GoddessRainn - Goddess Rainn - Quitting your Sex Life [HD 720p]

Your sex life has always been a disappointment. It’s frustrating to try and get women to sIeep with you and when you do, it’s a total let down. Just stop trying. All you really need is Me. It’s much more satisfying to watch My clips. You’re sexually inept but here with Me, you an be the true beta you were born to be.MP4 * 251 MB * 00:06:08 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
VenusVenerous - Venus Venerous - Bratty Goddess Jerk Encouragement 2 [HD 720p]

Hey there, jerk junkie. Yet another clip where you get to stroke that cock and orgasm, lucky you. Don’t I look so hot in this body hugging dress? Duh, of course I do! Tug on that cock for me while worshiping me in all of my bratty and greedy glory. Frankly, I couldn’t care less how you do it, just get it over with while giving into all of my demands.MP4 * 378 MB * 00:11:38 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincesssMiaxx - Princesss Miaxx - Pay For The Privilege [HD 720p]

Absolutely nothing else brings you the high that My ass does. Paying for the privilege to worship My beauty brings you a purpose, and brings you joy unlike anything else. You love spending your money worshipping and jerking to Me and My beyond perfect round ass. You’re going to spend every dollar you have, just to dream of sniffing it. You love hearing My sensual, sultry voice guide you into an orgasm for My ass. Pay, worship, stroke forever.MP4 * 155 MB * 00:10:09 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessLunaSapphire - Goddess Luna Sapphire - Watch This With Your Cock Locked Up [HD 720p]

Hey chastity slave, you better have that cage on, locked up tight around your cock. You will remain locked for me. You belong in chastity. There’s really no better use for that cock of yours. Do you know why? Because you’re a chronic masturbator and you don’t deserve to have control over your own cock. You’re too much of a loser to get laid and losers don’t deserve to jerk off whenever they want. Real men get to fuck and you get locked up and denied because you’re not a real man, you’re just a loser.You don’t get to fuck, you don’t even get to jerk off and I’m not letting you out any time soon. You just have to stay locked up for me as I tease you with my hot body, making you weak, stupid and horny. And not only can’t you jerk, but you can’t cum or experience any kind of sexual pleasure. Except that for some fucked up reason, this turns you on. It makes your cock hard in your cage knowing you have no control, knowing you don’t deserve to jerk off.I’m going to keep you locked up for a very, very long time. It’s going to make you so submissive for me. I don’t know if I’m ever going to let you out. I like you like this, perpetually weak, horny and stupid. You’re going to be my locked up loser for life. It doesn’t matter how obedient you are, I’m not going to let you out. I don’t care about you, I don’t care about your cock, or your orgasms. I don’t give a fuck if you never cum again. I don’t care if you ever get hard again.And if you do get hard in chastity, the steel cage will serve as a reminder that you are fucking owned by me. I hope that your cock cage is small and tight so that when you get hard, it hurts. You deserve to suffer, the frustration, and the denial. You deserve the humiliation of knowing that I’m getting fucked by real men while you are denied completely. You will never be able to get hard without being reminded that I own your cock. That cage around your pathetic fucking cock serves as a symbol of my ownership. You belong to me. Your cock belongs to me. Accept it loser. I make you so horny that even being denied by me turns you on. And I’m not ever going to let that stupid cock free.MP4 * 660 MB * 00:08:56 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAngel - Goddess Angel - Bow beneath me [HD 720p]

Bow. Worship. Give in.MP4 * 1010 MB * 00:11:30 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
MissEmilyAstrom - Miss Emily Astrom - JOI Level 1 [HD 720p]

Lets have some fun. Were going to have seven JOI sessions together... and today is level one. Im going to be nice... for now. So be a good boy, and pull it out for me, and edge and edge and edge for me as you STARE at my gigantic boobs... until I finally, after an unbearably long time, finally allow you to finish. Enjoy it now... because level two is next.MP4 * 198 MB * 00:13:19 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincessTalia - Princess Talia - Chastity Cage [HD 720p]

I tease you with my body dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit, telling you how worthless you and your tiny cock are. I then wont allow you to come, telling you to wear a chastity cage.MOV * 520 MB * 00:07:02 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincessSamantha - Princess Samantha - Draining Your Marriage [HD 720p]

