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Its always nice to introduce a PascalsSubSlut to things she hasnt had much experience of before. And its especially nice when she looks as classy and elegant and downright fuackable as Joanna Bujoli does. Shes a beauty. Joanna loves being sub but the only thing shes ever done BDSM-wise is getting tied to a table at a swingers club and whipped, or caned, or something. She tells us all about it in her interview. Not at all bad as first steps go but she didnt get fucked that night and shes never had the opportunity to do anything similar since. So we put her through the ringer. The good doctor Pascal hangs her up by the neck to the hook, cuffs her wrists, cuffs her ankles and attaches a spreader bar inbetween them. She gets really wet from the choking and spanking. Shes already been introduced to the wand in the solo vid, which she loved and came twice from, so when P brings that into play everything gets even more intense. And its not just the bondage that gets Joanna off. Once shes been unshackled, she just adores being dragged around and roughed up and used and abused called names, so much so thats shes happy to agree with P by repeating them.Oh and did I mention the fact that she gets fucked in the ass from beginning to end? Well, except for the last position but thats just because Pascal wanted to check out her cunt before he shot his load down her throat (which, yes, she duly swallows). Nothing like a really beautiful, classy woman getting wrecked and used and loving every second of it. A serious fucking treat this week, guys. - VicaTS - Shemale Webcams Video part 1 [FullHD 1080p] - VicaTS - Shemale Webcams Video part 2 [FullHD 1080p] - VicaTS - Some masturbation in the car [FullHD 1080p] - VicaTS - Shemale Webcams Video part 2 [FullHD 1080p] - Caitlyn Smith, Michelle Thorne, Sophie Anderson - Sexual Misconduct [HD 720p] - Skylar Squirt - The Birth Of A Spank Slut [HD 720p]

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