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It takes a lot of work to be as flexible as Marselina Fiore is. Every day she has to stretch and keep her joints limber. All of that hard work pays off. It does when she fools around with guys like him. The huge cock that dangles in between his legs is the dream of every teen out there. Gobbling up that cock of his is her only priority. The goal is to make him hard as a rock. The side effect of that is being horny as fuck. At the very moment he becomes aroused, he’s like putty in her hands. She knows that it won’t be long before he’s stuffing every inch of that cock of his into her hungry hole. The moment he blasts her face with cum is when she realizes the advantage of being extremely flexible.
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Lady D. and Delphine are happy to share a glass of wine and reflect on their relationship, but these two horny girls are more interested in enjoying each other than in enjoying the wine. They soon find themselves on the couch, kissing and caressing each others boobs. When Delphine works Lady out of her clothes, the raven haired coed is more than willing to let her lover take full advantage of her lusty body. After paying homage to Ladys small boobs and rock hard nipples, Delphine settles between her womans parted thighs and presses the tip of her tongue to Ladys bald slit. Finding the first taste agreeable, Delphine goes to work with no holds barred as she uses her talented tongue to drive Lady wild with passion. Once Lady is nice and wet, Delphine presses two fingers into her juicy slit and works her g-spot in a steady rhythm that leaves Lady panting and moaning her completion. Now that her sexual hunger has been temporarily satisfied, Lady peels off Delphines thong to return the orgasmic favor. She leans in to Delphines landing strip twat with tentative licks at first, but soon she has her face buried between the blondes thighs as she goes on an all out pussy assault. Getting her fingers in on the action, Lady works both Delphines slit and clit at the same time. The combined pressure get Delphine so horny that she cant help but grab and squeeze her boobs to heighten the pleasure even further. No matter how much Delphine squirms, Lady never falters in her ministrations until her lover explodes with joy. Delphine gives as good as she gets, as she proves when she urges Lady onto her hands and knees so that she can eat her lover out from a new erotic angle. With Ladys twat fully exposed, Delphine can indulge in a true pussy feast that only ends when she puts her fingers back to work filling and fucking Ladys needy snatch towards a second body shaking release. Knowing that its on her to even up the orgasm score once again, Lady turns the tables on Delphine so that she can lap at her lovers snatch in the same doggy style position that she just enjoyed. Quick flicks of her tongue gradually transition to a fast and furious clit massage as Lady patiently works Delphine until she flies apart in orgasmic bliss. Fully sated, the two girls exchange a kiss that lets them taste each others essences and then cuddle together on the couch.
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