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Cute alternative chick Anri Singer knows exactly why shes here today. To get spanked and spunked! She wants to suck your cock immediately, but you make her wait. Because youve got to punish her first! She bends over the bed, and you smack her pale butt cheeks with a flogger until they are rosy red. At last, you feed your eager submissive your huge dick. Her beautiful face and intense eye contact drive you wild. Not to mentions her soft tongues all over your tip and balls. When you can no longer resist, you bust your huge nut all over her beautiful mouth. She blows bubbles with your jizz before swallowing it all down
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The city skyline glows bright in the night, showing that its people never sleep. Theres always an adventure to be had, no matter what hour it is.
Natalie Mars and Riley Reyes nestle together in the backseat of a town car, dressed as though theyve just come from a dance club. The fire theyd built elsewhere intensifies as they cast each other lustful looks, unable to keep their hands off each other. Once they lock lips, sharing a searing kiss, the world disappears around them. The only two people who exist in that moment are them. Driver, you can pull over here, Natalie announces after breaking the kiss. She longs to taste Riley again, but knows shes about to taste more than just Rileys lips. The driver does as hes told, pulling into a quiet industrial area. He waits as Natalie and Riley climb out of the car together, their hands clasped, their forms backlit by headlights. Natalies sultry looks have Riley hooked as they slip into the nearest building they can find.
The place is abandoned, its furniture covered in white sheets, though the dim light helps set the mood. The sensual women claim a sofa for their own and begin undressing each other, eager to see whats beneath their sparkling dresses. As soon Natalie has the chance, she dives into Rileys ass and pussy, making her tremble with delight and yearn for more. After Riley eagerly goes down on Natalies cock, Natalie soon gives them both what theyd been craving, sinking her cock deep into Rileys pussy.
The flame thats been fanning all night turns into a raging wildfire that consumes them. The only thing that will bring them relief now is to finally come undone together.
ExploitedCollegeGirls - Veronica - Exploited College Girls [SD 400p] - Joanna Jet - Me and You 341/Casual in Heels 08 Feb 2019 [FullHD 1080p]

ExploitedCollegeGirls - Veronica - Exploited College Girls [FullHD 1080p]

This weeks fucking adorable ExCoGi whore is 19 year old hottie Veronica. From the moment we picked her up from the airport this little tart was very excited and couldnt wait to fuck our man Cam. Back at the hotel she confessed that she had always wanted to watch herself fuck on camera, wait til she sees this video! Veronica is the adventurous type who likes to try new things and new positions, so she definitely came to the right place. Rest assured, Cam puts this little fuck toy through the paces! What guy, or girl, wouldnt want Veronica for a fuck buddy with the sexual appetite like hers? This girl was up for anything and from the word "go", begged Cam to cum on her face! Of course we had her do all the things that a good little whore should do: Play with her young pussy as she used the "Rabbit" for the first time (Check), suck and deep throat that hard cock til it was balls deep on her chin! (Check), missionary (Check), doggie style with fingers in her ass (Check), reverse regular cowgirl (Check), licking Cams ass! (Check), and of course get the facial, which of course she loved! She even sent a picture of it to her "kinda, sorta" BF at the end of the shoot who had encouraged our budding starlet to be on ExCoGi. I loved her excitement as she said, "He is going to love it, hes going to be so proud of me!". Wait, I can see their future on a not to distant Jerry Springer episode haha! Can you say pimping, pimping, pimping? As 2Chainz would say, "Tru, tru!" Hope you all enjoy watching this little slut fuck and suck as much as Cam and I had exploiting her! Enjoy! - Mia Maffia - Kitchen Bang 07 Feb 2019 [FullHD 1080p] - Agatha Houston - Erick Fire - Ts Divas [HD 720p]

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