than enough attention. After she teased us with those tits, which barely fit her bra, this milf was hungry and needed some cock!
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