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Naomi Woods is hanging in her room, listening to some music on her headphones. Her step-sister Sabina Rouge watches from the doorway, biting her lip. She definitely likes what she sees and goes into the room. She tries to get Naomis attention, but shes way too into the music. Sabina is annoyed and finally gets Naomi to remove her headphones. Was Naomi even listening to her? Of course she was, Naomi protests. Sabina tests her, asking her if she agrees. Naomi takes a shot in the dark and says yes, but Sabrina can tell she seems puzzled. She WAS listening, right? Yeah, Naomi lies, she totally was. So then, Sabina says conclusively, Naomi WAS listening, and Naomi DID agree - so as far as Naomi knows, whats about to happen next was completely her fault for agreeing to it. Sabina moves in for a kiss, her tiny skirt riding up to reveal her hot ass. Naomi isnt into it though. Sabina is her sister after all. Sabina is quick to point out that theyre only STEP-sisters. But even though theyre only step-sisters, Naomi is still worried that the kids at school will find out, and Sabina seductively running her hand on Naomis perky tits isnt making the temptation any easier to resist. Just cause Sabinas dad married Naomis mom doesnt mean they cant have a little fun...right? Naomi is still reluctant, but as Sabinas hand moves over her body, she cant help but admit that it does feel good. Naomi asks her sister if shes sure this isnt wrong. Even if its wrong, Sabina points out, doesnt that make it more fun? Naomi still isnt convinced, but as Sabina plants a seductive kiss on her soft lips, shes finding it harder and harder to resist her sexy sister. Sabina lightly runs her hands over Naomis pussy, peeling away her shirt. Squeezing her amazing tits, Sabina asks Naomi if shes ever been with a girl before. Naomi never has and is freaked out that her boyfriend might find out. Sabinas not going to tell him, but she suspects that he wouldnt mind sharing. Sabina rubs Naomis little pussy over her jean shorts. Naomi cant resist anymore, and before long shes not only listening to her sister but doing a whole lot more.
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Kenzie Reeves arrives home looking for her girlfriend. She opens the door to her bedroom and is surprised by what she sees: her girlfriend, Vienna Black, and her step-mother, Cory Chase, both waiting for her!
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Four teenage friends, Kali Roses, Alina Lopez, Judy Jolie, and Kendra Spade, are hanging out and enjoying each others company in a bedroom. Its a slumber party, and things are only just getting started before Alinas mom swings by and tells them that they shouldnt stay up too late. Acting as innocent as possible, they all chime in that they wont, but as soon as Alinas mom is gone, the REAL fun begins. Its time for The Slumber Games -- a game in which the last person awake is the winner! Alina is confident that shes going to win, since shes the reigning champ, but the other girls are looking to best her.

The girls have a charged pillow fight, filled with cheeky smiles and giggles, which ends up with Alina toppling off the bed, putting an end to the playful battle. But, wait! Only three of them are chatting now! The girls discover that, despite all her smack talk, Alina is the first one to hit the hay. With one of them down, Kali insists that she, Judy, and Kendra should unwind by comparing their breasts. Although Kali thinks itll be fun, the other two are not so sure about it. With some convincing, everyone removes their shirts, leaving their perky boobs exposed. Judy and Kendra are surprised to see that Kali has nipple rings, which leads to some light and exploratory touching.

Kendras sore from the pillow fight, so Judy offers to massage her, with Kali offering to massage Judy at the same time as well. They have a nice massage that leads to both Kendra and Julie hitting the hay, leaving Kali victorious!

As the new champ, Kali breaks out a bottle and makes everyone play spin the bottle. Although Kendra and Judy are hesitant to kiss their friends at first, everyone slowly gains more confidence. It takes some coaxing, with Kali leading the way, but everyone soon moves on from sweetly locking lips to eating out each others pussies. Tonight, no matter how they look at it, everyones a winner!
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Lyra Law, a bubbly teacher, is busy grading her students art assignments when she uncovers a submission containing naked pictures of one of her students, Whitney Wright, submitted by another student, Elena Koshka! As she stares at the nude pictures, Lyra tries her best to judge it as art. It has good contrast, good use of space... No, no matter how hard she looks at it, its not art -- just a gratuitous naked photo! She cant grade THAT, shes a teacher! Its beautiful, though, and Lyra loves the curves, the eyes, the most beautiful pair of tits shes ever seen...

