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You miss that chick? I personally and very, a few days from cuties havent heard and the new porn with her friend and her muscular. Who has information at least some how to call this sexy Russian beauty, write in the comments, I feel its a new sex star, views are through the roof!
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Oh what a glorious day for a poolside BBQ for my Birthday. My friend sends over a beautifully wrapped, 19-year-old gift, with an untouched snatch that is as tight as it should be. I dont waste any time unwrapping her, tasting her delicious virginal juices and taking her out for her maiden voyage in Karls World. This pussy and this day are both, ToughLove Approved. - Karma RX - The Intruder [HD 720p] - 7th Feb 2019

All women are crazy. Sluts are even crazier but this broad was out of her fucking mind. When I say she likes it rough I’m under exaggerating. She likes it ROUGH! Rough sex is the only way to get her off. She wanted to have me play out a fantasy where I break into her home and do with her as I please so I sure did and hard as fuck too. I snuck into her home, crept up the stairs and grabbed her from behind. She struggled but it did nothing in her favor. I smashed her head into the mattress leaving her round bubble butt high in the sky to show off that tight shaved pussy and asshole. I ripped off her panties, spit on her cunt and began plowing away on that tattoo covered slut. She couldn’t even let out a gasp I fucked her so hard. I threw her down to her knees and made her pray to my cock before I face fucked her with all my might. She deep throated my cock so well I could feel her throat open up like a garage door. It was so hard not to pull out right there and just blow a facial on her. I flipped her back around into missionary so I could stare in her eyes as I choked her into near unconsciousness. I threw my fingers up into that tight asshole as that young pussy bit down on my cock. What a treat. Her eyes were streaming tears of joy as the mascara ran down her cheeks. I proceeded to grab a banana and instruct her to beat herself in the face with it until it became mush. She laid back and I squeezed the banana like a tube of toothpaste down her throat. As she began to choke I used my cock as a battling ram to jam the banana cream down her throat causing further asphyxiation. It was beautiful to see how she just wanted more and more. I slapped her perky fake titties hard as fuck over and over until I left hand prints. She grinned at me with a devilish look that screamed more you fucking pussy so more I did. Finally I flipped her onto her belly again and blew a giant cream pie deep into her snatch. - Sheena Ryder - Sheena’s Dreams [HD 720p] - 14th Feb 2019

I cant help it. These bitches get horny and the only thing that can satisfy their sexual craving, is my cock. Sheena was trying to please herself and instead conjured me up to do the dirty work in her own little dream. That little slut got a pussy ful of cum and a head trip to Karls World. - Kate Kennedy - Karls Kastings [HD 720p] - 21st Feb 2019

Just when you think Karl cant come up with something else, Karls Kastings hits you in the face. You see, these broads think that they are just coming in to answer an ad and give a little interview. That camera is there for more a lighting test. You think these videos are just for me? Heh. Then you dont know stud shit. - Emily Willis - 3rd Wheel [HD 720p] - 28th Feb 2019 

Emily Willis.Sweet, just turned 20 years old, Emily. She has one word on her mind at all times...fucking! Its what she lives for which is why she was a perfect choice for this 3rd Wheel scene. Just listening to her talk before I ever jammed my cock down her fucking throat, was giving me a chubby. This babe loves to get banged outdoors on her dates. Me being a gentleman made sure she got what she wanted. - Bridgette B - Honor Thy Father [HD 720p] - 7th Mar 2019

Father Karl has his honor and thats all he needs when a loud mouthed boxing promoter puts his POS boxer in the ring and his hot piece of ass wife as the stakes in the bet. You know who won that fight. I took that sweet and spicy chick back to her place and fucked her in her husbands bed just to add a little more sting to his hurting, over inflated ego. Thats right. Nobody fucks with Toughlove. Especially when there is hot pussy on the line. - Tori Avano - Karls Kastings [HD 720p] - 14th Mar 2019

Tori is a big fan of mine and she wants to star in a movie with me. Hehe. She has no clue that once she walked through my door, she was already making her Toughlove debut. Those cameras arent just for show, sweetheart. Thats right. All the girls do it. Now stop talking and open wide. This hard cock isnt going to suck itself. - Aria Lee - Cucking Chuck [HD 720p] - 21st Mar 2019

Physician, heal thyself! Well, not really, but you have to admit this Charles dude does kinda look like me, except for the fact he is clueless on how to please his woman so, she made a smart move and got an appointment with me, Dr. Karl. Thats right Mr. Limpdick. Sit back and watch the master take your chick to places she has never been. You better look hard, cause thats the only hard thing youve got. - Autumn Falls - Toughlove - Autumn Falls [HD 720p]

They all need a little Toughlove. Thats why I am here. Hot as hell with a smirk that screams "I need to be put in my fucking place", Autumn was a perfect candidate. She was practically begging me to be her Daddy and turn her into the slut she knew she needed to be. Today is her lucky day. I am going to show her the proper way to engage with this world. - Trinity St Clair - Saucy Fantasy [HD 720p] - 4th Apr 2019

More than once now I have found myself in the center of some chicks daydream. This time, Trinity was making a sundae for herself, and of course I came to mind when she got that big banana in her hand. That bitch literally could not help it and made a sticky, gooey mess right there on the kitchen floor. Heh. That chocolate syrup and whipped cream was nothing compared to the mess I made on her.
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