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Gorgeous Isabelle Deltore wants to play some game with her boyfriend, Kristof Cale. They tease one another, and they have intense sex until both of them reach powerful orgasms! Watch this impressive XXX scene and see a passionate display of erotic art like you rarely see in the porn industry! - Casey Kisses, Chanel Preston - The Smut Peddlers: Part One Casey Kisses and Chanel Preston [SD 540p]

Beautiful models Casey Kisses and Chanel Preston kick off the three part TSPH series The Smut Peddlers with this very sexy update about the shocking secrets of lesbian erotica. In the playful form of an anti-porn propaganda film these stories revolve around the melodramatic events in an underground fetish photography studio in the early 1960s. It is a morality tale attempting to teach the viewer about the dangers of pornography. Its risqu©, naughty, crude, lewd and absolutely steaming hot! Viewer beware! What you see in this movie may taint you forever... After a long day of producing kinky bondage films and photos Casey Kisses feels like getting it on. All that rope and spanking got her hot and bothered. She and Chanel are looking luscious decked out in tight lacy bras with matching garter belts, thigh high stockings and shiny black high heel shoes. They remove each others lingerie and get down to business on pleasuring each other. The chemistry between these two lovely ladies is tangible! Chanel explores Caseys nipples with her tongue and gets a taste of what she has been wanting all day. Then Casey lays Chanel back on the black leather couch and licks her pussy making her shiver and moan and beg for more. Caseys cock is hard from eating pussy so Chanel sucks her dick vigorously taking it deep down her throat getting it so stiff they just have to fuck. With sensual domination Casey bends Chanel over the couch and fucks her wet pussy and squeezes her tits taking Chanel to the edge. In between spankings these two foxy sluts fuck all over the couch in different positions. Sultry Chanel straddles Casey in cowgirl and rides her cock all the way home bouncing her curvy hips up and down and grinding her pussy on Ms. Kisses rock hard dick. Then Casey puts Chanel on her back, spreads her legs and fucks her tight pink pussy until she cums all over Chanel tits. X-rated, fresh and saucy The Smut Peddlers is sure to delight and fulfill your insatiable appetite for kinky thrills! Stay tuned for parts two and three coming soon€¦
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StraplessDildo - Merry Pie, Bree Haze - Merry Pies Uncontrollable Cock [FullHD 1080p] - Drew Dixon, Costas - Deep Sentence, Anal Oracle, Scene #04 [FullHD 1080p]

Drew Dixon is СThe Anal OracleТ and he has appeared to help Costas find true pleasure within the wonders of fisting. Drew starts his reading by pulling out his big hard dick and Costas happily starts his journey with the uncut cock down his throat. The Oracle needs to know a bit more about Costas and has the hunk pull down his pants so that Drew can continue the reading with Costas dick in his mouth. When Drew is convinced that Costas is ready for the next step in seeing his future, Drew opens Costas ass with his tongue before sliding his cock deep into his hole. Drew pounds hard until his visions tell him its time to crack Costas open even more. Drew slides his fingers into Costas until his entire hand gets swallowed up. Drew pulls out and slides the other hand inside and alternates until Costas hole is gaping and craving more. The Oracle keeps up the pace, showing Costas the future of all his potential pleasure until Costas lets loose and blows a giant load all over himself. Drews work is done for now but what else does Costas hold in his future? - Adonis Couverture, Johnny V. - Body Cavity Search [HD 720p]

I love when a new batch of inmates rolled in. Most times they follow the rules, but every so often there’s always a smart ass that thinks that they can smuggle something in. This time, a guy had a phone shoved in his ass. We decided to perform a full body cavity search to make sure that he didn’t have anything else in there. After a little bit of searching, the inmate started getting turned on right away. From there, I had to give him exactly what he wanted. I made sure everyone else left the room and he went down and started going ham on my cock. He took my dick in his ass in several different positions. After we had our fun, I sent him back with the batch of new inmates. - Cody Winter, DArclyte - Deep Hole Dungeon, Scene #02 [HD 720p]