When she calls Elena to tell her that she cant accept the pictures, Whitney picks up the phone instead. Little does Lyra know, Elena is happily naked, waiting for HER turn to get pictures taken! Lyra learns that they had a deal to exchange pictures, so Elena is a LITTLE tied up right now...

Lyra gushes about how sexy the pictures are and what a bummer it is that she cant grade them because her bosses wont allow it. The pictures need to be more artsy and less... nude. What if she comes over there and helps them take pictures before they continue any further with the project?

Lyra arrives at the address and finds Elena literally tied up, with a bit of red ribbon loose around her wrists. Lyra is surprised and tries her best to remain professional and hands-off as she teaches the girls how to do tasteful nudes. Despite her best efforts, she somehow ends up with her hands cupping Elenas breasts in an attempt to cover the nipples for the next set of photos...

When Whitney announces that shes satisfied with the pictures and wants Lyra to take pictures of both she and Elena naked together, Lyras too hot to turn the offer down. So hot, in fact, that when they later ask her to join them, shes unable to resist. Soon the cameras forgotten as Lyra loses herself, pinned between the two sexy, younger women. They all take turns licking each others pussies and getting their fingers wet. The last thing on Lyras mind now is how this will be graded!
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Esperanza Del Horno and Abigail Mac are on the set of LA Hospital, and Abigail cant contain her excitement. As Abigail sits in just her bra and panties with a stethoscope around her neck, she excitedly tells Esperanza, who works in the wardrobe department, that she wanted to become an actress just to be on this show! Esperanza is amused by the new actress enthusiasm, telling her that shes already been working there for two years and loves it. Esperanza then asks what type of role Abigail has, and Abigail admits that she only has a background role for now but hopes to someday play one of the doctors. Esperanza insists that shes good friends with the casting director and could put in a good word for Abigail. Abigail is ecstatic but uncertain, and Esperanza promises that as long as they get to know and trust each other better, shell aim to get Abigail a big speaking role. Abigail is over the moon with the thought of her wildest dreams coming true, and Esperanza announces that its time to make sure Abigails scrubs fit. Esperanza then seduces Abigail, playing up her desire to make it big in LA, stating that she knows the secret to success: going that extra mile! Esperanza touches Abigails breasts and pussy, insisting that if shed just loosen up a little bit, she could get ahead in her career. This is Abigails chance to show how good of an actress she really is!
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GirlsWay - Lyra Law, Elena Koshka, Whitney Wright - Too Hot For Teacher: Forbidden Submission [FullHD 1080p]

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Naomi Woods had a long day at the office and shes exhausted. Serena Blair walks into the room to find her girlfriend slumping in her chair barely able to fashion a smile. Serena asks her whats wrong and Naomi confesses that the creep at the office was staring at her again, that she had way too many meetings and just cant deal with some of the people there. Serena sits on her lap and hugs her, telling her its going to be ok. The girls kiss, and Serena tells Naomi that she has something to confess. She was so stressed out at work, she masturbated there! Serena gets so turned on that she starts making out with her, promising her that shell provide the relief shes seeking. The girls start tearing off each others clothes as Naomi shoves Serenas nipples in her mouth. She tongues them wildly as Serena moans. The girls pull each others hair, as they embrace. They lose themselves in the moment as Naomi forgets about the torment of work and explores Serenas body with her tongue. The girls move to the bed and remove the remainder of their clothes as they take turns eating each others pussies. The girls swap their pussy juices as they make out after hosing in their respective mouths. The girls 69 and lick their asses and then proceed to fuck each others faces. Naomi knows that whatever happens at work, she can always come home to Serenas juicy pussy!
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Ashley Adams, a devout Christian and preachers daughter, is patiently waiting in her house with a Holy Bible clutched to her chest. There is a knock on the door and when she answers it, she meets Jane Wilde, a confused teen, for the first time. Jane says that her dad sent her to Ashley to talk about something. She then shamefully admits that she fooled around with a boy, and now theres a bunch of rumors being spread about her. A lot of what theyre saying isnt true, though -- it was just a handjob.