How long have you been a cock stroking little loser for the beautiful, unattainable, Princess Samantha? And in that time, how has it affected your marriage, slaveboy? Your wife doesn’t turn you on anymore? Your performance seems to have suffered since you’re constantly pumping that little dick of yours while fantasizing that a woman as perfect as Princess Samantha might actually be in your league, hasn’t it? Today’s clip is a perfect blend of sensual teasing and humiliating degradation at the hands of the erotic and sexy Princess Samantha.  Her spectacular curves and flawless beauty lure you in, and her sensual contempt for you as a pathetic stroker zombie for her leaves any man weak.  Of course you’ll stroke your cock under Princess’ command.  No other woman, especially that hag of a wife, could ever excite and arouse you the way She does.  Stroke as you always do, and give everything you have to your perfect Princess. MP4 * 455 MB * 00:05:14 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
VenusVenerous - Venus Venerous - Your GF Hates Your Dick SPH [HD 720p]

Your girlfriend thinks your “cock ” is disgusting. It ’s small, doesn ’t get her off and you could never give her an orgasm. She ’s too nice to tell you, so here I am to spill the truth. She fakes every orgasm and isn ’t turned on by you whatsoever. In fact, you should just give her what she deserves ; a chance to experience a real man. She deserves to have a true orgasm and enjoy sex, don ’t ya think? And all you need to get off are your two fingers, my cruel words, and the fantasy of your gf having sex with a hung man.MP4 * 374 MB * 00:11:49 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincessRene - Princess Rene - Hottest Ass [HD 720p]

The hottest ass clip I’ve made to date (and that’s a big deal). The sun was streaming in my window, illuminating the room. I got an inspiration; hence, this clip! In this clip you get to enjoy six blissful minutes with my ass, illuminated by the setting sun, in all it’s glory. I’ll tease you in a minuscule black thong, encouraging you to stroke it for me. No doubt this one will become a classic, to be watched by stroke sluts frequently and eternally.MP4 * 266 MB * 00:06:06 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAllexandra - Goddess Allexandra - Your Obsession With Cock Is Spiraling Out Of Control [HD 720p]

HPOV proudly introduces Goddess Allexandra! You’re going to love her sexy British accent. Not only is this clip filled with visual delights, it also has overlaid audio tracks for your brain to absorb.You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me. You’re a full blown cock obsessed faggot. Every thought you have leads back to cock. It may be your secret that you hide from everyone, but I know you stare at big cocks when you’re alone. It’s an addiction now, and it keeps worldbdsm growing. The more you watch coerced bi clips, the more your obsession grows until it’s spiraling out of control. You don’t have much control anyway, you’re controlled by your horny cock.You have two brains, one in your head and one in your cock, and when you get horny, you only think with the one in your cock. And we both know it goes to your dick as you think about cocks, alpha cocks, only the best for my cocksucker. So I’m going to train you to be my little faggot boy, my cocksucker. And do you know what will make you feel better about it all? It’s the fact that a hot girl like me, tells you to do it. Because if I tell you to do it, you’ll feel a little less gay. Because that’s the bit that scares you, doesn’t it my little faggot? It scares you that you might actually be gay.I know that you pretend to be a straight man when you’re around your friends but it’s all just a facade, isn’t it? Really, you’re thinking about when you’re finally going to suck that first cock. You will suck cock for me and you will fucking love it and you will taste his fucking cum. I want you to picture that huge cock you’re going to suck. Imagine it going in and out of your mouth as it gags and chokes you. But you love it. This is what you crave, it’s how you deserve to be treated.MP4 * 810 MB * 00:10:56 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessRainn - Goddess Rainn - Cock Jerk Mantra [HD 720p]

You cant stop jerking to femdom porn. Vanilla porn doesnt cut it for you. You want a strong, sexy, powerful Goddess. And Im here to make sure that youre head is in the right place when you jerk. Say this mantra every time you stroke and fall deeper under My control. Say it - "Yes Goddess." Say it and stroke - "Goddess Brooke Rainn controls my cock..."MP4 * 215 MB * 00:09:25 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincessRene - Princess Rene - Jerk to the Beat: Slow [HD 720p]

You guys just loved my brilliant idea after downloading a metronome app on my iphone to help me practice piano. Of course, I realized I could use the beat to make you jerk it. Today youre going to jerk it to the beat again but, this time were going to slow it down to 40 beats per minute! Think you can take the tease? Resist the urge to beat it fast and slowly stroke that cock at 40 bpm!MP4 * 176 MB * 00:10:57 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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