Good boy! D Arclyte leads his sub, Cody Winter, to the sling for a reciprocal session: Show daddy how much you appreciate what I did for you! Yes sir, says Cody, inhaling Ds thick, hard meat. Ds fat balls slam into Codys chin as he face-fucks his boy. D turns around and gives eager Cody a taste of his daddy hole. Cody rims Ds ass like his life depends on it, burying his face in the crack and sliding his tongue up and down. Moving to a leather bench, Cody gloves up and works his fist into Ds hole. As he buries his fist inside D, Codys erect cock swells and bounces in the air; his veiny foreskin is so long that it completely covers his glans even when hard. Kneeling down to get an even more intense angle, Cody speeds up the motion of his fist inside Ds man cave. Rolling onto his side, D encourages Cody to go even deeper, and his pleasure is evidenced by his grunting vocalizations. You wanna help daddy cum? Aww fuck yeah! explains Cody, eager to receive his sirs load. Crouching on all fours, Cody opens his mouth as D lets loose with blasts of hot white cum. With his face drenched in cum, all Cody can say is, Daddys so hot! - Cory Jay, Tibor Wolfe - Foul Play, Scene #01 [HD 720p]

Tibor Wolfe is no joke. The twisted handballer keeps a giant egg-shaped glass butt-plug shoved up ass ass during practice and all the way through to the showers. Cory Jay comes in and catches a giimpse of it when Tibor bends over to dry off. He works the toy in and out of Tibors ass then pulls on the black latex gloves to really put his hole to the test. Cory proves he is the fisting-master by working his hands deep inside Tibors deep guts, picking up speed until hes punch-fucking the hunk. Tibors shouts of encouragement only make Cory go faster and harder until Tibor cant take it any more. - Jimmy Durano, Jake Perry - Foul Play, Scene #02 [HD 720p]

The hottest guys on the team hit the locker room after practice. When Jake Perry opens his locker his stash of dildos falls out all over the locker room floor. Jimmy Durano acts like he doesnt know what theyre for; but when Jake lies down on the bench and puts his ass in the air Jimmy instinctively drives a huge butt-toy up his ass. Jimmy decides to put his teammate to the test; he grabs a baseball bat and orders Jake to get on his knees. The sight of Jakes huge bubble-butt swallowing the repurposed athletic equipment makes Jimmy so hard he pulls out his giant cock and jacks off. Jake milks a huge load out of his own 10-incher while Jimmy beats off and shoots all over the baseball bat. - Devin Trez, Michael Boston - Contraband Cock Check [HD 720p]

Life in here isn’t always easy. We must constantly be on high alert. This particular week, we got word in that one of the inmates might have some contraband in his cell. We confronted said individual, however, he did nothing but deny our accusations. We had no choice but the proceed with our contraband check. After flipping his cell upside down, we finally discovered what he was hiding. He had a dildo hidden in his cell that he would use on other inmates. We decided to do things a little different this time. So he ended up using the contraband on one of our guards. One of our guards had his way with said inmate and after the lesson was thought, we proceeded as protocol needed. This inmate will think twice before sneaking something in again. - Troy Haydon, Colin Black - Down and Dirty, Scene #04 [HD 720p]

Troy Haydon lubes up a long dildo, waiting for his handball-buddy Colin Black to show up. Colin enters and bends over so Troy can open his tight hole with the fake cock. Determined to get his fist up Colins ass, Troy chooses a much thicker weapon and continues to stretch his hole. As soon as Colin gives the go-ahead, Troy shoves his greasy man-hand in Colins hole. Colin, the ultimate greedy fist-pig, keeps pushing back on Troys fist until its hard to tell whos punch-fucking whom. Once hes had enough Troy pulls off his glove, shoves it in Colins ass and leaves it there, waiting for the next down and dirty top to come along.
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