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RealTimeBondage/IntersecInteractive/HD) - Luna Lovely - Lovely Suffering Part 3 [HD 720p]

BratPrincess - Mia - Look How Pathetic You Are For My Feet [FullHD 1080p]

Mias sandals are very dirty, and her feet are very stinky inside them. She makes her slave kiss her stinky feet inside the sandals. Then, it has to lick the dirt off of the beige colored bottoms. The dirt belongs off Mias shoes and inside the slave. She loves it when its tongue turns black with the filth from her shoes. Then, its time for the slave to get to work on her dirty, stinky, sandal feet. Its job is to clean out everything from in-between Princess Mias toes. She fucks its face with her whole foot and runs her soles across its tongue. The slave is very pathetic and kneels obediently while Mia cleans her shoes and feet with its mouth.
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BratPrincess - Natalya, Mariah, Chichi - Three Perfect Bodies Oil Up Asses For Jerk Addict [FullHD 1080p]

Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya all have perfect bodies, and they know how much you like to jerk to them. The beautiful trio of girls teases you, touching each other flirtatiously. Even though they are playful with each other, they would never let you touch their perfect bodies like they touch each other because theyre all hot and youre a loser. All you can do is sit behind your screen and stroke while they tease you. The girls rub oil all over each others butts. You know your life is so sad compared to theirs. Your life is ruled by girls like this. Totally controlled by the beauty they have. The beauties give you a countdown while you look at their perfect oiled asses. You a slave to hot girls. Youll do whatever the pretty girls say.
BratPrincess - Natalya, Mariah - Two Girls Sit Full Weight On A Loser While Watching TV [FullHD 1080p]

Mariah and Natalya both sit full weight on a loser while watching TV. The Loser has to lay on the floor and be the girls furniture. They take photos of themselves using the loser as their human couch. The loser cant breathe, smothered beneath their big asses, but the girls dont care. They take turns smothering the losers face underneath their butts. Eventually, the girls go get dressed to go out to dinner. They leave the loser on the floor, gasping for air.
BratPrincess - Kimber Woods - Smothers And Scissors Slave To Sleep [FullHD 1080p]

Kimber sits on her slaves face, pressing its nose deep into her ass. She loves controlling the slaves breath with her body. Kimber rocks and bounces her cute bubble butt while sitting on her slaves face. She presses her pussy right up against its nose. She doesnt want to hear any breathing! Kimber decides to scissor her slaves neck between her thighs. The slave suffers greatly, chocking, crying out, eventually going limp. The slave is on the brink of losing consciousness, face turning purple, but still, Kimber wants him to suffer more. Kimber climbs on top of the barely alert slave and rides his face while he fades in and out.
BratPrincess - Chichi, Chloe - Kicked Until Out, Then Kicked Even More! [FullHD 1080p]

Chichi and Chloe have been starving their slave in the cold basement for days. Now that it is in a very weak and vulnerable state, they plan to abuse it further. Just for fun, the girls want to kick their prisoner in the balls until it loses consciousness. The tied-up slave really cannot escape. The girls start kicking. They go harder and harder. They wont stop. The slave is kicked until it goes totally limp. The girls slap it until it comes to. It drifts in and out of consciousness as they continue their assault. The girls get hungry from all the kicking and eventually leave to go eat lunch.
Foxy-dolls/Clips4sale - Ina Black - Facesitting and Ropes [HD 720p]

"This guy, who you saw in the previous clip, "the scissoring match", thought that the lesson he got was enough for him today. However Ina, his instructor, had other plans for him. She didn?t reveal that to him because she wanted to surprise him. It all started like usual, Ina taking control, locking him up in various positions and he being totally unable to escape. Eventually she gets a bit frustrated because he doesn?t even try to defend himself. "Try at least to submit", she says. He tries and everything is back to normal, that is, she takes control and he is on his back, completely at her mercy. He tries desperately to escape but his arms are locked and his face is smothered by her breasts. Then comes the surprise because what she does is to pick up something from the floor, and when he sees it, he realizes what the surprise was, the ropes. What is she going to do with the ropes? You can probably guess. She enjoys this rope game but the guy sure doesn?t. The last 8 mins are pure humiliation, degradation coupled with endless facesitting. A poor guy **** to a woman who truly enjoys every single minute."
SweetFemdom - Bunny Colby, Lance Hart - Registered Strapon Offender Bunny Colby [FullHD 1080p]

Bunny Colby is a registered sex offender and has to knock on her neighborss doors to tell them that she lives in their neighborhood. She held a dude down and had her way with him with her strap-on. On four separate occasions
MiamiMeanGirls - Princess Carmela - Shoe Sniffer Demoted To Seat Cushion [FullHD 1080p]

This slave is not only a pathetic shoe sniffer but he is annoying me by constanly telling me how superior I am... Duh, Yes I am superior to someone that is a shoe sniffer. I told him to lick my feet but...still anoying. This worm is now being demoted to seat cushion! He can just lay there while I sit on his face and enjoy really pressing my thick ass all over his face. After he maybe I will put a shoe on his face so he can smell my feet some more!
TeaseAndThankYou - Mistress Mandy Marx - Cum Discipline [FullHD 1080p]

There wont always be a supreme dominatrix here to guide you. Resist. Cant you? You control the vibrator knob. Tease yourself all night long. If you cum, I will be angry, tighten your straps and leave you aching in your mess.
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