Club 1821 - Damon, Chad, Trey, Lance, Mitch, Adam, Michael, Marcus, Peter - Young, Hard, Solo #18 [SD 480p]

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New casting couch with Arthur Gordon and Robinson at KristenBjorn! In order to find the worlds hottest men and best performers, we make casting videos in many different countries to see how well new candidates perform in front of a camera. These auditions are usually made between new candidates and experienced actors.
Raging Stallion Studios - Parker Wright, Dale Cooper - The Woods, Part 1, Scene 1 [SD 544p]

Kicking back with a joint, illuminated by a flickering campfire, buddies Parker Wright and Dale Cooper muse about what might be "out there." Parker is skeptical, but when he goes to piss, the air is filled with a metallic hum. The energy goes straight to his cock, and he returns to face Dale, whose dick is also pulsing from the same energy. Possessed by whatever spirit this is, they relish shedding their clothes to expose their bodies and satiate their needs. Dale impales Parkers face in long, slow strokes, his jaw slack with the shock of how good it feels. Parker lifts a booted foot onto a rustic bench for Dale to invade the space between his buns. Dale mounts Parker like a man forced to relinquish self-control, and Parker only wants more. The firelights red glare makes Dales quivering cock look even bigger and more formidable as it assails Parkers hole. The awesome feeling must be shared, so Parker forces Dale onto the bench leaning, holding him down with two hands on his pecs to be fucked. Dales balls throb, and he throws Parker off and fucks him a second time. Both men burst together as they are enveloped in blinding white light. - Brant, Harley - Brants First Time [SD 540p]

I really didnt expect to see Brant back … but this handsome baseball stud is ready to put his bat where hes never swung before … inside Harley! - Brant, Harley - Brants First Time [SD 540p]

I really didnt expect to see Brant back … but this handsome baseball stud is ready to put his bat where hes never swung before … inside Harley! - Billy Santoro, Diego Sans - Senses [SD 480p]

Watch Diego Sans tantalize all five of Billy Santoro’s senses as he pounds his ass. - Adam Bryant, Seth Santoro - Freaky Friday Part 1 [SD 480p]

As you age the boys seem to keep getting younger and younger. You dream of fucking that young, tight ass. What happens when your dream actually comes true? In a magical twist an old man takes over the virile body of Adam. He now has the look he wants to get any guy he wants. He takes full advantage and plows Seth’s ass in part one. - Jason Maddox, Lucky Daniels - My Straight Guest [SD 480p]

When Lucky Daniels catches his straight guest, Jason Maddox, in his kitchen naked, he is so turned on that he just has to have a taste of his cock and balls. - Amateurs - Czech Hunter 382 [SD 360p]

Another capital catch this week! I was hunting at the Prague main railway station, I wanted to have a lot of people to choose from. After a while, I noticed a cute guy and we started chatting and things looked promising. He just came to Prague from Olomouc, which is a small town in the East. He was supposed to meet a friend and then go partying together. Unfortunately, it seemed like the friend didn’t show up and screwed our guy over. He was a bit upset so I tried to cheer him up by doing something crazy for money. He was a bit reluctant but needed cash for the party. Night life in Prague is expensive. After some public nudity in freezing cold, I convinced him to come to my place. There I gave him an opportunity to make real money. Real money for real men. - Kris Evans, Nino Valens - Condom Free [SD 540p]

Were going all Hungarian for you today with 2 of your favorite guys from Budapest, hunky Kris Evans and twinky Nino Valens. Luke has taken a few liberties here with the storyline, pretending that Nino is in for his casting, whereas in fact the scene was filmed in the middle (so far) of Ninos time with us. Regardless of this bit of trivia, we have a nice twist to the usual body worship theme, with Kris being obviously enamored of Ninos lithe frame and youthful good looks. The chemistry is very good between both guys, with Kris naturally adopting a mentoring mode and Nino responding with his usual uncontrollable cumshot while getting fucked. There may be a few better bottoms amongst our boys, but none that come to it so naturally and instinctively as Nino. - Amateurs - Creampied at 20 years by Aaron Master [SD 540p]

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I noticed the guy while exploring a local shopping centre. He looked quite interesting so I followed him for a while and waited for the right moment to approach him. The moment came when he left the mall. But this guy wasn’t going to make it easy for me. He told me to leave him alone and kept walking. I pushed my luck a bit and offered him 1 000 Crowns for a little talk. To my relief, he agreed. The boy’s name was Adam and he was quite interesting. We talked about airsoft, which was his favorite hobby. Then he even shared with me details of highly private experiences he had with his girlfriend. He was a pretty naughty boy. And he needed money to repay a loan he took a while ago. We started slowly but I could see the greed growing inside him. After a certain point, he was willing to do anything. - Amateurs - Hot Black and White [SD 540p]

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