MissMelissa - Miss Melissa - Satin JOI Findom [HD 720p]

I am standing over you, wearing the red satin night gown that I bought with your money. I reward my pet by letting you edge for Me. I tease and make fun of you. I give you phrases to chant in the worship of Me, your Goddess. I make you stop jerking off to make a tribute for the next outfit to drain you with. Did you please Me enough to be rewarded with an orgasm? Well see... For the previous video find: "Pet Draining Session"MP4 * 349 MB * 00:09:35 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
MissMelissa - Miss Melissa - Greedy Goal Chat [HD 720p]

I update my eager slaves and piggies on the status of the goal that I have set in front of them. I display and talk about the parts of the goal achieved thus far. Watch Me enjoying Myself as I play with what is rightfully Mine! If you are clueless about this particular goal, go grab the first video : Greedy Goal MP4 * 336 MB * 00:09:15 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAngel - Goddess Angel - You are not good enough for me [HD 720p]

MP4 * 55.6 MB * 00:10:35 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAngel - Goddess Angel - Sunday Worship Session #2 [HD 720p]

A session dedicated to our special mantra, "All for Angel." Intense body worship with oil, mind intrusion/binaural beats, and just the perfect implementation of financial domination. The perfect clip for those just wishing to worship Goddess in all her divinity and power. #AllforAngel.MP4 * 643 MB * 00:07:20 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessVenus - Goddess Venus - You Don’t Measure Up SPH [HD 720p]

TRUTH ALERT : a $125 piece of glorious thick cock -shaped RUBBER, an inanimate object, is going to get closer to my pussy than your pindick. Why? Size MATTERS. In this clip, I go over how sad life is with a genetic deformity like yours. I show off two giant handsome proud dildos. Think about how much closer they get to me or the alpha men they resemble and that I fuck instead of you. Time for you to go to chair a meeting of the Itty Bitty Clitty Committee! MP4 * 466 MB * 00:05:18 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
EmpressJennifer - Empress Jennifer - Financial Crisis [HD 720p]

You ‘re the slave that gives Me the least you ‘re the cheapest slave I ‘ve ever had. Right now I have a slave that gives so much that I never have to check on him. I compare you two and something has to be done. I have a new assignment for My good slave. I am going to show your wife how much better it is to have a slave than to have a piece of **** husband. She will probably leave you I probably will too. you ‘re worst nightmare is coming to you.MP4 * 213 MB * 00:08:00 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
EmpressJennifer - Empress Jennifer - Financial Awakening [HD 720p]

It is so hard being a man isnt it? The weight of responsibility and having the produce? I know you want to get away and leave this reality behind. I am here to lead you to liberation. I can teach you, how to let go. how to LET IT FLOW. This is your FINANCIAL AWAKENING.MP4 * 830 MB * 00:08:48 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
WoodmanCastingX - Zazie Skymm and Jenny Sapphire aka Jenny Juice - Hard - In bed with 4 men [HD 720p]

WorshipGoddessJasmine - Worship Goddess Jasmine - Overpricing Is Sexy [HD 720p]

I love how easy it is to just take from you. Over charge, over price and just basically say fuck you. You dont even try to see sense when it comes to spending on me, you dont fight with your overpowering urges to blow it all on me. You just embrace it, you do the very right thing and you spend like the little desperate cunt you are.You know that once youve paid and I receive the clip order through detailing all your spending I will just laugh. Just more cash to add to my forever growing bank balance. Oh fuck I live such a good life, a life of a true Goddess. I dont pay for anything, I live to enjoy life, I experience the best things in life and its all funded buy you.So heres another overpriced clips because I know how hard they make you. You will buy it and then you will buy it again and you will see just how sexy it really is to spend on me.MP4 * 205 MB * 00:08:37 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
WorshipGoddessJasmine - Worship Goddess Jasmine - Stay Weak For My Tits [HD 720p]

What is it you love so much about my tits? The way they are perfectely round? naturally full? cute cleavage? or just because they trigger all those weaksubmissive traits and make you go to jelly?How about when I push them together creating the most mouth watering cleavage, how weak does that make you?My tits make you melt in submission. Youre in total awe of my flawless breasts. Nothing makes you hard and weak so easy. I want you weaker than ever today. I want to tempt you deeper into your addiction. I want your eyes transfixed on my tits as I mindfuck you over and over. Stay hard for me and stayvery very weak for my tits.MP4 * 241 MB * 00:10:08 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
WorshipGoddessJasmine - Worship Goddess Jasmine - You Really Shouldnt Buy This [HD 720p]

But of course youre going to arent you. You cant help but buy this clip, curiosity always gets the better of you. You know this clip just screams danger but you just have to delve in. You know Blackmail is something you really shouldnt muddle in but you cant help that constant itch, your mind wonders often and your dick is always hard.... You have to buy this clip you need to stroke to your fantasy and you desperately ache for your mind to be fucked once more and be enticed over to the dark side of blackmail.MP4 * 238 MB * 00:10:02 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
WorshipGoddessJasmine - Worship Goddess Jasmine - Sensual Anal Masturbation [HD 720p]

Hello Goddess Jasmine, I would love for you to do a sensual anal JOI video with no humiliation please. I have a small dildo to warm up with, a large dildo, a medium butt plug and some anal beads. Could you also use my name quite a bit too, and tell me how amazing anal is and that it feels great when you get all stretched out and get it in nice and deep.MP4 * 367 MB * 00:15:26 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
WorshipGoddessJasmine - Worship Goddess Jasmine - My Losers Will Eat Their Spunk [HD 720p]

Theres no question about it. Youre going to do exactly as I say today. Youre going to devour your own cum filled balls and be totally humiliated in the process. Theres no excuses, youre a fucking losers and thats exactly what fucking losers do.I dont care if it feels you with dread, Im not interested if it turns your stomach and makes you want to vomit and I most certainly dont want to hear that this is your first time because if it is, it will be the first of many times you eat it, do you understand. You will follow my clear instructions and you will please me at that finish line. I want your mouth cum filled, I want your breath a strong stench of stale cum and I want you to feel totally and utterly pathetic as you gulp all your spunk down your throat. MP4 * 225 MB * 00:09:29 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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