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Im wearing my knee high socks, pigtails, and red lipstick when he fucks me in doggy style facing towards the camera and then doggystyle facing away from the camera so you can see his dick going deep and hard into my pussy. Then he fucks me while I lay on my stomach and he slowly edges in and out of me. After that I decide to ride him in reverse cowgirl position and then in normal cowgirl position until he cums deep in my pussy. - Pixiee Little - Teen Drives Her Instructor Bonkers [HD 720p]

Pixee couldnt drive for shit today and Id just had a fight with the wife, so I guess I lost my cool a bit and kicked her out of the car in the practice parking lot. To be fair, I did go back and pick her up! Im not a bad guy. And against my better judgement, I ended up confessing my marriage problems to Pixee, who was very comforting and sweet. Her hand crept up my leg towards my cock as she told me I needed to relax more, then she pulled it out of my pants and wrapped her warm lips around it. It was fucking incredible. Since I was already in deep, I stripped Pixees clothes off and pounded that pretty pussy until I could barely remember my wifes name. And you know what? If my wife doesnt care to come round for dinner every now and then, or give her doting hubby a little rub and tug, she shouldnt expect me to keep my dick in my pants around all these hot students! - Darcia Lee aka Darce Lee - RoccoS Intimate Castings [HD 720p] - Kiki Minaj - Ebonys lesson ends in creampie [HD 720p]

Pretty Kiki had her first lesson today in driving stick, and while she was nervous, she definitely ended up exceeding expectations! I said shed need at least forty lessons to master driving, but Kiki didnt have that kind of money. Instead, she wanted to work out some kind of deal or exchange so she could continue. First she offered to provide me with baked goods, as shes a professional chef in training, but that wouldnt cut it. Then she crept her hand onto my pants and starting touching my cock, making me as nervous as she was! But being a horny man, I let her do her thing. The sexy learner gave me an impressive gagging blowjob and rode me in the backseat in full daylight! I even left her with a creampie that dripped all over the backseat of the company car. Kiki promised that if I dropped the price of lessons to fifty percent, we could have this same kind of fun at every lesson. I told her she had a deal--as long as nobody finds out! - Eva Lovia - Eva Lovia Returns To Miami [HD 720p]

This week on Ass Parade we have a special treat for you guys. Eva motherfucking Lovia joins us. Eva is one of the hottest chicks in the business today. We had the pleasure of having her down here in beautiful Miami so that she can parade her amazing ass for us. She worked that booty of hers for the camera, she even jumped in the pool for some under water booty worship. Then Joe Bonez was the lucky guy in charge of pounding this amazing girl. She got pounded all over the place in several different positions. - Melissa Moore - Black Canary [HD 720p]

Thinking that she is just stopping a routine robbery, Black Canary confronts a dangerous looking man. He looks her up and down, her sexy, black skin-tight costume, high heels and fishnet stockings showing off her long legs and ample cleavage, and a smile spreads across his face. They begin to fight, but it becomes quickly obvious that this is not some random thief. Displaying a mastery of the martial arts, he easily renders Black Canary . The man handcuffs and gags the seductive superheroine, while she is incapacitated. She is rudely awakened by the mans huge erection being forced inside her. Looking around frantically, she finds herself in a darkened lair, on a filthy mattress, bound and gagged. The desperate nature of her situation sinking in, her eyes go wide in terror when her attacker sticks a in her face, and tells her that if she resists or tries to get away, he will her. She sobs and screams while the man continues to thrust into her from behind, the fat cock brutally tearing her tender pussy open. Moans of despair come from her mouth at the feelings of helplessness and violation, as she used as a fuck toy, the man stripping her of her clothing and throwing her around like a rag doll. After agonizing minutes of being fucked like a whore, the man hammering into her while shes on all fours, her body betrays her, and she cums loudly. Her defeat, her humiliation is complete, as the man laughs at her. She buries her head into the mattress in shame, just as the man grunts and climaxes. A sickness washes over her, as she feels the stiff meat within her throb and flood her cunt with goo. Satisfied, the criminal escapes, still laughing at Black Canarys plight, while she can do little more than curl up and weep. - Lana Rhoades - Sunday Morning [HD 720p] - Alicia Gomez - Alicia concrtise son fantasme ! [HD 720p]

Alicia et Dario, sympathique couple argentin, nous ont donn rendez-vous devant leur domicile parisien. La belle a trs envie dune nouvelle exprience : baiser avec un black, un projet qui nest pas pour dplaire son complice... La pulpeuse latine soffre donc notre lascar du jour qui porte firement le maillot albiceleste de lquipe dArgentine, et plus particulirement celui de Lionel Messi dit La Pulga, pour loccasion ! - Carly Rae - Student Spies Instructors Erection [HD 720p]

Carly came to her lesson all dressed up for me! I told her there was no need to look pretty for a driving lesson, but to be honest, the sight of the busty blonde in a tight top and pencil skirt made my dick hard. I must have started touching myself, because Carly stopped her practice test to yell at me for having my cock out! I was mortified. This is it, I thought, Im sacked for sure! Carly said to prove my dick wasnt hard by taking it out of my pants, so I did it, knowing Id be caught. Then the cheeky blonde suggested we do something with my erection. I was a bit shocked, but more relieved. She pulled out her wonderfully massive tits and got to bobbing on my big dick right there in the front seat. The naughty bird had pierced nipples and was covered in tats, so maybe she wasnt the fairy princess I had thought. She rode my cock in the front seat right there in the parking lot, in full view of anybody, then squirted pussy juice all over the car! I wonder what my wife will say when I come home with makeup on my trousers...
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